Struggling Tester?

Joan Palmeri has developed a method to read NCLEX following the NCSBN Clinical Judgment Measurement Model.

You will learn to automatically read through the critical-thinking process to solve problems for NextGen NCLEX-RN and NCLEX-PN.

Practical and affordable individual coaching on your schedule.



Have the knowledge but not getting above passing?

  • Immediately increase problem-solving skills while reducing test anxiety
  • Learn to make an educated guess instead of second guessing
  • Learn to read NCLEX effectively using the NCSBN CJMM

Personal coaching & guided training for NextGen NCLEX RN & PN. Includes evaluations and one-to-one meetings. Currently accepting a limited number of testers. Contact Joan Palmeri to discuss needs and options.

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Low-Stress Prep for NextGen NCLEX RN & NCLEX PN

  • Develop strong test-taking and clinical-judgment skills while managing test anxiety
  • Learn by demonstration, guided practice, and evaluation with a personal coach
  • No more cramming,  flashcards, or short-term memory strategies needed

NCLEX Coaching

Joan Palmeri teaches the problem-solving skills needed to successfully manage the NCLEX- RN & PN.

happyNCLEX curriculum is designed based on the NCSBN Clinical Judgment Measurement Model to meet the needs of nursing school graduates and repeat NCLEX exam testers.

Your planning is organized and your coach is with you from start to to finish.


Low stress prep! Learn to read NCLEX effectively and you will be able to think clearly and solve problems.