What is NCLEX Content?

Let’s clear up confusion about NCLEX Content. 

Nursing school is CONTENT based. The NCLEX is CONCEPT based.

NCLEX is not a test of academic knowledge. Your ATT proves you have the knowledge. NCLEX tests if you can think.

Clearly, it is impossible to know everything. Nursing is an ever-expanding body of knowledge and you will be faced with what you don’t know when testing. 

So, what does the NCLEX test? According to NCSBN, the NCLEX exam tests “entry-level mental competence.” NCLEX is designed to test if you can think, if you can control your emotional response and use problem-solving skills to make an educated guess based on the limited information given in a question. 

That’s it.

Stop trying to study the way you studied for academic exams in nursing school because NCLEX is not an academic exam. NCLEX is a professional exam that requires a critical-thinking skill set. Testers need to learn how to read a question to understand what the question is testing. 

happyNCLEX training teaches you to approach questions the way they are written and evaluated, using Bloom’s Taxonomy for the cognitive domain. This skill set is required for NCLEX as well as nursing certification exams, job interview testing, and continuing education. Your investment in learning critical-thinking skills for NCLEX retains its value throughout your nursing career.

Critical-thinking skills are easy to learn and simply require practice.

End the cycle of study-fail-study-repeat and learn to apply critical thinking to NCLEX. You’ll be so happy.

See how learning problem-solving skills helped these testers.

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