What is NCLEX Content?

Repeat testers I talk to start out worried about NCLEX “content.” They tell me they need to know more content, that they didn’t graduate from a good school, or they’ve been out of school for a long time and need to refresh their content.

The NCLEX is CONCEPT based.  Nursing school is CONTENT based.

NCLEX is not simply a test of of factual knowledge.

NCLEX tests if you can do the job- if you can make sound clinical judgements. To get above the passing standard, a tester needs to use procedural knowledge.

Clearly, it is impossible to know everything. Nursing is an ever-expanding body of knowledge and you will be faced with something you don’t know when testing. Are you able to make a critical decision with the limited information given?

NCLEX is designed to test if you can process information, if you can control your emotional response and use problem-solving skills to make a clinical decision based on the limited information given in a question. 

NCLEX is a professional exam that tests “entry-level mental competence.” 

NCLEX tests the skills and abilities needed for safe nursing practice. To prepare for testing, you cannot study the way you did for academic tests when you were a student. Instead, train to manage each question, each situation, and the exam performance overall. 

happyNCLEX training follows the NCSBN Clinical Judgment Measurement Model and is delivered by demonstration, guided practice, and feedback- by coaching. Learn how to read professional exams like you would learn any new skill= with a coach.

I coach testers to understand and perform the skill set required for NCLEX as well as nursing certification exams, job interview testing, and continuing nursing education. Your investment in learning critical-thinking skills for NCLEX retains its value throughout your nursing career.

It’s so easy when you make the switch from study to practice, from student to professional.

End the cycle of study-fail-study-repeat and learn to apply critical thinking skills to NCLEX. 

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