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Joan Palmeri

Joan Palmeri has very close to 40 years of teaching and program development experience in alternative and remedial education and has successfully coached thousands of new registered nurses and practical nurses since 2005. After several years managing workforce development training with the New York Association for New Americans (NYANA), Joan was recruited to assist immigrant and refugee nurses in several grant programs in New York City.

The Program for International Nurses (PIN) was a grant partnership between the NYC Department of Labor’s Welcome Back Initiative in Healthcare, Beth Israel/Mount Sinai, Met Council, and the Jewish Foundation for the Education of Women. Joan Palmeri developed curriculum and taught workshops for immigrant and refugee nurses to increase reading comprehension and information processing skills for NCLEX and certification exams.

happyNCLEX training was developed to support graduates of American and Canadian nursing schools as well as international nurses. A shortage of trained educators has created a population of repeat testers who graduate with basic knowledge but lack training in the skills and abilities required for professional testing and nursing practice.

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Upcoming test date? Have the knowledge but scoring near passing?

  • Immediately increase problem-solving skills while reducing test anxiety
  • Learn to make an educated guess instead of second guessing
  • Learn to read NCLEX effectively using the NCSBN CJMM

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