Why You Can’t “Study” for NCLEX

NCLEX is a professional licensing exam, not an academic exam.

The biggest mistake I see repeat testers making is continually trying to “study” for NCLEX.

In college, most nursing content needs to be memorized. You listened to lectures, read textbooks, took notes, crammed, and spit it all back on a test. And it got you through nursing school.

NCLEX tests your ability to process this information to make informed decisions.

NCLEX requires you to make the transition from student to professional.

If you’re still trying to study for NCLEX, what are you studying? The entire content of nursing knowledge?

That’s crazy when you think about it.

You will never know all the content in the field of nursing, EVER. Why would anyone think you can learn all the content that can possibly come up on your exam by test day? No wonder NCLEX seems overwhelming. Yet it’s the easiest exam of your career.