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  • If you happen to come across my review for Happy NCLEX, I just want to say that you are in the right place. Ms. Joan is the real deal. I took the NCLEX 4 times. After my 4th attempt, I was depressed and in despair on the brink of giving up hope for my dream job as an RN. The day after my 4th exam, I found Joan on All Nurses forum online and I researched and called her. We spoke briefly and I told her how desperate I was to pass. Her critical thinking strategies is what you NEED to pass. If you have been out of school for awhile like myself, I had to brush up on a lot of content. I had to memorize my lab values, but you will mostly need for the higher level questions to pass is to learn how to prioritize and critically think as a nurse. I followed each steps. During Step 1, I watched her demonstration after every practice question, and made so many mistakes!! I finally started getting the hang of it towards ends of Step 2. I tried Uworld for the past 4 times and failed, even with a high chance of passing during my assessment. If you already have a Q Bank, you must practice Joan’s technique with each question.

    When I sat for my exam, I did what she told me to do. Breathe, stretch, get your blood flowing!! It is an endurance exam. I took that break!!! After 145 questions, yes I had all 145!! I did the Pearson Vue Trick and got the good pop-up!! I paid for my quick results 48 hours later..and there it was “Pass” on NCSBN website!!

    Do not give up hope. Thank you so much Ms. Joan!! I owe a great deal of my success to you and best of luck to all of you who are part of Happy NCLEX!!

  • Hello happy Nclex students, I finally passed the NCLEX RN in 140 questions. Thank you happy Nclex for been part of my Nclex journey. I failed the Nclex many times before I signed up with happy Nclex. Your training turned everything around for me. Critical Thinking was explained in a way no instructor did. I really benefited, it helped me a lot I can’t stress that enough. Thank you again, I am sooooooo happy and pray for each student to win this battle.
    Good luck,

  • I finally eaRNed it! I am so happy to finally breathe easy.
    The journey hasn’t been an easy one but i finally conquered with the help of God and Joan.
    I got introduced to happyNCLEX through a friend who had trained there and he instructions for me was to never doubt Joan and always listen to her, how ever difficult it may seem.
    The reading of crime stories really helped me.
    I had all the questions again and thought I might have failed but I passed. Thank you Joan for this training, you are truly God sent!

  • Thank you for your help Joan.
    I failed my nclex last December at 145 questions. I used other reviews in the market and spent a lot of money. One of my classmate recommended happynclex . At first, i did not want to schedule a test date, but Joan kept pushing me. Finally i decided to choose the last date on my ATT.
    I took my nclex exam on December 5th the last day before my ATT expired. I had a feeling that I wasn’t ready but didn’t have the choice to change my test date. My computer shutdown at 75 questions.Your practice questions help me a lot. Your voice kept telling me to take my time, do not cross my legs, and do not kill someone. Please follow all of her teaching techniques I am so grateful, may god continue to bless you.

  • It was a journey with a blissful beginning. My gratitude goes to God for everything. I bless the day I decided to join happy NCLEX, just as the name implies it brought happiness to me. I am a foreign nurse. I failed NCLEX 2x and passed with 76 on my third try November 1st 2022. I used to have problems with SATA but she made it so easy for me. I like the way she outlines every subject so u can know where to focus using your report for repeat testers.The program is all you need, just do everything she asks you. Ms Joan u are God sent for me, if I had listened to my friend when she first told she was using your program, I would have been a nurse long time ago. Thank you

  • Quiana Frazier
    November 14, 2022 2:31 pm

    First off I would like to say that GOD IS GOOD!!! AND HE FOREVER REMAINS FAITHFUL!! I first heard about Joan from a coworker and for her giving me Joan info it has changed my life! All I can say is Joan is THE BOMB!!! Because of her I passed my NCLEX the second time on November 10th is when I took it and November 12 is when I got my results (PASS).. Im so greatful for Joan because of her I passed, just do everything that she says and you will be fine! God sent her to me and for that Im so greatful!! This is my second time testing dont get discourage you have God on your side and Joan on the other side 🙂. If God did it for me he can do it for you to! Thank you Joan for everything my heart is so full and may God continue to bless you to help blessing others to pass NCLEX! You got this guys! Keep praying and keep pushing ❤

  • God is so good!! Yesterday 10/25/22, I sat for my Nclex for the 2nd time, and in 2hours 96 questions, I became a Registered Nurse. I appreciate Joan for the things she taught me. The first time I took my nclex was Aug. 25th 2022, and I got all 145 questions. I really didn’t study anything because I graduated in June and felt I was fine. But, when I actually took the exam I saw quickly that my school did not prepare me on how to answer the Nclex questions, it was all different. My cousin used Joan, and told me about her and tried it out. I also used Archer, and Princeton review for my nclex. I found myself doing better and better. The day of the exam, I took my time, I took one 20 minute break, and I trusted myself on the answering the questions. I knew in my heart I passed but wasn’t for sure since I failed on my first attempt. Mind you, I studied for maybe 2 months. I had to wait to retest for 45 days, and everyday I studied besides the days that I worked. I appreciate you Joan and I listened to everything. I visually put myself at every question, and visually looked at the location of the question. Thank you thank you so so much. Job well done to you for helping me in my success in a short time that I was with you!!

    • Brandy leach
      March 17, 2023 7:03 pm

      Thank you for sharing! I have been a LVN for 10 years, and found out today I failed Rn at 145. I was answering “easy” questions wrong. I believe nerves got to me, but I was 62% on you world . I’m def going to check this out . Unfortunately, it’s a new nexgen in April, but I need to get out of my pity party and reset !

    • Brandy leach
      March 17, 2023 7:05 pm

      Also congrats 🎉

  • Let me start this with a “ YOU CAN, AND YOU WILL”. I passed my nclex today on my third try and passed it in 75 questions after failing it twice and getting all 145 questions the first two times. I was defeated, and petrified by this exam. I graduated in May of this year and have been trying ever since. I’ve had to watch my peers, my sister n law and my class mates pass and get to move on with their lives while I got taken from RN down to a CNA at my job. Talk about humiliating as everybody was waiting for me to be that RN. I took it first time failed it, went home devastated and studied harder waited the 45 days and took it again. Failed!! It wasn’t the material that I needed bc I knew IT. I KNEW THE MATERIAL. I studied this stuff for the whole 2 and a half years that I was in school. I ran across Happy nclex and the lord said “This is what you need”. So I started, did what I was supposed to do and put it as priority. My test day came and I PASSED IT. It’s so important to do EVERY SKILL FOR EVERY QUESTION. EVERY SINGLE TIME. In between questions before I moved on I would close my eyes take a deep breath let it out and hit next. DO THE WORK, listen to her when she rationalizes. I could literally hear her in my head if I was on a question I wasn’t sure of. It is possible to pass the nclex in 75 after getting 145 on the exam with Joan! Do what she says and don’t second guess yourself!!! I’m so thankful the lord put her in my path. This program works! Don’t give up. Again, it took me 3 times and 5 and a half long months to become SALLY WALTERS, RN!!! You CAN and you WILL. ❤️❤️❤️

  • I passed NCLEX! Thank you, Joan. I am so glad that I found out about this training program. I tried to pass NCLEX several times before I met Joan. HappyNCLEX is the key to passing the exam. Not only was Joan’s program educational, but it was also illuminating.
    Joan’s patience, attention to detail, and knowledge pertaining to the medical field made my time in the program an easy process and set me up for success. The book recommendations, in particular, were a lifesaver and helped immensely. I am eternally grateful to Joan and couldn’t have picked a better program to commit my time to. The resources have been endless. I am happy to report I am a registered nurse since participating in the program, and Joan is a massive reason for that! Thank you, Joan! 🙂

  • It’s a journey!
    Graduated in July 2021, attempted 2 times before I heard about Ms Joan advised I take 12 weeks to get the strategies. After 12 weeks, I scheduled but unable to take it, I was so nervous and afraid, I wouldn’t pass. My subscription expired but I didn’t renew, a month after, ms Joan contacted me again and asked if I needed more time, I said yes so she added me back to the group. I gave myself 3 weeks refresher and followed through all videos every single day for 2 hours. While in the exam, I was hearing her voice analyzing the problem with her strategist. This exam felt really good but then I didn’t want to rejoice soon. 2 days after, I checked again, now it’s official. Am an RN BSN.
    Thank you so much Ms Joan, I felt confident when she said, “don’t read any more books except for pleasure ” I read a few short stories as she recommended. If you follow through her strategies well, you sure will pass the NCLEX.

  • I decided to change careers at age 56, and nursing was my goal. Everyone said that nursing school isn’t easy, but until you’re in it, you don’t realize what a commitment it truly is. Nursing school exams are unlike any other! I was not used to test questions where almost all of the answers were correct, but one was the BEST answer. When two answers were correct I often would choose the wrong answer to a question and suffer tremendous anxiety at exams. How would I ever be able to pass the NCLEX? One of my professors told me about Joan and Happy NCLEX, and I reached out to her and signed up for her program. This was the very best investment I made towards my nursing career. Joan is more than just a study program to help you pass your NCLEX; she is a life coach, a reading comprehension instructor, a self-care coach, and most of all a great resource for navigating the NCLEX with confidence and ease. HappyNCLEX is like no other program out there. I passed my NCLEX last week and I sat at the desk, feet on the floor, sat up straight, and took deep breaths when I felt I needed a break, periodically rested my eyes, and with each test question I was able to identify what type of problem it was, looked for the base, found the clues, and gathered my answers with exceptional ease. Each time I went to click the box that said “Next” I would remember Joan saying, “Final Answer!”
    I am so thankful for her dedication to nursing students. Thank you Joan for all you do!

  • Amanda RN!!!!!!
    August 27, 2022 11:10 pm

    The first time I spoke with Joan, she said my name with the letters RN behind them had a nice ring to it. She said “I like it”. I could feel the lights turn on in my head with excitement. Prior to our call, I was depressed and feeling defeated. I was afraid to ever take the test again. I started to feel anxious just thinking about receiving the ATT to test. After one conversation, I knew Happy NCLEX was the right place for me. I signed up while we were in the middle of our call. From that day to passing my test; I stopped studying content and started learning the problem solving skills. I dedicated four hours a day to practice and made it mandatory to read mysteries and detective fiction for 1-2 hours a day. I’m in love with Sue Grafton books now because of Joan lol. I bought a desktop calendar and held myself accountable to the scheduled times for practicing how to answer the questions. In order for you to improve; it takes practice. I passed my test with the help of Happy NCLEX and what this program provides is not only how to problem solve but how to manage stress and anxiety for testing and on the job. I’m a better nurse for the time spent in Happy NCLEX. Joan wants to see you get licensed and she cares! On test day, I felt confident I had the tools to succeed. When I took my picture for the security of testing I smiled so big and I asked to see it because I told the Pearson Vue staff, I know I’ll never see it again. When I left the testing center I felt good. I smiled so big and I said to myself; I PASSED! Trust Joan. Please give up all the preconceived notions, social media chatter on how to pass NCLEX, and quit thinking you don’t know enough. Let Joan help you better understand what you already know and get licensed!!!!!!

  • Wow! I am now an RN! HappyNCLEX has the best strategies for the NCLEX exam. HappyNCLEX is everything I needed to fill the gap between my nursing school and passing my NCLEX-RN. Please listen to Joan, follow, her strategies, and go pass your exams when you are ready!!!
    I failed my first try and kept wondering if I would ever pass the exam. I had completed over 5k questions from expensive test banks and felt ready but still failed. My friends were shocked that I failed because I had good knowledge of the nursing principles and mostly provided the right answers when we practiced together. However, what I saw in my first NCLEX Exam was far from expectation. It was total chaos that looked like it was intended to fail me at all cost. SATA upon SATA and most options looked right and then wrong.
    Good news! I joined HappyNCLEX and started studying again at ease – no rush, no stress. Joan first helped me manage my anxiety and provided the best strategies to answer questions that may seem confusing. Please join HappyNCLEX, listen to Joan, and find peace. Get your groove back! I was calm during my last exam and the questions started to look familiar. I applied all the strategies and passed! You can do it!

  • Morgan Messing
    March 31, 2022 12:01 am

    Hey Everyone!! Deep Breaths!! First of all, YOU will be a nurse, keep telling yourself that, positive affirmations are game-changing!!

    Here’s my story:
    I graduated from nursing school in December of 2021 and attempted the NCLEX on 2/1/22…I got all 145 max questions…..and I was not successful and failed.. let me tell yall I cried for hours and felt so discouraged and questioned if this was even the right plan for my life… however, I went online and typed in NCLEX help and the angel herself Joan P with HappyNclex showed up. I read these reviews and was convinced I would persevere and try it out. This was the best purchase I made by far because 56 days later I passed my NCLEX in the minimum 75 questions. I knew when I failed the first time that it wasn’t content that I struggled with but more of the skill to answer the questions that I lacked and anxiety… I have terrible test anxiety but this training solved my anxiety and my lack of skill problems. Joan is a huge believer that content isn’t the issue but that we were not taught the NCSBN model to answer the questions and she was right. I also was horrible at select all that apply and by the end of the training, I could answer almost every SATA correctly. It was crazy to me to see how easy these questions turned out to be when you have the right training and knowledge on how to answer questions correctly. I am a huge fan of happy nclex and will be telling everyone and anyone I know about this because it was a lifesaver. Training normally takes 8 to 12 weeks but I did it in 5 weeks and passed with flying colors, I still would recommend doing the full 8-12 weeks but if you put your heart and time into this training you can do it!!

    Joan, Thank you so so much for putting your heart and time into this for us. I know you truly want all of us to succeed and become the nurses we planned to be and I am forever grateful I found Happy Nclex!!

    Try this out and keep pushing, you will be a great nurse, do not give up!!

    Morgan Messing BSN, RN <3

  • Good morning my fellow Nurses,
    After two failed attempts on the NCLEX-RN, I am proud to announce that I have finally passed. I graduated nursing school 2/21/2021, and took the NCLEX 5/2021, 7/2021. I had lost hope in myself and felt discouraged. I tried Kaplan, Uworld, Saunders etc for content and quizbank questions but none of that helped me to understand and break the questions down for clarity. Me and a friend (Kelly Streete) searched Joan and decided to give her a try. It was well worth the money you could ever spend in nursing school. As Joan would always tell us we have the content, we just need to critical think about what the questions are asking us. Joan also helped our anxiety lol with select all that apply questions. Happynclex is the only tool you need to pass the NCLEX, Joan gives you everything that is needed to succeed. Do not be fooled by all of these different quizbanks, they are only distractors. Stick with happynclex through this journey and you will love the end results. Thank you so much Joan for all your hard work and dedication.

    Bridgett Gay, RN

  • Hello everyone, it feels so good to finally be a licensed Registered Nurse all thanks to Miss Joan !!!! whoot whoot!!. It’s been a long frustrating road. I graduated nursing school 10/2020 and took NCLEX a few times in 2021 and did not pass. Honestly, I felt discouraged, ashamed and sometimes I was just confused because I felt like I knew my stuff and I didn’t quite understand why I couldn’t pass. A friend of friend recommend happy NCLEX. After reading the reviews and talking to Miss Joan myself, I realize I needed her training to help me pass. I signed up with Miss Joan in 7/2021 and took my time to do the training. What I love about Miss Joan is that she pushes you to the fullest. I don’t think anyone will fully be ready to take their exam but for sure with the training that Miss Joan provides, for sure your next time around you will have a different mindset and you will know how to utilize what you’ve learned and be able to apply it. I can honestly say this time around it’s like I heard Miss Joan in my ears. I was able to use my clinical judgment and use the skills Miss Joan taught me. What I realize with this exam is that it’s different for everyone, it’s easy for some and it’s just harder for others like myself and that is ok. With time, patience, hard work and dedication we can all do it!

    Miss Joan, I want to say thank you for all your help and thank you for believing in me. I will never forget our last conversation when you told me “this time you will get it” 🙂 to god be the glory I did get it on 2/5/2022 . It was the best feeling ever to get that good pop up finally! I was so use to the bad pop up lol.

    Best wishes to you all, don’t give up!
    Kelly, RN

  • Ndifon Ambiribah
    January 27, 2022 12:55 pm

    Happy NCLEX @ last!!! I joined this training in September of 2021 after taking the NCLEX and failing. If there is one thing to tell you all is to say please listen and do what J.P says especially with the select all that apply (SATA) questions. I had the knowledge but the skill was lacking that which I gained from this program. Today I am happy to announce to you all that I just passed my NCLEX-RN with 122 questions. To my repeat testers please don’t give up and if you are here, you are in the right place. Just follow her instructions. And even when you go to take the test please stay disciplined and follow the rules in answering each question.
    I wish you all the best!

  • I want you guys to stay encouraged. This was my third attempt on passing my RN nclex. The first two attempts I got 145 questions failed both times. I didn’t know what I was doing wrong because I felt I knew the content and I still wasn’t successful. When I joined Joan’s program the first thing she said was stop studying. That was the hardest for me, but I listened and followed her steps. I met with her three times before I tested and she told me to push my date back. I felt sad because I felt overwhelmed and just ready to get my license. I listened to her and did just that and to my surprise on January 8 2022 I passed on my third attempt with only 84 questions. I had a lot of select all that apply and prioritize questions. I suffered from test anxiety so I followed her steps and took deep breaths and relaxed. Good luck future nurses.

  • Hello!
    I am so blessed that I am a registered nurse in the state of California. I would like to first thank my Lord and Savior for allowing me to get through the NCLEX. Also, a big thank you to Joan for the strategies she teaches in order to pass this exam. This was my first attempt of taking the NCLEX and I am happy that I was able to find Happy NCLEX before testing. Before finding Happy NCLEX, I would study 8 hours or more a day trying to memorize content, answer question banks, reading books like Saunders or Kaplan, etc… What scared me the most were SATA questions because I was told in order to master SATA you had to know your content very well. This is not true because Joan explains how to master SATA. I am so glad I joined Happy NCLEX because Joan taught me strategies on how to answer questions, how to calm my anxiety and the enjoyment of reading again. Happy NCLEX is different form other programs and I am so happy she is willing to help future nurses. If you have tried every NCLEX “preparation” program out there and it was not a success, give Happy NCLEX a try because you will be happy that you did. God Bless!

  • Hello Everyone
    I am officially and finally an RN. My first thanks goes to God and again happynclex (Joan) This is most accurate and best review I have ever had. I paid huge money to online scammers and other reviews but to no avail. After taking the Nclex first time and failed, I was searching online to find a good review and I came across Joan and Happynclex. I worked hard to cover all the steps to pass the exams and finally I did pass. By following Joan’s strategy I am now an RN. Happynclex is the best.
    I passed with 86 questions with 48 SATA, following Joan’s SATA strategy you are all good to go.
    Thank you Happynclex and Joan and I wish you guys good luck in your exams too.

  • Hello to everyone! I would like to share my story because I so happy that I passed my NCLEX last Monday! It was my 3rd attempt and I know that I had good knowledge but I simply did not know how to apply and use it to solve the questions. Especially SATA scared me a lot. But Joan’s training helped me to deal with it. I just followed her strategy. And I want to say that last time i had about 35-45 SATA and they did not scare me anymore, and I passed my NCLEX with 75 questions only!!! Thank you Joan and Good luck to everyone!!!

  • “My Journey as a nurse!” I finished Nursing school in 2014, and decided to take the NCLEX this year (2021). My first attempt was in March of 2021, and I failed. Of course I came home and cried, but decided not to give up. Tested again July 2021, using UWorld and failed again. After my second failed attempt, I met a friend at the pharmacy and she informed me of Joan Palmeri and happyNCLEX. And I signed up that very same day! The first thing I learned was how to use the keywords, and she rescheduled me three times until she was sure I was capable of handling the exam. On the 23rd of November I tested at 8am, I answered all of the 145 questions. When the questions went above 105 I thought for sure I had failed and wanted to give up. However I was determined that I was not going to give up and was going to fight to the end. I was on top of the game despite my current condition of being pregnant. When I left I still had negative feelings like I failed. But, after checking my results on Friday to my surprise I saw that I had passed. I would encourage everyone to listen to the instructions of Joan and follow her direction, she is truly a Godsend! Thank you so very much, I am now a Nurse!

  • To God be all the glory!!! and a big big thank you to miss Joan “I called her GOD sent”.
    I moved to United States in 2016 with my son from Cameroon and my journey with NCLEX started in December 2017. I took NCLEX on my very first time on that December 2, 2017 and failed at 75 question after studying for 5 to 6hrs a day Monday through Friday and I thought I did not have enough content and I went in for another review and I studied again for about 6 to 7 months this time around I was pregnant for my second baby took the NCLEX again in 2018 and still failed at 75 questions. I was depressed and I thought I was not meant to be a nurse. After crying and weeping I decided to go in again for another review 1 month after I had my baby that review took me another 6 months struggling all on my own. My husband had given up on me. I sat for NCLEX in 2019 and still failed with 75 questions.
    I am taking my time to explain all this because a lot of people had given up upon themselves but I am here to encourage someone never to give up. I used to check Joan’s website every night at work just to read people’s stories. That is how I kept my self encouraged everyday and I will keep asking myself, will I ever come to write my own story? It seemed to me like it was an impossibility. I cried before God all hopes where gone.
    A friend told me about Joan and I decided to sign up for the training. That was one of the best decisions I have ever made in my life. She told me to stop studying and focus on the training. Please listen to everything that she says. I had three private sessions with her just to make sure that I was ready to test and I remember on my last session with her she was so happy. On the 23th of October 2021 I took the NCLEX in the morning. I swear I was relaxed, never before no anxiety like before. Because I have my skills from happy NCLEX the computer went off at 101 questions and on Thursday morning I found out that I passed. If I could do this with pregnancy and talking care of 2 kids, I had my baby on the 16 of September and 1 month later I took my exam and passed, you too can do it. Today I can say I am nurse Susan RN!!!!!! Good luck to you nurses.

  • Thank you Joan, for your help and everything. I am an international student, graduated in 2016 and I was able to pass my nclex on 10/27/2021 on my very first attempt thanks to Joan for the Good work. Guys listen to Joan and you will make it.

  • Tode Stojanov
    October 20, 2021 9:00 am

    The road to becoming a licensed nurse was filled with a lot of adventure, challenges, and variety of emotions. It has been tough but I can finally say that I am a licensed practical nurse. It still feels surreal and strange because the moment I stepped out the testing center I was convinced that I did not pass. Surprisingly, I passed and it is all thanks to professor Palmeri guidance and teaching method.

    My journey started in the RN nursing program; however, I failed my last semester and I was not able to continue forward. Thankfully, they offered me to challenge the NCLEX-PN and continue my dream of becoming a nurse. Despite being disappointed at myself, I had to look forward and succeed in passing the NCLEX-PN. That is when a friend of mine recommended professor Joan Palmeri to help me. Three months of daily practicing and utilizing the resources provided by the program, I can safely say it was phenomenal and joyful to be part of it.

    My NCLEX journey does not end here. I will continue to pursue my dream of becoming a Registered Nurse knowing I have the skills to do it. Thank you professor Palmeri!

  • I graduated January 2021 and I went to my hometown to see my family. I can say I did not look anything to study/practice NCLEX for several months. After that I found happy nclex and started practicing test taking strategies. Honestly we all know the content, AP, patho, body system etc. However the important point of this exam is “educated guess” and “test taking strategy”. Happy NCLEX is the only platform to learn all these. I took my exam on October 2nd. I did a lot of educated guessing by using Joan’s style. I talked myself through while taking the test. I finished my exam with 75 questions and passed. Thank you Joan for this program. I am happy to pass on the first try and with 75 questions almost a year after my graduation.

  • Jochelle Domingo
    September 24, 2021 8:57 pm

    Hello fellow nurses!

    I have recently passed my NCLEX through the help of Joan! This was my third time taking the test. I highly suggest that if you went to college outside of US is to take this program and be very serious about it! Most schools outside of US do not focus on NCLEX, they focus on their own boards. We have all gotten theory down, but it is the questions that we struggle in mainly because we weren’t taught on how to answer them. Joan did an amazing job in guiding us how to answer different types of questions. It was such an honor to be part of her program because it has taught me a lot! I want to thank Joan for a spectacular job, I would not have passed if it wasn’t for her!

  • I am writing this review not to help market Happy NCLEX, but to reach out to anyone that might come across this review. I am a very reserved person, and I don’t normally put myself out like this. It will be selfish to keep this experience to myself. I failed my NCLEX on my second attempt despite spending over a thousand dollars for online NCLEX materials and studying for over 60hrs a week. I reached the maximum question of 145 on both attempts and failed with NEAR THE PASSING STANDARD. After failing on my second attempts. I realized that my problem was not the contents, but understanding how to read, analyze and process NCLEX questions to my understanding. I prayed to God for guidance, no one refer me to Happy NCLEX. I started searching on google and God guide me to Happy NCLEX website. I read some reviews and found out this is what I needed. I only have one more attempt with the state board am testing with. I contacted Joan and enrolled at the end of March.
    This will be the best decision I ever made regarding preparing for NCLEX. I followed the process as Instructed by Joan which is to stop studying and just follow the process and practice questions with her. I did that for 4 months and after understanding the process started practicing with qbank questions. I did that for another 2 months while still on the program to get ready for my test. I changed my test date several times to make sure am ready. After six months with Happy NCLEX , I decided to take my test on the 18 of September 2021. I cannot say am confidence walking into the exam room that day, but I was fearless. Walking into the exam I understand the easiest questions will be the straight knowledge question and the high-level question will require critical thinking using Happy NCLEX test strategy.
    Remember this was my last attempt with the state board I am testing with, despite that my anxiety was under control. I was calm and relaxed. I started the test with a multiple choice and from my second question throughout the test it was SATA back-to-back. Just like most students, I used to be afraid of SATA questions, but surprisingly I was calm following the process and strategy as thought by Joan. I remember 30mins into the exam ,I was on question 10. The few straight knowledge questions were the easiest for me as expected, but I must applied Joan’s process and strategy to all the SATA and high-level questions. I stood my ground and passed NCLEX at 77 questions with over forty SATA, the test stopped and switched to the survey page.
    Joan is an expert in this training and I recommend her to anyone that comes across this review.

  • My nclex story stared in 2018 when it graduated. In 2019 after reviewing with Remar, u world and Mark K. I thought I was ready but I failed with all near passing. This has been happening to me all through the number of times I wrote. I needed a strategy to pass this exam which my nursing school never covered.

    Finally I made a friend who is one of my destiny helpers who introduced me to Happy nclex. When I met Joan I took all of her comments, strategies and instructions so personally and promised to follow all, which I did. I committed to practice, meditations, reading and exercise which has changed my mind set.

    Because of Happy nclex my blood pressure and cholesterol are reduced and my test taking anxiety cured. So taking the test last Friday August 25, 2021 l followed Joan’s strategy every step of the way and I was so surprised how calm l was like following another practice session with Joan. This test taking strategy works!
    Try it and thank Joan at the end as I am doing right now.

    Glory to God for this success story. I appreciate my family and friends, high five to my Happy nclex family, I appreciate any other review that has added up to this! To Joan I say you are a blessing to this generation. You will live long. Thank you for changing my embarrassing and near success syndrome story to Success.
    I will recommend you anywhere and everytime for you are the best nclex review ever.
    Thank you!!!

  • I would like to say thank you so very Much to Joan and her team from start to finish for their best advice. I joined her review class after I failed my first attempt. A friend referred me to Joan. I read some of the review online about the class and send an email to Joan with some questions. I remeber email sent to her on friday night and got a response by Saturday morning. I Joined her class and read all practice rules. One of her practice rules is to put all Qbank and review materials aside. Which is okay and I followed her practice rules from scratch and it works great.
    All my ways of thinking on how to prepare myself for the exam has changed. I followed her live session and practice strategies on how to tackle any questions and applied during my exam to pass my RN exam on my second attempt on Saturday July 24th, 2021. I strongly recommend her class for anyone who needs guidance on how to prepare for the exam. Just follow her practice rules and strategies to get best results. Finally, I would like to say again thank you Joan, and to your team for the wonderful advise and help.
    Good luck everyone

  • Alia Gurhan
    July 2, 2021 12:53 am

    This program is by far the best Nclex review I invested in this year, I made a milestone in my life by truly applying myself. Joan gives you all the tools, strategies, techniques you need to pass the nclex. On Monday I took my Nclex exam, after failing few times in the past. During my exam, I could literally see and hear Joan going over how to dissect the questions, encouraging me not to be intimidated by the unknown, trusting myself as I was answering my questions which almost were entirely SATA questions and passed with the maximum 145 for Nclex RN. I have taken other review classes, nothing comes close to happyNclex. Please invest in yourself and take this program. Joan doesn’t only give you the will power and push, and drive to break down the nclex exam but she is always there for you whenever you have any questions. I can honestly say that I wouldn’t have been successful this time if it wasn’t for Joan. Thank you so much Joan for everything, your patience, guidance, and most importantly, thank you for getting me started on my career.

  • Roman Kalantarov
    June 27, 2021 10:00 am

    Thank god for Joan guys she is the best. All her strategies and tips work guys trust the process and do everything she says. She is always there for you everyday any question she replies very fast, always respect her. Thank you Joan again god bless you !

  • To God be the glory!!!! A big thanks and God bless you Joan!!
    I moved to US in 2018 from Cameroon (central Africa) Immediatly after my graduation in nursing school with French my 1st language in 2019 decided to sit for NCLEX RN. I registered for a review (1000$ for 2 months). 1st attempt I failed at 75. 2nd attempt used uworld and I ran out of time. I failed. 3th attempt used simple nursing, Remar review, saunders…result near passing. This time I decided to give up completly. After suffering from depression, mockery… I picked up again but didn’t know where to start. A friend of mine with whom I shared my last result told me about happy NCLEX. It took me a little while to make a decision because I was told Joan is doing only questions, I was looking for “content”.

    I took a risk and registered in Febuary. That was the best decision ever. Just as the name Happy NCLEX I was very happy I made this step. After meeting with Joan I was sure I’m in the right place. Went in last Saturday for my 4th attempt with more confidence. Started my exam at 3:30 the computer offered me a break took it, a couple of minutes after my break my computer stop working and started alarming in the hold center. The supervisor came in, with the fear that my text can disappear, he took all his time to look for the best solution at the main time my time was keep going he couldn’t stop it. “No one has access to the time it is set in the computer Im so sorry about what is going on” he said. With God’s help and Joan’s strategy to manage anxiety during the training I overcame the incident that caused me almost 1hr. I was successfully transfer to another computer, I started smiling because I know I was getting them right. Joan also taught me this through the process of critical thinking using Bloom taxonomy. 1h that was remaining from the incident I completed the test (145 questions).
    Yesterday around 1p.m. I received an email from my board with a big congratulations. I couldn’t beleive it was real. I wish I can go to Fox 5 Tv, CNN TV to let anyone who is trying to pass NCLEX that Happy NCLEX is what they need. I highly recommend this program if you are looking for one. Without God and Joan’s help I would have left the Hall due to the incident knowing who I was before the training (very anxious person).
    She is very devoted, open, available… feel free to always share your concerns with her or how you feel during the training, follow her instructions, don’t buy anything else, you don’t need “content” so don’t look at it, she will let you know what is the real content you need. Please stick with her she has all you need to pass and even more. You will not regret if you do all what she tells you to do. She prepares students not only to pass NCLEX but also for their career and money is not her problem. She is so lovely. Joan!! generations will talk about your goodness you are doing this program with no other intention than to bring help and save lives. You are a blessing. Long life more wisdom!!!!
    NURSE Marguerite Subine Nnoke RN

  • Michael Cicirelli
    June 24, 2021 10:16 am

    With Joan’s guidance, I can say that I took the NCLEX and, 139 questions later, am now a registered nurse! I had never done well on standardized tests, and when I took the NCLEX initially after graduation, I bombed it. I was low-key anxious and stressed about working my tail off and having nothing to show for it. I discovered HappyNCLEX in December 2020, and after speaking with Joan, I took a leap of faith and joined the program.Joan teaches you how to truly read and answer questions, especially the higher-level questions, such as SATA and drag-and-drop. She also teaches you how to be less anxious regarding taking the NCLEX itself. Don’t waste money on a half-dozen study materials. I wouldn’t have been able to answer those harder questions as well as I did if it wasn’t for Joan; if I know of somebody that is [re-]taking the NCLEX, I’m definitely going to send them Joan’s way. Thank you so much!

  • Katherine Castro
    June 11, 2021 10:22 am

    I just found out the best news today! I finally passed the NCLEX! With the grace of God and most importantly, with the help of Ms. Joan, I finally did it!!! This had been the number one obstacle in my life for a while, and I came to the point when I just stopped caring. I was very anxious, depressed and just negative because I thought it would never be the path for me, but guess what, I am here now and I am a registered nurse in California! If you are looking for help with passing the NCLEX and are reading these comments here, best believe them! Stop doing what you have been doing—all those studying and practice tests will get you nowhere but will just burn you out! Sign up with Ms. Joan instead. She will coach you and guide you to reach your true potential without burning you out. This is a very relaxed review, focusing on different test strategies and managing your distracting thoughts and anxiety. Honestly, when I went to test 2 days ago, I was more relaxed and focused compared to the past exams I did. I just knew right away that it was going to be different this time. Thanks again, Ms. Joan! I just wish I already knew about you when I was still in nursing school. I could’ve passed my first try! God bless all of us. And to you, who has failed a few times like I did, there’s still hope and there’s still time to pick up the pieces and start over! You got this! You can pass the NCLEX!

  • Jennette P.
    June 2, 2021 2:21 pm

    After failing my first attempt, I joined happyNCLEX training in late 12/2020 just before receiving my new att. I scheduled my new testing date on 3/19 then pushed it back to 3/25,4/15,4/29,5/8, and 5/19. It was my best decision to listen to Joan and push back my test date to 5/19 so that I’m ready and would only take the test one more time.
    Joan’s training teaches you how to read the question and provides you with little reading tricks. Her training provides questions, so you don’t need UWorld. She provides weekly live sessions and has the previous recording for you to complete daily. Joan reminds us that we already learn the content from school. Now we need to learn how to read the test questions and eliminate the wrong answers to find the correct answer. I recommend checking in with Joan regularly. She offers 15 min check-in sessions without charge. Tell her how you feel. Joan’s program and tutoring sessions are affordable in comparison to other programs.Training helped me with my testing anxiety.
    Thanks to Joan’s encouragement to pick up a book, I am now reading for pleasure regularly and was able to pass the NCLEX. I highly recommend reading “The Good Nurse”.

  • Rowena Dela Pena Bailey
    May 26, 2021 6:46 pm

    Hello. I am here happy to share my NCLEX story.

    I am a foreign educated nurse from the Philippines and a repeat test taker. I took the NCLEX twice, my first attempt was on 2019 and purchased UWORLD for my review material but I failed. I felt frustrated, but I had to move on and start all over again. Last year, Sept.2020 on my 2nd attempt I used UWORLD again and also subscribed on Board Vitals; but then again, I failed. I got depressed, I cried for 2 nights, I let all the emotion comes out. Then 1 week after that, I told myself giving up is not an option. I reapplied again at California BRN and got my ATT last week of December last year. I went online and searching for the best review materials and “happy NCLEX” caught my attention. I got curious because I had not heard about it. So, I checked the reviews and took time reading those testimonials of repeat test takers who successfully passed the NCLEX after several attempts by joining happy NCLEX training. After the New Year, I decided to sign-up. It was one of the best choices I’ve ever made. It’s definitely worth it.

    For the 3rd time, I sat for NCLEX – RN exam last week May 22,2021). At that time, I feel confident, I was pretty much calm and relaxed, believing and telling myself that “this will be last time I will sit for this exam”, I’m gonna pass because I had the skills and strategies that Joan taught me.
    The question started to come up on the screen and I handled it the way Joan taught me. I got the maximum 145. I was literally talking to myself during the exam,”Oh this is a priority question, Joan said this is the way how to handle it”, and if it’s SATA ” Oh wait a minute, Joan said, the right way to manage this type of format should be like this”. I completed the exam in 4 hrs. and left the testing center with a happy feeling, good vibes, peaceful because I knew in myself that I gave my best and I applied the skills that I’ve learned from “happy NCLEX”. On my 1st and 2nd attempt, I had not felt this way. But this time it’s different, I was just so happy.
    I checked the quick result 48 hrs. after the exam and the result is “PASS”. When I woke up early morning on Tuesday, I checked the website of California BRN and my name & my license were already posted. That was the time that it sinks in, I am officially a USRN.

    Guys, if you’re struggling with passing the NCLEX, Ms. Joan Palmeri is all you need. Don’t hesitate to sign-up for her program, you won’t regret it. She will teach you the skills that you need and she will hold your hand till the end. Happy NCLEX played a big part in my success. From the bottom of my heart, I would like to say thank you for everything Joan Palmeri. You’re truly amazing. You’re the best!

    Rowena Bailey

  • If you’ve taken the Nclex and felt like nothing you’ve read appeared on your exam after spending days to months, seconds to hours reading then this is the program for you! It took many years to finally write this review but I am so grateful to God for this opportunity to do so. Many obstacles came my way but 9 test attempts later I was able to successfully pass my exam!!! Thanks to God and Happy Nclex training!! I fell upon this program while sitting in the library, a man approached me while I was studying and told me that I was literally wasting my time reading a notebook from another program filled with Nclex content. I thought he was crazy but he gave me the information about Happy Nclex and I wrote it in my notebook. When I failed, I opened the book and applied for the program. I am so glad I took the time to check it out. I realized that content is just half of the story. It’s important to learn how to think critically to answer each question. God truly answered my many many many prayers! I sat at the 7th seat, finished at number 77 (ran out of time), choose the 7th locker, and took the exam on the 17th. The number 7 to me is the number of completion and I truly completed this Nclex journey! Please don’t give up, if I had given up on my 8th attempt then this review would not exist. You can and will conquer this exam on your next attempt. Get ready and write your review in advance 🙂

  • Adriane Mcdonald
    May 15, 2021 10:35 am

    Here is my Story!
    I am from Italy and graduated nursing school in 1988, yes a VERY long time ago. I moved to the US 10 years ago. The process of getting my ATT was not easy and had to jump so many hoops with BRN, but I finally did. I took NCLEX in 2017 and failed.I probably tried every QBANK/review on the market back then, but still was not enough. I thought because I graduated so many years ago I needed a content review. Anyways had to start the whole process again this time I had to also take TOEFL, but I finally got my ATT in NOV 2020. Honestly ,I thought how am I going to do this when I had reviewed all this already. Someone on a facebook group had mentioned she did Happy Nclex so I checked it out and I signed up.
    This was the best , I mean the absolute best decision I made. I did the program and started to apply every indication that Joan gave. At some point I would literally repeat what she would say during the session. It took me a little longer but I stuck to the program. My first Evaluation Joan suggested I take a couple more weeks to practice ,especially with SATA , I did . Second eval she said I was ready , and I proceeded to take my NCLEX on MAY 12th.
    135 questions later I can say I am officially a California RN. I felt like Joan was seated there right next to me as I answered slowly and calmly each question.
    If you are in doubt about signing up , don’t be. This is by far the best decision /investment I did. You won’t regret it and you WILL pass, just do what JOAN says. Don’t waste money in Qbanks , you do not need to. She will give you everything you need. Most of all she is a real person, you have an issue/question/doubt she is prompt to answer you . That was sooo helpful.
    Good luck to all of you and a BIG BIG THANK YOU to you JOAN. I could have not done this without you . I am eternally grateful . You are a blessing to all nurses who need to take NCLEX and I will keep shouting that out to the whole world…


  • Hi all, I am here to share one my dreams come true, I am an RN now . First of all thanks to God almighty, my family & friends who never stopped believing in me, the friend who introduced this program to me and last but not the least Joan who I cant thank enough for showing me a whole new side of nclex.
    I was a repeat tester and at one point I was so stressed & depressed to the level that I wasn’t sure what to do anymore and at that point I happened to hear about Joan through a friend who showed and taught me exactly what I was doing wrong and what should I change about it, from reading and understanding the questions, identifying keywords to controlling my anxiety. She helped me achieve what once I thought was impossible and for that I cant thank her enough for that.
    At first, I wasn’t so sure either mainly because of my previous experiences but deep inside of me something kept pushing me like it was meant to be so I ended up calling at the office to get more details and after talking to Elena for sometime, the motivation & confidence she gave made me change my mind instantly after that I didn’t think twice cant thank her enough for that and that was one of the best decisions I took in my life and still wouldn’t trade anything for that.
    Any trouble with nclex Joan has the solutions to it, just listen to her & follow her instructions you will see the magic.
    So anyone out there whos is still being hesitant or doubtful I guarantee you wouldn’t regret it. Joan, she is the best she knows exactly what she is doing I vouch for her 101%. I say GO FOR IT !!!

  • Amandeep Kaur
    May 8, 2021 11:21 am

    I would like to thank you Happy NCLEX. I passed my RN exam at 75 questions. Special thanks to Ms. Joan💚 for teaching test taking strategies. I got many SATA questions, and I don’t think I could have done it without her!!!
    Amandeep Kaur RN, BSN

  • Augustine Kamara
    April 29, 2021 10:27 am

    I completed my nursing program in Sierra Leone, West Africa. After failing the NCLEX on my first try a friend of mine recommended HAPPY NCLEX to me, at the time it only remain seven week some days for my ATT to expire, I enrolled in the program and practice every day intensively. Two days before my exam Joan set me up for a private session, we went through some question for over an hour. On 4/27/2021 I went to test, while I was answering the questions I did exactly the way she taught me. I just found out this morning that I passed the NCLEX.

  • After failing twice and feeling completely defeated, I found happyNCLEX. On my 3rd attempt, I PASSED!!!! I walked into the testing center feeling confident and prepared. My anxiety was extremely low compared to the first two times. I got all 145 questions and left unsure if I passed or failed. However, a part of me knew I passed. I told myself this will be the last time I sit down again for the NCLEX, so I took my time. I couldn’t believe it when I received the email with my license. It was such a rewarding feeling I will never forget. I’m officially a registered nurse! Thank you so much, happyNCLEX & Joan! I’m so thankful for this program.

    My advice to everyone,
    If you are thinking about signing up, do it! You won’t regret it! Also, don’t give up. You will pass the NCLEX!! Be consistent with training and listen to all the advice Joan offers (mediation, reading, exercise, healthy eating, etc.) Trust the process! This exam is like preparing for a marathon. It takes time and patience. Remember you are in control of your anxiety and distractions. Close your eyes and breathe after every question, it works!! Good luck nurses!!💜

  • Jamie-Lee Lightbody
    April 27, 2021 10:22 pm

    Here’s my story. After failing the Nclex two times back in 2014, I discovered Joan and passed on my 3rd attempt. After seven years of working as an LPN in 2018, I decided to enroll in an LPN-BSN program. I completed the program in Jan 2021, and I immediately reached out to Joan because I did not want to take the NCLEX RN more than once. I tested on 4/22/21, which happened to be Miss Joan’s birthday, and when my screen shut off in 85 questions, my heart sunk. I didn’t know if I passed or failed. I waited the dreadful 48 hours and found out I passed my NCLEX RN on my first attempt. I am so happy and proud of myself and so thankful for Joan’s lessons, tips and tricks to get me to my lifelong dream of becoming Miss Jamie-Lee Lighhbody, RN.BSN
    Thank you, Joan, for all your help. I appreciate it from the bottom of my heart

    Ps. Anyone struggling, don’t give stop believing in yourself. You can do it!! 💜

  • I failed my first NCLEX attempt in January 2021 and discovered HappyNCLEX through Reddit. I am so grateful for giving HappyNCLEX a chance because Joan has taught me how to answer questions by using clues. Also most importantly, how to answer “select all that apply.” In addition, Joan also taught me how to control my anxiety during testing and I do believe being able to control one’s anxiety while testing is VERY important. When I sat down for my test and if I started to feel anxious, I always remember what Joan said, “Take a deep breath” and when I do, it really help to calm my nerves down. I was feeling great throughout my exam from what I learned from this program and to be honest, answering SATAS were easier than the multiple choice questions because of Joan’s technique. I started to get SATAS around question 3 and I wanted MORE SATAS because of how easy it was! When the computer shut off at 75, I KNEW I passed. I was THAT confident. I went home and two hours later my state board posted my license! I am officially a RN now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • I have dreamt of this moment for so long! I used to come here and read the reviews and think what I would like to tell others after passing Nclex! I found out last Wednesday that I passed Nclex with 145 questions! Yes! I passed Nclex! I’m a Brazilian nurse who is licensed in California! I’m so grateful for this blessing in my life! I graduated in 2009 and left Brazil in the end of 2012! When I arrived in California, I had no English skills. I could not speak or talk in English! I had a career in my country but here I couldn’t even ask for a sandwich with confidence! I was aware that my journey would not be easy, but I had no doubts that I would achieve my goals. I didn’t want just a job. I wanted my career back! I wanted to be a nurse in California! I started English as a Second Language in 2013. I used to ask myself how I would understand my teacher if I couldn’t understand English! It’s hard to explain, but it happened! In fact I became one of the best ESL students and got rewards and scholarships in the college I was studying! I was referred to become a ESL tutor before I concluded the ESL! It was a big deal to me! In addition to the tutoring I used to babysit to help paying my studies! One day I told the family I was working with that I was a nurse in Brazil and wanted to be nurse in California! They laughed on my face! I felt worthless that day but it gave strength to work even harder on my goals. After finishing ESL, I took English 1A and English 7. I was expecting all these classes would be enough to prove my English proficiency to the Board of Nursing, but they weren’t! I still had to take Toefl which is also a stressful test. My process with the Board took forever, but at the end of 2019 I found out I was eligible to take Nclex! I was so happy and grateful! However, I was aware that this last step was going to be very challenging! I had no idea from where I had to started studying! I found this online tutor and fall for it! I never saw or heard this tutor! He gave lots of material to study by email! It was just overwhelming! I found Remar review and combined with all the materials the tutor provided! I was studying a lot and had no time to spend with my husband and kids! I used to be in the library all day long on the weekends! I tested for the first time and failed! OMG! I left the test center sad because I already knew I was going to fail. I decided to invest in a another content course which was a fair review, but it didn’t help.

    I tested for the second time and failed again! I was devastated. I left the test center thinking that passing Nclex was impossible! I didn’t know what to do! I was lost! Giving up has never been an option even on the dark moments, but I was feeling so weak.

    I was googling in the middle of the night to try to find a solution! That’s when God put an angel called Joan Palmeri on my way! I found Happy Nclex and read all the reviews and purchased the program, and it was definitely one of the best decisions I took in my life! I know that Happy Nclex looks too good to be true, but please trust it. Joan Palmeri is a wonderful coach! She is so dedicated to her students! She guides her students to better habits in order to them get strong to test and pass. Please follow the steps and trust the process. That’s all you need to do. I felt different when testing this time! I was prepared and physically and mentally strong! Joan Palmeri taught me things that I will take with me for the rest of my life! This course goes beyond just Nclex skills. Joan makes Nclex to seem possible, and it is! That’s why I’m here telling you the happy ending of my Nclex journey! I just have gratitude in my heart! I’m an RN now and I’m ready to make a difference in people’s lives!! Joan will be always my inspiration because she is a strong woman who dedicates her life to help others to achieve their dreams! Thank you my God without your guidance it wouldn’t be possible! Thank you for giving me the opportunity to experience Happy Nclex. I will be forever grateful!

    • what an encouraging testimony am so encouraged by your determination. Am so happy for you. Am thinking to start training with her next month. good luck .

      • Please do it!! Joan is the NCLEX Whisperer!! I am in the program for the NCLEX-RN and Joan has taught me so much I am so ready to Pass this exam. Many Blessings to you and your journey.

    • Wow! Your testimony has encouraged me. You had the determination and mindset to not give up no matter the cost. 🙂

  • I passed the NCLEX-RN on 04/08/2021 with 145 questions. HappyNCLEX is truly the best thing that you can have to pass the NCLEX. I am blessed to know Joan. She is an amazing mentor who guides you and teaches you to be successful. I highly recommend HappyNCLEX. Please listen to her and follow all the steps that she recommends. Take a rest, meditate and read a book for joy, and of course, eat healthily.

    April 10, 2021 8:45 am

    I nailed this NCLEX monster down on the first attempt !!! I am now a proud RN who passed my exam on 24th March 2021 with 100 questions. I completed school in 2011 and have been practicing nursing in my country, Ghana.

    I want to express my profound gratitude to Joan for being an amazing coach throughout my NCLEX journey. Her impartation of examination skills does not only help with NCLEX but useful in future academic pursuit especially in this noble profession.

    Given the complexities in the NCLEX RN exams, I strongly encourage anyone who is preparing for the exam to subscribe to Happy NCLEX and should be dedicated, patient and go along with Joan’s teaching methodologies. It can and may not make sense initially as you strive to dance to her rhythm but trust me, it will pay off with time and following through with her, as I am a testimony.


  • I am a nurse from Ghana who completed nursing school in 2008, but with the help of happy nclex, I passed nclex and passed at my first atempt. I am so so excited. happy nclex is the secret to your nclex success. As Joan says all the time,you are going to get stuff you know nothing about, but the problem solving skills acquired here at Happynclex will do the magic for you. If it did for me, it will do for everyone. I passed in March 2021, and I still can’t believe it myself. Thank you Joan, God bless you, keep doing what you alone do best.

  • Elena Ramirez, RN
    March 19, 2021 10:40 pm

    I took my NCLEX on 3/17 and I found out today that I PASSED!!! I only tested once but I wanted to make sure I only took it once! I have extreme test anxiety and Happy NCLEX and Joan helped me become more comfortable with these style of questions. I had extra time and a separate room as testing accommodations and I didn’t even need them! I passed in just over 2 hours and my exam shut off at 84 questions. I felt confident knowing I kept getting SATA questions and the more difficult the question was I had no problem figuring out the answer using the strategies Joan taught me in Happy NCLEX. If you are thinking about purchasing, DO IT! IT WORKS! You won’t be disappointed!! I am so happy to finally be able to call myself a RN 😊

  • Hey y’all I finally did it, I passed my NCLEX after 3 attempts but it would not have been possible if it wasn’t for HappyNCLEX which by the way was the missing link. This program is different from all others, it gives you everything you need to successfully pass. My advice to anyone who wants to pass NCLEX is to try happynclex first before trying others.

  • I just got the most exciting news yesterday! I am officially an RN and I honestly don’t think I would be able to say that if I had not came across HappyNCLEX! The skills taught in this program are very helpful. If you do as Ms. Joan says and take your time, ANYONE can pass this exam! I don’t look at the NCLEX like it is a monster anymore. I had taken it twice before starting this program and came out “near passing”. Following Ms. Joan’s instructions gave me the confidence I needed to test the 3rd time and the skills to pass! I highly recommend this to anyone that feels like the NCLEX is something they will never get passed, because you can and will!!

  • My heart is filled with soooooo much joy. It still feels like a dream. sometimes I tap myself to make sure it is not a dream. The most PRAISES and ADORATION to God for the success in my Nclex. Special THANKS to Ms. Joan for her help and program. You are bless with so much wisdom and knowledge to create such a program that meet all your nurses/clients individual needs step by step as they prepare for their Nclex. The program is set in such a way that it feels like you are always there with your nurses. God bless your heart Ms. Joan. I Graduated in August 2019 with a BSN. I was also expecting in my 3rd trimester. So I was unable to take my Nclex in the first three months after my graduation. After then, I tried taking the Nclex 3 times and failed. After my 3rd attempt, I was devastated. I did not know what to do again, because I studied so hard before my 3rd attempt. God bless the day I came across Happynclex online. I PASSED my Nclex on my 4th attempt on Feb 4th 2021. And on my fourth trial, the exam was more challenging than my previous attempts. Happynclex really got me ready. I used the skills gained from the program and it really helped. I answered my questions with confidence. I wish I had known about happynclex before my first attempt. The program is set for SUCCESS! If you are lucky to use Happynclex for your Nclex preparation, please do everything she tells you to do. Follow her program step by step no matter how long it takes you. Listen and take everything she says very seriously. It will really help you. I am now an official RN! That sounds so good hmm!

    • Onomeroso Omene
      February 15, 2021 10:22 am

      To God be all the glory Rebecca and I recieve for myself, I am getting ready for my 4th attempt and I am believing God this time for me. Indeed the program is great and I celebrate with u💃💃💃💃.

    • i celebrate you dear sis and i tap into your blessings. getting ready for my 6th trial and i am very confident i will make it this time.

  • Agatha Araba Sey
    February 4, 2021 11:12 am

    Thank God I made it on my second attempt, I followed the steps I learned from happynclex and that was really helpful. You need to know the basics and then apply the steps. It always takes constant practice using the steps. You are at the right place at the right time God bless us all.

  • Caitlin Smith
    January 18, 2021 9:55 pm

    I FINALLY DID IT, I AM A RN!!! I took the NCLEX exam twice before and failed. I was so upset seeing all my other friends passing and getting jobs moving on with their life after graduation when I felt stuck. A nurse my mom works with said she struggled too and recommended HappyNclex to me saying Joan was a huge help. After being in the program I kept pushing my exam date back to get the full 14 weeks because I wanted to be 100% ready. This time at my exam I started getting a lot of select all that apply questions (more than I remember on the previous ones) and like Joan says I took a deep breath before them all and stuck with the method. Today I opened my results and I PASSED!!! I couldn’t be more thankful for Joan and this program!! Thank you for everything! Third times the charm!

  • Artesian Boykins
    January 14, 2021 10:37 am

    There is a God and Joan is an angel from heaven she is amazing. I graduated December 2019 and received a graduate nurse position on the IMC floor at Beaumont Hospital. I was caught in the pandemic for 3 months since my floor was made the Covid floor. I was doing an excellent job with the patients. Most of all I did not catch Covid but it delayed me from taking my exam the first time. Finally in June 2020 I took my exam and I did not pass. It was heartbreaking and frustrating to go through this. I did not understand why my school did not prepare me for this exam. After I did not pass the first time I was then asked to be demoted down from a graduate nurse, to a nurse tech until I pass my boards. I decided not to take the position and focus on myself to figure out what I was going to do to pass my Nclex. I recieved Joan information from my friend and decided to work with her instead of working a job. I worked with Joan day and night sometimes I would get the question right and sometimes I would get them wrong. But I remember what she said do not score yourself. My next test was suppose to be in November 2020 and I did not feel confident because I had been home schooling my neice for three months and was not really studying much. I had to send her with my mom to make time to get back to my studying. I gave myself 2 more months by myself to do happynclex with no interruptions and went back on January 11th to take my exam for the second time and I passed. I left there felling more confident than before, but unsure of my results. One thing I did do while I was taking my exam was to use my skills that Joan taught me. I am so happy that I met Joan and if you continue to work with her you will definitely pass your boards.

  • Shamonta Williams
    January 5, 2021 2:46 pm


  • I wish to thank the lord almighty for given me this RN and also Mrs Joan for believing in me. You are the best decision I have ever made in my life to take your review after my friend told me about you.I am so happy and l wish to encouraged everyone keep pushing. I remember on our private session you told me you are doing good that really encouraged me thank you so much for everything. When my questions stopped on 126 I knew I have passed. I was so confident and I felt so good. Please follow all she is saying and most importantly try to do your work in a quiet room. I will not stop telling people about you.You made my dreams come true on the 12/28/2020
    Thank you! please take this review she is so good. If I as an international nurse can pass the RN then with God and happy NCLEX everyone can do it. best of luck.

  • I PASSED MY EXAM!!! I am FINALLY a Registered Nurse. Those two little initials that means so much to me. My Nclex story started with my first attempt I did what everyone said to do after finishing school, downloaded UWORLD and just do a bunch of questions. That didn’t work for me and I felt very unprepared to take my exam but I took it anyway. After, when I saw that the results said failed, my world came crashing down and I was so devastated. Watching everyone of my close friends and classmates continue and move on and start their journey was so hard for me. I was broken but I was determined to not give up and try again. I paid for every course and book you can think of but I had no motivation to continue “studying” the same way I did again, not until I found Joan & HappyNCLEX. It was truly a sign of God. Now, as I went in for my second and last attempt I felt more confident, prepared, and calm. I made sure I answered each question the way Joan taught me. I paced myself, I took a deep breath each time I got a question and stayed focused. I also took my two breaks. I cant thank Joan and this program enough, it was truly the light at the end of the dark tunnel. So DO the training, be consistent, follow the instruction, and don’t rush it, you need the practice — the rest will flow and follow. Trust these stories. We are real people, with real struggles and all thanks to HAPPYNCLEX and Joan for believing in us, and creating this program I and many of us have finally been able to move on with our lives and accomplish this goal.

  • Hi everyone my name is Nina Sealie I joined happynclex in april 2020. I failed my nclex twice . I was overwhlemed with grief. I felt like a failure, I felt like my school had let me down they never really prepared me for tthe nclex exam. I purchased practice books, Q banks, flash cards ,I was at a dead end. I met Joan and gave happy nclex a shot. Joan help me to see the big picture that it was not about studying any more, I had graduated from that process when I received my nursing degree. I also let Joan know about my disability I have struggled with all my life , my dyslexia. I never let that stop me in life , but it has always been a chanllege for me. Joan encouraged me to read more have fun with reading. Joan help with test taking skills with just a little practice a day. I have always been a very high stressed person with anxieties due to my dyslexia. I started exerising more to help with stress and watching what I put in my mouth. On December 16 ,2020 I took my nclex exam ,I am proud to say I am officially a RN!!! Thank you Joan and happynlcex.

  • Anastasiya Manuylova RN
    December 17, 2020 4:24 pm

    I passed my NCLEX ! I am crying happy tears because I finally did it. It is all due to Joans help and guidance. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your guidance and knowledge. Like you said in our private session this is my final and last time. I am so happy that I was so lucky to find your program. This NCLEX was completely different from my other two times I felt so prepared and calm during the exam. I followed Joans advice and paced myself. During my exam there was an accident where 3 protesters were hit by a car and for 30 mins sirens, ambulances and firetrucks were going off. I told myself that I need to focus because not everything will go my way. This program is amazing and so is Joan. Follow the program, keep practicing and the skills will come. Goodluck everyone!

  • I am officially an RN!!! I want to say that this program has changed my life. I look at questions so differently now and that is something I will carry with me for further exams. The NCLEX was not easy but whatever question came at me, I used the skills I learned & felt confident in my answer before hitting submit. The last 2 times I took the NCLEX I was scared when I got SATA but this time I was excited! I was able to sort out the SATA so that when I read the question I already knew what the answer was! I knew I was doing good when I kept getting SATA back to back! For the first two times, I used programs that were content-based and I failed because this is not a content exam!! You just need to know what the question is asking and this program will make you an expert at that. I did go the full 145 questions but nonetheless, I knew I passed because the questions made sense and I was confident with my answers. Another change I noted was my anxiety being very little to almost none which Joan helps so much within her daily practice. I did not have anxiety going in, I felt confident knowing that I had prepped for this for so long and I could handle this exam. I made sure to keep checking my posture and not crossing my legs. When I did start to get tired I caught myself about twice starting to read the question from the beginning but I closed my eyes took deep breaths and then continued the process from the base. I wanted to thank Joan for having this program and providing us with these skills that our nursing school could not. I cannot describe the feeling of checking my results and seeing “PASS”. You all will get there too! Just follow the program and when you put those skills to use, passing is the result! You just have to trust the process, the skills take time to perfect but you will all get there! I will recommend Joan to everyone I can. Thank you so much again Joan I am so thankful!!

  • Hello everyone my name is Ugo, as of today I can be addressed as Nurse Ugo.
    I graduated December 2019 wrote Nclex the first time and didn’t make it. I used Uworld but that didn’t help, then my cousin recommended happynclex for me. All thanks to Ms. Joan for being a part of my success story. Using Ms. Joan’s skills helped me a lot especially the sata questions, trust me in my exam I did it and it helped. I am so glad that today I can be called a registered nurse.

  • Hello!
    As of this past Friday, I am officially Natalie Hall RN!! My NCLEX journey began three years ago when I became an LPN. When I graduated as an LPN, I wanted to start working as a nurse as soon as I could because I love this profession. A friend of mine told me about HappyNCLEX, as she went through this program with success. Once I joined the HappyNCLEX program, I knew I would also succeed because this program is about taking care of yourself and learning the skills you need to pass NCLEX in a low- stress environment. It was obvious that I would embark on the HappyNCLEX journey again once I graduated with my RN and I am so happy I did!!

    For anyone in the program, trust the process. Do everything Joan says! Correct your answers after you complete a session, attend live webinars, do meditation, and eat healthy! I am here to tell you that this process works. It took me a full 12 weeks in the program to really ace my skills, so if you ever feel frustrated in the beginning that you aren’t understanding the process of Bloom’s Taxonomy, give yourself time. You got this!!

  • Ashley Thurman
    November 9, 2020 12:19 pm

    I’m so excited to announce after two years of taking the NCLEX, I finally passed!! Im finally a registered nurse! I graduated nursing school in December of 2018. I took NCLEX five times and passed that fifth time. I couldn’t have done it without Ms. Joan’s help. I’m going to explain everything I went through to get where I am today. My nursing school used Kaplan to help us prepare for passing our boards. I purchased Hurst Review before graduation to use as a live review, I didn’t pass using it. The second time I took NCLEX, I used Hurst review again. I didn’t pass again. The third time, I purchased Uworld. I didn’t pass. The fourth time, I listened to Mark Klimek’s review and redone Hurst review. I still didn’t pass. After all these failed attempts to pass, I googled the best NCLEX reviews. While scrolling through, I was seeing Kaplan, Hurst, and Uworld. I had already done those, thats when I came across Happynclex. I am so thankful that I found Happynclex. Ms. Joan is amazing at teaching you the proper skills you need to pass the NCLEX. She will not let you test until she feels like you are ready. I will forever recommend using Happynclex to help nurses pass their boards. It’s an amazing feeling to finally get over this struggle of not passing after so long. Nurse’s please stick with it, do everything Ms. Joan is telling you to do. Im living proof that it works.

  • Veronique Armstrong
    November 8, 2020 9:22 am

    So happy to announce that I passed my NCLEX and I am officially a Licensed Registered Professional Nurse. Joan truly has a gift and that gift is helping people beat this NCLEX beast. I failed the NCLEX serval times and didn’t get the real understanding of the exam until I took Joan’s review.I wish I would have fond her sooner. If you follow her instructions to the T you will be successful. I also want to add that you have to get lots of practice mastering the skills she teaches. You will know when you have had enough practice and are truly ready to take this exam. Her passion for helping students pass goes further than any program out here. She has even made time to have conversations with me about my readiness etc. If you put in the work with Joan’s program you will pass. I’m living proof ! 😊

  • I finally became a licensed RN after several attempts. My life went from negative to positive so quickly it’s just an amazing feeling. Happy nclex works if you follow all of the steps, apply yourself and ultimately believe that you’ll succeed! Thanks Joan you really changed my life for the better.

  • Delanie Birnbaum
    August 4, 2020 7:47 pm

    I can’t believe I finally did it! Happy nclex is truly an amazing program and completely changed my mindset and the way I look at the nclex. I used to be scared of it and after learning the way Joan taught me how to approach questions it changed my life. It is the reason why I passed on August 1st! My anxiety and test taking skills were completely controlled and it helped me master the whole exam. I went to 130 questions and felt confident when I left knowing I gave it my all and answered every question the way Joan taught me. This program is truly stress-free, easy to follow, and is the reason I passed the nclex. I could not be happier and would recommend happy nclex to everyone. Thank you Joan!!!! 🙂

  • Sarah Miller
    July 27, 2020 10:10 am

    Hello!! I am a May 2018 ADN graduate, and I am here to tell you that you CAN PASS! I took the NCLEX 6 times, and on the 7th one I successfully PASSED!!! I am a licensed RN! Joan sticks with it and helps you to succeed. I wish I would have found her before my first 5 times. When I tested this last time, I walked out knowing that I passed. I was sure of it!

    Stop everything you are doing and purchase this program. Throw everything else out! (Not the knowledge though!) All of the “strategies” and “tricks” that you have learned and been taught. If you are strugging to pass the NCLEX and feel hopeless, if you have spent too much money on programs, if you are embarrassed to say how many times you have taken the test….take a chance on this program. You will not be disappointed. Do the work, listen to everything that she says, its all in the details. I was struggling with SATA and even basic questions and she taught me so well that now I get excited when I get SATA questions because I know what I am doing doing and know the process. You will not be disappointed in this program. It is worth every single penny and all of the time that you put into it. You will get there, don’t waste any more time or money, make it happen with Happy NCLEX!

    • Victorine Fonda
      August 16, 2020 3:38 pm

      congratulations I can’t wait to pass. I just started this month and this will be my fourth time. I have been taking this test since 2018.I pray this is my last time because my life has been in a stand still just because of this test.
      thanks for your motivation

  • Maryann Bate
    July 18, 2020 11:02 am

    Finally I am officially an RN. All Thanks goes to God. Secondly happynclex is the best review I have ever seen. Joan is the best instructor. Thank u so much Joan. After so many attempts without passing the nclex, a friend told me about happynclex and after 12 weeks I was so convinced that I will pass it this time. In fact it is the easiest exam I have ever taken. Happynclex is the best. Thanks to the happynclex team. I am so grateful to God and you guys.

  • Guess what? I passed my NCLEX-RN. I bought HappyNclex on April 17 and passed June 30th. Joan teaches you how to answer SATA questions, how to answer priority questions based on settings and understanding that to prioritize is also to delegate. She also helps with anxiety. Great strategies!!! You won’t go wrong with happynclex. Blessings

  • I completed my BSN in 2016 and I am an international student. I took NCLEX 5 times but didn’t make it. But the 6th time with Miss Joan I PASSED WITH FLYING COLORS. Tested on 15th June with 60 questions. I passed because I was following Miss Joan’s instruction and did exactly what she was telling to do. I was super happy when I got the quick result “PASS. I would like to tell everyone to follow her process and her teaching. If you follow her guidance how to tackle each question and what they want believe it you will make it. I cant stress this enough how important is to follow her each and every direction to the date of exam and you will be surprised how it works magically.

    To all who want to pass the NCLEX I would not hesitate to tell them to join HappyNclex. Please do yourselves a favor and join Miss Joan and you will be surprised by the outcome. Forget about other online reviews which I have done before 5 times and did not help me to PASS

    Thank you Miss Joan for everything, your time, your teaching. I really appreciate you, without happynclex I would not make it.

  • Thelma Naa Aryeetey
    June 9, 2020 12:09 pm

    Omg…I made it.
    After 4 unsuccessful attempts I finally passed.I used lots of resources in the past from Saunders, Remar, Mark klimek, Bola Review, all of the facilitattors kept hammering on knowing content but Ms Joan always says the exam is not a knowledge test and she is right.
    I took my test on 6th June 2020,after 3hours and 20minutes I answered all 130 questions with ease. I found out last night that I PASSED and this morning my name and license number has been posted on the California Board of Nursing page.
    Follow this program with all of your mind. Listen to everything Joan tells you. They are the best and she’s the best NCLEX facilitator of our time.
    OMG…am super excited! These reviews aren’t paid reviews, they are for real.
    AM grateful to God and I thank God for Joan’s life
    Anywhere you see me call me Thelma Aryeetey RN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • My name is Ashley Buntrock, a May 2018 graduate and I am here to tell you that passing the NCLEX can be done if you stick with happynclex. After taking the NCLEX 6 times and failing, the seventh time was the charm for me! There were many moments throughout my journey I wanted to give up. I even wondered at times if my calling was to do something else. For some reason, there was something in my heart and stomach that I had to keep going and trying because I knew this was what I wanted to do! I want to be a nurse! Along the way, I was talking with a fellow nursing student who had me look into happynclex. I am so glad I did!! I am here to say that Joan truly cares about your success! Follow her program and YOU WILL DO IT!!
    Everyone in this program are in my thoughts and I wish you all the best through your career as an RN! I am sure excited to say I am Ashley Buntrock RN!

    • Amy Marie Roberts
      June 7, 2020 5:03 am

      we need nurses like you. The ones that keep going! congrats Ashley Buntrock, R.N.

    • Sarah Miller
      July 6, 2020 2:41 pm

      Congratulations!!!! I came here for some inspiration and you are it!!! I am also a May 2018 graduate and getting ready to take the NCLEX for the 7th time (hoping for it to be final!) I am so excited for you and hope to soon have RN after my name also!! CONGRATS! You truly deserve it!

  • Kristin Grimes
    June 1, 2020 2:47 pm

    This was my first time taking the NCLEX and I passed with about 75 questions when the minimum was 60 due to COVID 19. I would say I didn’t know in-depth about 80% of the disease on my NCLEX, but with the rules and ways Joan teaches you how to test, I felt confident that I was answering the questions to the best of my ability. She truly makes things a lot easier when you know how to answer the question and not freak out about a disease that you know nothing about.

    I am so thankful for HappyNCLEX. I was told about the program when one of my clinical instructors told me she had failed her first time because she studied the content and when she got to the NCLEX she failed. She then did this program with Joan and passed in the minimum amount of questions. The best thing she told me that convinced me to not study the content or take other programs NCLEX prep was she didn’t study any content after she failed the first time because Joan teaches you how to take the exam not know the content as you already have the base knowledge from going to school for 2-4 years. That was the game-changer as I did not want to study 4 years’ worth of contents in a month’s timeframe, anyways it is not even possible to do that. I am officially an RN!

  • Amy Roberts
    May 28, 2020 9:06 am

    After 2 failed attempts and 3 years off of caring, I passed! I stopped caring, I thought I would never be a nurse until I found this program. I passed with 65 questions. It terrified me as I was doing it because I thought, ” why are these so easy, what am I doing wrong?” Then, boom! question 65 and kicked off.
    I woke up this morning to a congratulations email.

    My advice to anyone reading this: do what she says when she says it. DO NOT USE ANYTHING YOU BOUGHT IN HOPES TO PASS IN THE PAST ,WHAT SHE’S TEACHING YOU ISN’T IN THERE , just do the happy nclex!
    If you have questions, ask her. If you feel anxiety and nervousness that’s because you care if you pass, don’t look at it as a bad thing, find what calms you now before you enter the exam!!!!!!!!!!! Read for fun, do puzzles before you test yourself to wake your brain up.

    Honestly, when I took the NCLEX this time, it was easy. Very easy. Scary easy. Listen to her voice in your head when you’re reading questions. It helped me.

    You can be a Nurse. Who cares how many times you took it . You have put forth anxiety, fear, schooling, clinicals, late nights, early mornings, days ran together and probably tears to get this far. DO NOT GIVE UP!!!!! this program saved me. There’s plenty of content in this program, don’t focus on the content. Focus on the format of the question that they never taught you to answer.

    Just do it. Trust me. I have high anxiety and this program saved me. It gave me a future. Trust her, follow the steps!!!!!!!!! Follow every step!!!!! You’ll pass, you’ll succeed. I’ll see you on the front lines future nurses… sign up already, we need you. ❤

  • geraldine ramos vidrio
    May 25, 2020 3:35 pm

    Hello my name is Geraldine and I have an NCLEX-RN story.

    After I took my NCLEX-RN exam for the first time and failed I was devastated. After taking my exam I felt that there were questions that I didn’t understand and I thought it was because I lacked nursing knowledge. So I continued working through Kaplan eventually I enrolled in Hursts Review, American Healthways, and lastly UWorld. My UWorld subscription had not ended when I took my NCLEX-RN and failed again when I decided to read their customer reviews and someone posted HappyNCLEX. It was a EUREKA moment! I allowed my UWorld subscription to end and I enrolled in HappyNCLEX. The SKILLS you learn from HappyNCLEX are essential in passing NCLEX! I passed my NCLEX-RN only after mastering the skills I learned from HappyNCLEX. This is the only program that worked for me, none of the other programs did what they promised which was help me pass my NCLEX-RN. They provided me with so much knowledge and yet they didn’t take me to the finish line. I passed my NCLEX-RN because of HappyNCLEX and I didn’t lack knowledge, I lacked essential SKILLS that the program teaches you how to use.

    We ALL have the nursing knowledge if we passed nursing school and if we failed the NCLEX-RN, it is because we lacked the skills to pass the exam and HappyNCLEX will take you to the finish line.

    On 5/14/20, I became a very proud Registered Nurse, THANK YOU to Mrs. Joan Palmeri and HappyNCLEX. Thank you.

  • Sanpreet Kaur
    May 13, 2020 5:13 pm

    I want to say thank you Joan, because of you I am USRN today. I highly recommend happynclex to future test takers to follow her instructions and you will achieve your goal for sure. thanks again ms. Joan.

  • I’ve had a rough history with the NCLEX. I’ve taken it several times, my self confidence immediately plummeted and I was INSANELY anxious about it. I was starting to wonder if I would ever pass or if nursing was the right profession for me, but I’m so glad I persevered and started Joan’s program!! I took the NCLEX for the last time on April 27th (after it got cancelled due to Covid and then finding a date for it 5 days after my original one), and PASSED! I felt really calm going into it and I believe it was because I stuck to Joan’s program for 14 weeks and followed the strategy she teaches. I also incorporated meditation into my study routine and that helped 🙂 I will always be extremely grateful for Joan and this whole process. I’m a RN & I can finally move forward with my life!! If you’re on the fence about trying this program — do it!

  • Hello everyone!

    I’ve taken my boards 3 times and the 3rd time was my final! I’m sure everyone has anxiety when it comes to even thinking about the nclex exam. In my opinion, especially coming from someone who suffers with anxiety, now is the time to take it during this pandemic. The first time I took it, I used UWorld and was getting 50-60% correct and they stated I had a decent chance of passing the exam. When I went in, I was full panic mode which probably didn’t help but what increased it was the fact that I had the full 265 questions. Everyone says, “oh you always feel like you failed” but deep down I just knew I failed. I’m not going to lie, I cried and I was scared to take it again. I was informed through a friend I met about happy nclex. I had my doubts and thought this was just going to be just another review. However, Ms Joan works with you! I have never had a teacher that was so involved in the students lives and willing to do whatever it takes. My second exam came around, I thought I was doing well with the prep. But I still had my doubts in myself. When I took it the second time, I again got the full 265 questions. After both times, my self esteem plummeted. I thought I was a failure, I was thinking about giving up overall. I thought because I failed both times, I was never meant to be a nurse. My family was extremely supportive and never gave up on me. Ms Joan, also never gave up on me. Ms Joan talked me through everything, asked me why I wanted to be a nurse, what I plan on doing with my life. Even if I didn’t have my family support, Joan was there. It’s called tough love, you may not want to hear what she says, or believe what she has to say. But she’s only doing it because she cares about every single one of her students and wants them to pass. The 3rd time, I tried taking my exam. It got cancelled because of the pandemic, so I rescheduled it, that as well got unscheduled. As I looked at the schedule, the only available slot was in 2 days at 8am. I took a deep breath and just went with it. I panicked, I cried…..I was so scared. The night before, I tried logging on and rescheduling myself because I was so scared just to fail again. Well, it wouldn’t let me and I nearly crapped my pants. I can say, I am so thankful that it wouldn’t let me. I went in, I took a deep breath and told myself that the questions that I get are the actual exam. There weren’t going to be any pilot or distraction question. I took one question at a time and when I found myself trying to analyze which questions I got and where I was on the pass/fail line i stopped. I closed my eyes and took a couple deep breaths. I tried to get myself out of my head. Once I did that, I would start over and go through the questions like Joan told us to do. My exam shut off at 102 questions in 2.5 hours. I have never been so thankful in my life. Once it shut off, I told myself I did it. 102 questions was a breeze compared to 265. I had a a gut feeling that I passed. I walked out feeling confident. Joan prepped me to be able to last 2.5 hours staying strong. If you train yourself to be able to stay focused, calm yourself down and think about what is actually going on. If you see yourself reaching a point where your finding yourself distracted, losing your train of thought, not answering the questions the way Joan taught you. Take a deep breath and close your eyes. You are going to get through it. I have faith in everyone, if I could do it. Then believe me, anyone can!!

  • I have taken the Nclex RN twice, both times reviewing my nursing notes, studying all the newest study guides, and Uworld with a 95 chance of passing! I was at my wits end, until I found Happy Nclex while scrolling the internet. Joan has been a ray of sunshine in my dark and depressed world. Joan has given me my confidence back. I truly enjoyed spending 2 hours a day learning how to become a critical thinker, and by applying these tools and key words i was able to figure out how to solve these types of questions. The meditation was just what I needed to help control my anxiety and help me stay focused. Every component of the happy nclex program is important in passing the nclex. If you follow everything Joan tells you to do, you will succeed. Joan, in nursing i was taught you must heal the whole person through health, emotional, and spiritual wellbeing. You have made me whole again and I will be forever grateful.

  • First and foremost, I would like to thank God for the miracle of passing my Nclex RN. Thank you Ms. Joan for teaching me all the skills. This is my second time taking the Nclex and I don’t know what I would have done without Joan’s program. The first time, I used all resources you can think of- Saunders ( read the whole book and did all the Qbank that came with book), Uworld (did all the Qbank and had 89% chance of passing), Quick fact, 35 pages, Simple, Fast and easy Nclex Review book ( read the whole book), and Mark Klimex. Phew, all these resources but did not pass on my first attempt. A friend of mine recommended happynclex to me and I reached out to Ms. Joan and she told me that this will be my last time, guess what? she was right. The MOST IMPORTANT / LIFE-SAVING thing to do is to follow all her instructions and be consistent, and you won’t regret it. I did not study before the exam, went to work, and went to do Zumba. On the BIG day, I went into the exam pretending I was doing webinar with Joan, I applied all the skills, took a break after 2 hours, took deep breaths, and stretched. Even when some keywords wanted to throw me off, I used my skills. My point is, this happynclex works. Trust me, you won’t regret it. Thank You Ms. Joan!

  • Amandeep Gill
    March 16, 2020 6:41 pm

    Hi friends my name is Amandeep Gill from California. I passed Nclex RN with Happy Nclex. This program helped me to choose answers. I never gave up and finally the right time came and I passed.My suggestion to everyone is Don’t give up! Thank you soooo much Joan and happy Nclex team to help me pass NCLEX RN.

  • Nicolas Olalia
    March 13, 2020 12:28 pm

    I graduated from the Philippines April last year 2019 and I took the NCLEX-RN on November 25 with the result of failing the exam. I had to question myself if I was not that “smart” or had not much “content” then I and my mom discovered HappyNCLEX who really helps foreign graduates. I took her program and I realized I was improving in the way I think of answering questions; utilizing blooms taxonomy and frequent self care. I took my second test with prayers and the lessons of Joan, and finally with 265 questions I can say that I am a USRN. Thank you again Joan, and I highly recommend this training. Good luck to all future nurses.

  • HappyNclex is for real!
    It teaches you techniques on how to approach Nclex questions so that you can choose the correct answer. You will learn anxiety/stress management, criticical thinking and analysis, the core elements that you need in taking the Nclex exam.
    I spent 2 hours a day, 5x a week for 12 weeks with happynclex. I did not read any books or use other reviewer. Just HappyNclex. I listened and followed her advice from day 1.
    The day I took the exam, I was relaxed because I “brought” with me Ms Joan. 🙂 I had a lot of SATA questions. I answered them the way Ms Joan taught me. I read questions very carefully paying attention to the details like the age of the patient. I did not rush. During the exam, after about 20 questions (10 or so of which are SATA), I took my little break. I closed my eyes, did some deep breathing and then resumed. When I resumed, there were more SATA. At question 50, I took another little break. Did some stetching and then resumed again like an energized bunny! I could “hear” Ms Joan’s voice that I was doing good 🙂 After submitting question 75 which I was sure I answered correctly, the computer asked me to answer some questions that are not included in the nclex but are just survey questions. I did that. When I reached the lobby I realized, wow, that was like SATA on sale! There were so many SATA questions!
    HappyNclex is so worth it! I am now a BSN/RN. I am forever grateful to Ms Joan for all that I learned from her. Thank you thank you thank you!

  • Bandana Karki
    March 1, 2020 3:31 pm

    I’m a repeat test taker, I did Kaplan and NCLEXEd but neither helped me at all.
    Ms Joan!!! I can’t thank you enough and don’t have words to thank you. I’m a nurse now. I took my test on 27th of February, got my result by 29th and I’m already hired and have my new job orientation from March 2nd. Please follow the directions, 2 hours per day and also follow the SATA rules. I stretched in between my test and did not forget to manage my anxiety by breathing. Ms Joan’s direction was around me during my test telling me to figure out the question title first if it’s priority, teaching, who do you see first and SATA. You will always be my lifetime mentor Ms Joan.

  • I can now call myself an RN!! This was my 5th time taking the NCLEX. I’m a very bad test taker and my anxiety level is set on high. Joan is great and just when I thought about giving up, this program performed a miracle for me!!! The different techniques whether it be breathing techniques for calming my anxiety or techniques to answer every different style of question even if I didn’t even know the content was were I struggled. I just took my time, read the base of the question first and if there was no base trying figure out what the point of the question was to narrow it down the right answer. One question at a time. I passed in 75 questions. To current or future happy NCLEX nurses, this program really does work. This program may be time consuming to some (Like me) but make that sacrifice and follow EVERY instruction given to you. Trust me you will have no problem passing the NCLEX the next time. Joan is truly an NCLEX whisperer!! Thank you

  • I took the test on January 24, 2020 and found out on the 28th that I PASSED! First I wanna thank God for guiding me all throughout, God never fails to amaze me! It is true that everything is possible with Him when you put your trust in Him!
    Words cannot describe how greatful I am to Ms Joan Palmeri! Thank you so much for being passionate and determined in helping your students. Thank you for sharing all your expertise and wonderful knowledge with us! I tried some of the review centers, attended live classes, bought expensive books and read from cover to cover but nothing helps ! It’s just a waste of money for me. I’m glad my friend who just passed NCLEX-RN with JP introduced me to Ms JP’s class and I did not have a second thought to register. Ms JP is heaven sen ! Just follow all her advice and it really works! You will never regret it when you register, from day one to the end you learn something new everyday! This class taught me not only how to beat the questions an also it taught me a lot of things about life. HAPPY NCLEX is unique. No other review will prepare you for this exam ONLY this one!
    Once again I wanna thank you JP HAPPYNCLEX! I can proudly say I’m a USRN !!! More power to you and I hope you continue to help other test takers! God bless


    • Celestine Nortey
      May 2, 2020 1:02 pm

      It always good to put God First in all that you do. There is nothing too hard for him. Congratulations !!!! you made it

  • Hello collegues in our noble profession! I have a long story about nclex to tell but with the help of God and Ms Joan the story is short and concise now.
    I am an international nurse, graduated in 2012. I used a lot of study materials from the top prep companies but non of them were helpful. My friend introduced me to happynclex after I repeated the test twice. I went to their website and read the reviews it was encouraging so I subscribed and started following the steps. This process really helped me to read and understand the question very well as it set up. I finally passed with the help of happynclex. Happynclex is the best out of all the prep companies. Subscribe with happynclex and you will find favour.

  • Hello Happy nclex nurses! I would like to share my story. I took my boards on January 9, 2020. It’s official. I am LPN. I took my exam twice and I was unsuccessful, failed, seems like I know my content but yet I could not pass. I took ReMar course, Kaplan course but nothing was helping me. Thankfully some one on facebook shared Joan Palmeri’s name and said “take her course and you will pass.” I contacted her immediately to be enrolled in her program and wooa lya! I passed with 92 questions. I was following her strategy exactly how she teaches, even her voice was with me all the time like whispering in my ears throughout the exam, stay focused, answer the question, be present and so forth!
    I am very thankful to have her to coach me and I can say I am a nurse. With her tools and strategies I will continue on to become an RN.

  • Hello fellow nurses. Up to now I still could not believe that I am officially a USRN. I thank God for sending Ms. Joan Palmeri. Also wanted to thank my friend Lou for recommending her. So, on my second attempt under Ms JP, I check the FBON, and yes! It’s written there the word “PASS”. Believe me co-nurses, her program is stress-free. You can learn a lot as you follow the steps in her program. After my exam stopped at 75 Qs, my gut tells me, this time I got this- very different from the 1st time that I took the NCLEX. All the praises belong to the Lord, Thank you very much Ms JP, God bless you more and Mabuhay HappyNCLEX.

  • I am so thankful for Happy NCLEX and Joan Palmeri. I am finally a Registered Nurse. Happy NCLEX changed the way how I see any test. I was able to stay calm during my test and I could hear her voice telling me what to do. I took my time and I follow all her advice.
    Thanks so much!

  • Jonille Torres
    November 19, 2019 9:14 am

    The first time Ms. Joan send an email to me, this is what she said, “Your first and only time testing! I’m glad you’re here. Welcome.”, and I am like how can she be so confident that I can do it on my first take? I am a mom of two boys one 7y/o and one who just turned 1y/o this November, most of my day I have to spend taking care of my babies, I am the type who review the way I was trained from school, read all the books I could read, memorize everything, want to know everything!..and I would always end up frustrated and scared to take the NCLEX. I do not have time and money to go to any test prep company, so I have been looking for a test prep that will accommodate my needs. I heard of Happy NCLEX from one of my friends, I thought that this is a perfect training for me since I do not have much time to study plus I have to work on weekends. I followed all her instructions, listened to her everyday, she would always check on me and give me words of encouragement that helps a lot. I was able to build my strategies in answering questions at the same time building my courage and confidence to take the test. I started to let go of my worries/frustrations and accept that I do not have to know everything just use the skills I learned. Everything she taught helped me during my exam, the SATA, key words, case studies, even anxiety management, all of them I was able to apply during my exam. I ended up with 76 questions within 2 hours, just the way I do everyday with my practice and she is right! is my first and only time testing NCLEX RN. Thank you Ms. Joan!

  • Makenna Murphy
    November 18, 2019 4:17 pm

    Hi Everyone,
    I would like to start off my review by thanking Joan for creating a fantastic program! HappyNCLEX has taught me problem solving skills that I was never taught in nursing school. I was a repeat tester who was very fortunate to hear about Joan’s program through a coworker who also had success with HappyNCLEX. The first time I took the NCLEX RN, I got all 265 questions, completed in in 4.5 hours and was unsuccessful. Following this failure, I was unsure what to do, I had studied UWorld questions and took pages of notes, clearly I needed to change my strategy as it didn’t work. This was when I decided to sign up for HappyNCLEX. From day 1 of the program I committed myself to following the program EXACTLY as it was laid out. At first it was hard for me to change my studying style from the facts and memorization that I had done for 4 years through nursing school. I read the recommended books, practiced meditation, and completed the sessions each day. When I had questions, Joan would always promptly respond and lead me in the right direction. As my NCLEX neared closer, I worried more and felt that a 1 on 1 conversation with Joan would be beneficial. Joan rearranged her schedule to speak with me and I was extremely thankful I had this opportunity! During my second NCLEX attempt, I consistently used Joan’s strategies on my second attempt, I also received 265 questions but PASSED! I am beyond excited to be working as an RN and am so thankful for everything Joan has taught me over the past 12 weeks! Thank you to Joan for creating and running such a great program! Thanks, Makenna

  • Sethina Ampratwum
    November 4, 2019 11:27 am

    Hey guys, third time international test taker here. My journey started in 02/19 after two attempts I knew I needed to be able to think critically before I passed this test! I came across happy nclex Joan and her amazing team who made me analyze the questions in a whole new different way!
    I began to think before choosing, on my test day I took my time as she said because normally they say “not more than a min per question” #theyarewrong
    I did 75 questions in 4 hours and two days later, I found out that I passed!If I can pass the nclex so can you! Of course with the right resources and most importantly constant Prayer! Thank you Joan! God bless you

  • Hi everyone. I am a repeat test taker. I sat for my Nclex Rn board exam Monday, October 21st for the third time. I had 16 minutes on the clock and just found out I passed with 255 questions. I could not have done it without Joan’s Palmeri’s wisdom and experience on Happy Nclex. The teaching methods applied in her sessions to develop the skill set, stay calm, breathe and keeping focused on answering board questions truly made the difference in passing. Every time I had doubts or I was overwhelmed during the exam. I thought back to her methods and what I learned in terms of skillset. Joan’s voice was literally in my head reminding me to utilize what I have learned during my time on Happy Nclex. This program is truly spectacular and unique!!!! I spent and wasted so much money in the past and used numerous nclex reviews out there prior to finding Happy nclex. There is NOTHING like Happy nclex!!!!!!!! I can say that!!! She teaches you the skills you need to answer questions to pass!! And it makes sense! You have to stay dedicated, listen and apply what she teaches you, be proactive in learning and be patient, with the process. The program is suggested for 12 weeks, but Joan and Happy nclex extended the training for me, when I needed it. I would recommend this program to those of you prepping for the boards!!! You will pass if you use your skills correctly. I am beyond the moon excited that I found happy nclex!! It truly made the difference in how I approached questions at the end of the day and way I passed.

    I wish every one of you the best on your journey in preparing for Nclex and as a nurse. You can get the RN, if you stay focused and apply your skillset. It does not matter at the end of the day if you passed with 75 questions, 265 questions or anything in between. Failing does not define your value, worth, intelligence nor does it dictate how you are as a nurse. This is just the foundation! When you gain employment, you will undergo training at the facility and specialiaty you pursue. No matter what do no give up!! Stay focused and never lose sight of your goals and dreams of being an RN and working in healthcare. Thank you, Joan Palmeri and Happy Nclex!!!

  • Adrianne Thompson
    October 16, 2019 4:53 pm

    I found out today that I passed my NCLEX ! This was my second try. I’m so glad I came across HappyNCLEX. Joan is amazing! Follow her instructions to the T. You’ll pass! If she can help me pass, she can help you!

  • I graduated in December 2018. I am a repeat test taker. I failed 3 times and I knew my 4th try will be my last try for the year. I became hopeless and I was going to give up in becoming a nurse. One morning, I woke up and was determined to find a new review class that would work for me. I’ve tried all the possible review classes and still wasn’t effective enough for me to pass. I started the program in August and my test date was October 2, which gave me enough time to review. The nursing school I went to did not train us on how to approach questions and for SATA’s we were taught to read each choice as if it was a true or false statement. Joan’s way of looking for the keyword was a big help. Nclex questions can be very tricky so I made sure I understand what the question is asking me. When I was a student, I hated SATA’s but now that I learned to manage them and it was very helpful and made answering SATA’s easier. I’ll never forget the email I sent Joan introducing myself. I told her this is my 4th time and last try for the year and she said “this will be your last time”. I can proudly say she was right. It took me 3.5 hours and the computer turned off after question 106. This program really works.

  • Hi, I took my test on Sept 16. I spent 2 hours 30 min and I did 75 questions and I passed it in my 3RD attempt. For the last two failed attempts, I studied from saunders and u world and failed with the maximum numbers of questions. My friend told me about happy nclex and at that time I was under stress. I searched a lot about happy nclex and saw Joan’s video talks and I made the decision to get a subscription.
    Do whatever Joan recommends, just follow her if knew answers already its good but do the practice as she said. I promise you will never miss it in your next try for repeat test-takers. Just slow down and follow her every word.
    All I can say Joan is that your team is really helpful. You guys helped me a lot during my stressful days. Most test takers have the books in their minds but don’t know how to apply their knowledge. So guys, just follow her ways to study and you can make it easily. All the best to everyone.

    • Jonathan Castaneda
      October 4, 2019 11:51 am

      Ms. Joan Palmeri must been heaven sent! She is the real NCLEX whisperer. My wife had bought the major prep books and enrolled in leading test prep companies but she ended up studying more and more content. And keep on buying books which doesn’t help her for passing the exam. Until she discovered Happy NCLEX and finally she passed on her 8th attempt using the program. When it’s my turn to take the exam, Happy NCLEX is our first and only option for my test prep. It was a stress free program that will maximize your critical thinking skills. After 12 weeks of prep I passed my NCLEX-RN in just one take. Trust me there is no single question that you will not be able to apply what you have learn from the program. Thank you Ms. Palmeri May God bless you and give you more strength to help future nurses. Kudos!

  • I graduated in May of 2019 and wanted to study right away and take my test. I started with doing UWorld by myself and felt lost in how to tackle the questions and just kept reading the rationale but was still not getting passing scores. I had heard of Joan’s program and decided to start her process. Each day she really took the time to explain how to tackle each question and the meaning of each key word. I did two of her sessions a day because I didn’t have a job. When Joan’s program told me to evaluate using a test bank, I went back to UWorld and started getting passing scores. On August 21st 2019 I took my test for the first time and passed. If you trust in Joan’s process and do not rush it, you will pass and not have to redo the process again. I did her program for 9 weeks and was a first time test taker and I have to thank Joan for all my success. SHE IS A MIRACLE WORKER!!

  • Exactly a week ago today I passed my NCLEX RN and it was one of the best days of my life! I am a repeat test taker and I wouldn’t have done this without Joan’s help. I followed everything on the training and all of Joan’s advice. I would say it was the best decision ever that I Registered for Happy NCLEX. All throughout and till the very end I was hearing Joan’s voice as I go through and answer every question. Really she’s the NCLEX Whisperer! Problem Solving Skills is the KEY! And overcoming Test Anxiety which was the highlight of it all greatly contributed to my success. There’s nothing worth having that comes easy! If i did it, you too can do it! Thank you so much again Joan Palmeri!

  • My NCLEX journey has finally ended. After failing NCLEX twice I decided to try HappyNCLEX. In all honesty it was the best decision ever.
    Before finding HappyNCLEX I used other review classes but none of them helped me. I spent so many months trying to memorize content.You can know your content from back to front but if you don’t know how to critically think you won’t be able to answer the questions. Joan worked with me to understand the process and to conquer my anxiety. After completing the program I felt confident and ready to test. I wasn’t expecting to be a walk in the park but this time I had the skills. I was reading each question using strategies and narrowed it down to the right answer. Few days later I checked the quick results and saw that I finally passed the NCLEX exam with flying colours.
    I wouldn’t be here without Joan Palmeri’s help and her amazing program. I‘m forever grateful and recommend HappyNCLEX to everyone. God bless you!

  • I DID IT!!!!!! WE DID IT!!!!
    I am not sure how to thank Joan enough for all that she has done for me. I started with her in December 2018 and it has been a long journey. After failing the first time using her program, I was convinced that I wasn’t going to make it. Joan checked in with me and stuck by my side to help me realize my mistakes. After a second attempt, I can finally said that I passed the NCLEX and I am officially and RN. I am so grateful that I stuck with this program. Throughout the exam, all I could hear was Joan’s voice telling me how to use the keywords, read the base to get into the groove of the question and control your anxiety. Please listen to everything she says, because she knows exactly what she is talking about. I used 3 hours to answer 81 questions until my exam finally shut off. I took my time and went through every question, creating mental images of myself acting it out and talked to myself a lot. I can not thank Joan enough. She knew what I needed and gave me great advice. So if you’re on the fence about this program, don’t be… just do it!

  • Joan is just amazing. After going through her first webinar, i knew i was in the right place. As a UK educated nurse with an MSN in nursing, i thought NCLEX will be a walk in the park. I read Saunders RN review form first to last page and attended a content review. Took NCLEX the first time and failed with 75 questions. I felt like a jerk and wanted to return to the UK. A friend of mine recommended Joan and my prayers was answered and i passed my NCLEX on my second sitting. I followed her advice and booked a one to one just before my exams. Joan told me 5 mins into the one to one meeting that i am ready. I left anxiety at home and went for the exams. I PASSED!!!!! I PASSED…. THANKS

  • I have used almost every review and book that is out there, with no success. I am so thankful that I came across Happy NCLEX. This was a tough journey, but I can finally say I am an RN!! I graduated nursing school in June 2018, and had taken the NCLEX 5 times. The 5th time was my pass! Joan really knows the skills that you need to pass, and I don’t think I would have done it without her. Thank you Joan for being so patient and always guiding me in the right direction. Thank you as well to the rest of the team at Happy NCLEX for your amazing customer service and support!!

  • Thank you Joan!, Finally after 9 times, I am finally a USRN I was struggling to pass and when I enrolled in your program. I had a feeling that I would pass because of the skills! I got 82 questions, tested for 3 hours, with no difficulty. I followed Joan’s advise and technique and that’s it! PASS!!!
    God is good! Don’t ever give up. I am an International Registered Nurse. I tried several times and I’m still standing. I wanted to achieve my dream to be a USRN, and now this is it!
    Joan, you are the best. Thank you for helping me. God bless you.

  • It’s official!! I finally passed the NCLEX-RN! THANK YOU JOAN for all your help!! I truly could not have done it without her and her AMAZING program! Make sure you follow the program exactly as she tells you, don’t miss a step and you will see how much it’ll help you! I have tried many programs before I found out about Happy NCLEX and I have to say none of them even compare to this program. Joan helped me every step of the way and was always there whenever I had a question about anything! I prayed to GOD to help me through this every single day and he was by my side through it all!

    Pray, relax, have FAITH and trust yourself you can do it!!! Good luck everyone!!

  • Hi I took my exam on March 27, 2019 and I passed this exam because of this program, with the help of Joan Palmeri. I had been attending so many reviews but still only near passing. But with happy nclex I learned how to answer and read the question easily. This is the first time that I prepared with relaxation or giving only 2 hrs a day or 4 hrs and still passed with 75 questions. Before I used to study 8-12hrs a day but I did not pass this exam. Now it’s so relaxing to just follow what Joan says in the class and Trust the process, trust yourself and above all prayers to our almighty God.

  • I wrote the NCLEX on March 25 2019. I found out that I passed the next day.
    The NCLEX is a tedious process which requires hard work and critical thinking.
    Joan’s review, HappyNCLEX, provides you the way to learn strategic skills in order to build your knowledge and application so that you can pass. Her advice and process is something that you can learn and practice multiple times so that you can feel ready to write the exam. Do not stray away from her review. You must trust her, trust the process and most of all, trust yourself and always think positive.
    You are not alone, and always reach out to Joan if you are struggling as she will help you through it 🙂

  • JOAN AND THIS PROGRAM ARE AMAZING. Period!!!! I had taken the NCLEX twice prior to finding this program. I had tried Kaplan twice and did u world and bought countless books because I thought it had to be the content I wasn’t getting because I was doing good on questions. I was very wrong! After going through step one I realized I was going about questions all wrong. I would get hung up on the medical when it really wasn’t even what the question was asking.

    Joan really creates a stress free training and that is key especially when you are already nervous! Follow her instructions exactly!! Multiple of my friends have failed multiple times and I 100% recommend happy nclex.

    I went in the third time relaxed, knowing I had skills this time to tackle what I didn’t know and make the best possible guess if needed. I was there the ENTIRE 6 hours and even ran out of time. I had finished question 262 but wasn’t able to hit submit and thought hey, they didn’t shut it off yet so maybe there’s a chance. After looking it up and seeing they look at the last 60 questions and you cannot dip below passing once I was extremely nervous. Two days later I got the results and I was SO NERVOUS. When I saw pass I almost fell to the ground at work. It was so surreal after seeing fail so many times and then.. a PASS. I know that this training got me through and I have been screaming from the rooftops to anyone struggling. With skills nothing is impossible and I am proud to say I am officially an RN❤️

  • ToniWrightYoung
    February 7, 2019 10:07 am

    I would like to thank God and Ms. Joan for helping me so!! I passed my NCLEX-RN Monday Feb. 4, 2019. I would’ve never passed if i didn’t come across HAPPYNCLEX, I was answering my questions the wrong way! This was my 3rd time testing and I followed Joan’s training in order and did everything she said to, it makes answering the questions on NCLEX easier and makes you more confident after you learn these skills, even if you don’t know the content of the question, this program teaches you how to narrow it down for the Right answer. If I had this method i would’ve passed on my first time.! I AM RECOMMENDING JOAN TO EVERYONE!

    Toni Wright-Young RN

  • Hillary Herskowitz
    February 5, 2019 12:05 pm

    In October 2018, I FAILED the NCLEX in 75 questions, and on February 1st, I PASSED in 75 questions!!!!!!! Joan is a miracle worker.

    My path to becoming a nurse has definitely been a rocky one, but I have finally surpassed all of the obstacles and MADE IT!! Standardized testing has always been a problem for me, even though I always do really well in school. It is so frustrating. Because of my SAT scores, I wasn’t accepted into my top choice nursing programs. I decided to go into Rutgers as an undecided major and attempt to transfer into the program. Everyone told me the chances of getting in were slim. I even had guidance counselors telling me not to count on it. But, I worked my ass off freshman year, got almost straight As and defied all odds!!!

    When we started taking HESI practice NCLEX exams, I knew the NCLEX was going to be another hurtle. We took a HESI for every class we had, and I failed almost every single one despite having As in most classes. It was the most frustrating thing and I really didn’t understand why.

    Joan’s program put everything into perspective. People who don’t do well on standardized tests don’t know less than other people do. We simply don’t interpret the questions the right way. We expect that every question requires very specific, technical knowledge. So when we read a question and think that we don’t know that knowledge cold, we panic and our brain shuts down. I personally think that standardized tests are difficult for abstract thinkers, because we see multiple sides to everything. However, for these tests you can only look at one side—the side that the test maker is pointing toward.

    In the end, I think that the way things turned out was for the best. Having these few extra months to study 4 hours a day, and spend the rest on my physical and mental health was exactly what I needed before transitioning from the stress of nursing school to the stress of a full time nursing job. I really took Joan’s advice about getting into meditation and yoga, and I even read her recommended book, The Untethered Soul, which really changed my life. I highly recommend it to all test takers…just do a chapter a night and you’ll finish way before your test date!!

    If I hadn’t found Joan, I surely would have been trapped in the repeat test taking cycle, and it would have just crushed me. I would have spent months and months memorizing more and more information instead of figuring out what my actual problem was—problem solving. Joan, I can’t thank you enough for helping so many people reach our life dream. You’re program is incredible and you deserve so much recognition for it…you should develop something like this for the SATs!!! Would have been a life saver for me.

    I can’t wait to see the rest of you pass as well. Have faith in Joan’s program, and in yourself. One day everything will come together and the questions will start feeling like common sense…that’s the day that you know that you are ready!

    Best of luck everyone!

    – Hillary Herskowitz, BSN, RN 😆😆😆

  • Passed NCLEX RN on my 3rd attempt. 77 questions in 3 hours plus 25 minute break. I want to thank God first for guiding me through out this journey. Second, thank you Miss Joan Palmeri for the strategy you taught us. I learned so much from you. I can’t thank you enough for everything. So grateful. God bless you, Maam.

    Ms Joan Palmeri is 101 % true. You don’t have to know everything. Just listen very carefully and do her training step by step and with heart. Admit your mistakes and if you don’t get the answer right, that’s fine. Learn from it. Embrace them. Consistency perseverance, meditation, exercise, healthy eating and Prayers are the keys.

    I love the saying “Fall down seven times, stand up eight”. Chase your dream. DON’T GIVE UP. You can be an RN this year. Claim it! 2019 is going to be amazing! ✨✨

    Commit to the Lord whatever you do, and he will establish your plans. -Proverbs 16:3

    Therefore I tell you, whatever you ask for in prayer, believe that you have received it, and it will be yours. -Mark 11:24

    I can do all this through him who gives me strength- Philippians 4:13

    Look at the nations and watch— and be utterly amazed. For I am going to do something in your days that you would not believe, even if you were told. – Habakkuk 1:5

    Soar high Future Nurses and God bless us all ♥️

  • Proud to say I’m Diksha M, RN BSN! I am so thankful to God and my loved ones, and mostly Ms. Joan! I recommend her strongly to everyone. She’s a saint sent from above to help us all pass the NCLEX! I had ups and downs in the past year and had trouble getting through this obstacle that stopped me from working! Her skills were on point and I used each and every one of her strategy. Just stay calm and know you got this! 🙌😊 #Finally #SoHappy #StressRelieved #2019OurYear

  • I PASSED!! Those words could be coming out of your mouth too. All you need to do is follow the happyNCLEX program. Joan does not advertise her program. She doesn’t need to, students like myself tell everyone they know how great it feels to finally have a resource to learn critical thinking. In school I can’t tell you how many times I heard that I needed to critically think. When I asked how to critically think I was told that it isn’t something that can be taught. Which left me feeling frustrated because I just didn’t know how to apply my knowledge. I do now! Thanks to this program I now know the skills required to pass NCLEX. I passed on my first try. The only content I studied was lab values. I used the skills from this program to answer every question, and I passed with the minimum amount of questions. I can not say enough great things about Joan and happyNCLEX. But I’ll let you be the judge of that. What on earth are you waiting for? Your solution is right here!

  • I would love to thank Miss Joan Palmeri for her help. She worked with me even when my account had expired. She was very patient and her review helped tremendously. Listen to all she says, do the work as she says and you will definitely see results. Thank you for your words of encouragement. You are the best.

  • To say passing the NCLEX is a relief would be an understatement for me. I am proof that if you put your mind to something and never give up, you WILL get there! I am not ashamed to say that I took the NCLEX 7 times! Yes, 7 times. Each time I was very very close to passing. At times, I thought I had probably passed after taking it, but found out I failed. I used every resource possible. I used Happy Nclex twice. Joan is truly an inspiration. She encouraged me and I used her strategies every single time I took the NCLEX. I took 265 questions I’m not sure how many times. Most people would have given up. Some people say, maybe if you had to take it that many times, you’re not in the right profession. I ignored all of those negative comments, because I knew I had it in me to pass this beast! On my 7th try, I went in very calm. I prayed so hard that this would be the final time. I was in it for the long haul! I received 265 questions, yet again, and felt defeated. I planned to take my materials to work the next day to study, because I knew there was no way I passed. I could not eat, I was up all night wondering if I passed, I even went in my home office and was looking up answers to questions that I remembered from the test. The next morning, I was driving to work and while I was at a red light, I happened to look down at my phone and see I had 3 emails. I figured they were all junk, so I looked at them quickly. I saw an email saying LPN/RN Congrats. I was receiving emails saying I had to renew my LPN license, so I thought it would be something about that. The first line read: Congratulations! Your RN number is…. I immediately was in shock. I started crying saying, “oh my gosh, I passed!!!” I called my husband crying and told him my news and that day I told everyone my amazing news. I was no longer stuck. I was no longer feeling defeated. I obtained my LPN license in 2014. I passed my boards on the first try. I went right back to school right away and obtained my RN degree and graduated in 2015. So it took me a while to pass, and many tries. I took a lot of time in between and I even started taking classes to pursue my Bachelor’s degree. I have had one class left to take for my BSN, but had to wait until I passed the NCLEX. So now I can finish that class and I will have my Bachelor’s degree in the beginning of December!! Happy early 30th birthday to me and Merry Christmas! Nothing will ever stop me! Now I can find my dream job and move forward!!! I hope this story empowers others to never give up!!!

  • One year and a half later from graduating nursing school and I have officially passed NCLEX on my 6th try! My story is similar to a lot of yours. I graduated nursing school. I was an average student in the classroom and did pretty good during clinical. I always got good feedback from my instructors. We did HESI testing and Kaplan to prep for boards. It took me 5 tries to finally pass the HESI and every time my instructors said I needed more and more content. I honestly didn’t find the Kaplan decision tree helpful at all. So I stepped into taking boards for the first time and focused on needing to know EVERYTHING and tried to use the decision tree on every question. I took 265 questions and failed. I reached out to my instructors, devastated that I didn’t pass. They assured me I would pass next time if I got the Kaplan remediation program and focused heavy on content. They were telling me I had to study at least 8 hours a day!!! This seemed impossible! I couldn’t focus for that long! Especially coming out of nursing school. So I took it again and took 265 again and failed. I reached out to my instructors and honestly they told me I wasn’t doing the Kaplan program right and they were very disappointed in me and we lost contact. I felt completely alone in this! I was googling testimonies of people not passing and looking up programs. Basically I tried ATI, UWORLD, NRSNG Academy and failed 2 more times. At this point I had friends asking me so what are you going to do? Just give up? Look for a more permanent job? I felt hopeless but knew I was CALLED to be a NURSE!! I couldn’t give up.

    God had put this dream in my heart and I knew He would fulfill it! I began to pray for a tutoring program that would actually work! This is when I heard about Joan and happynclex 🙂 I can’t explain the relief I felt! Finding someone who has worked with repeat test takers and is determined to help them pass! During this time I had just got engaged and was planning a wedding so very busy! I didn’t give the program my all. So I took it and didn’t pass but I took full responsibility! I wasn’t putting in the time and effort that was needed. I also was really struggling with getting overwhelmed when I began to study because I would just think about all of the times I failed and then wouldn’t get anything done. So I still knew Joan’s program would work for me. I just needed to give it my all! I reached out to Joan and she was so full of confidence and encouragement so I felt like I still could do this! This was such a blessing. Especially because in my past when I failed I didn’t get the best responses from my instructors!

    So this last time around, I still struggled with getting anxious while studying and then not focusing. I really tried to think of the test as the first time I was studying for it and not look at the past! I spent a lot of time praying that the fear I had of this test would be removed! So I gave it my all this time! I really absorbed all of the critical thinking skills! To be honest, I walked into NCLEX knowing the least amount of content but I knew how to critically think and I also did not fear the test. I had a peace throughout it all! My friend told me, “the only way you can fail is by giving up”. The week before the test I came to the conclusion that I’m just going to go take the test and try my best and leave the results up to God. I was not going to fear it! If I didn’t pass, I would keep going! I wouldn’t give up! I ended up taking 263 questions and passed. All glory be to God! Joan, is absolutely wonderful. Her heart to help nurses for such a low cost who struggle with boards is such a kind act of service. If you are thinking about joining this program, do it! It will be the best NCLEX prep program you can find. I have a lot of friends in nursing school and I will be telling them all to go through it! You may be hesitating because it is so inexpensive compared to other programs. So you may be thinking, is this as good as Kaplan, Hurst, ATI, etc.? IT IS WAY BETTER! Joan is just amazing and chooses to bless us with this program that is affordable! If you are in the program, don’t give up! Keep pushing through. Joan, was such a blessing for me in this journey! My friends from nursing school had given up on me passing and so did my instructors. So finding Joan, someone who understands NCLEX gave me hope that I could pass! I can’t recommend it enough! Keep pushing through friends. You will pass! God is on your side!

  • Esther Chiedu
    October 8, 2018 9:45 am

    Am so glad to say am a registered nurse in the United States. Am a foreign student graduated in 2010, l took the Nclex 6 times before l found Joan, l knew l needed strategy and critical thinking skills on how to answer NCLEX style questions. Joan is really amazing, her skills and strategies are the best, l finished the program and went for my exam had 86 questions in 3 hours and today am proud to say am a registered nurse. Thank you Joan, Am really grateful to you, God bless you for all you do, you’re the best.

    • Congratulations!!! Thank you so much my dear Esther for introducing me to this program!!!
      I hope to work with Ms Joan very soon, Amen!!!

    • 86 questions in 3 hours? What would’ve happened if you required more questions and ran out of time? This is the second comment on here that stated the same thing about so little questions in 3 hours.

      • The idea is to practice for the best test situation- passing in 75/85 (or a bit more) in under 4 hours. Practice performing ABOVE the passing standard, which is the ability to concentrate, manage distractions and anxiety, and use problem-solving skills efficiently without running out of time or having to do the full 265.

        • Sandra Murphy, RN
          December 28, 2019 6:35 pm

          After 8 attempts I made it with HappyNCLEX. God is good. Thanks Joan Palmeri. I will always recommend HappyNCLEX.

  • I am a foreign educated nurse; graduated from nursing school 24 years ago. happyNCLEX by Joan Palmeri was my trick to beat the Nclex RN. The critical thinking skills and strategies Joan teaches is just amazing cos it helped me in managing content. I was able to tackle the questions with much confidence especially the much dreaded SATAs. I passed at 75 questions, first time testing. Thanks to God Almighty. Thanks to Joan Palmeri. happyNCLEX is the best!

  • Crystal Bush, RN
    September 25, 2018 12:11 pm

    Let me start from the beginning. I knew from a fairly young age that I wanted to help people. I even joined my local volunteer fire department when I was 16. After high school I tried the whole college thing and it really didn’t work out for me. Met my husband; got married; had our first child. I decided that I wanted more for my little family so I decided that I was going to go back to school. In 2003 I got sucked into one of those for profit technical schools to obtain a medical assisting degree. So I graduated top of my class as a medical assistant. Got a job and soon after found out we were pregnant with our second child which was a miracle in itself but that is for another time. So I take maternity leave and upon return realize that I had been replaced so I had nothing to go back to. So now I am trying to find a job in this field that I just when to schooling for and was highly unsuccessful. Fast forward to 2009. We have lost our car; lost our house; and me, my husband, and our 2 young children had to move in with my mom two years prior. I’m done…I don’t want this life for my kids. So back to school I go. This time I want to do what I had originally planned to do…Nursing. So I start my prereqs. However, it’s been 11 years since I was in school. I don’t want to overload myself so I go slow. Finally by fall 2011 I am accepted into the nursing program. But, two weeks later I am placed on hold for a paperwork issue. So that finally gets worked out and I am back in. Spring 2012. I hit some bumps in the road; fail a couple classes; just stuff. But I never gave up and in Oct 2014 I completed the nursing program with my ASN.

    Now is the fun part. I schedule my test for december but decide to reschedule because you know, both my kids birthdays are december, and christmas, and studying during thanksgiving…nope. So I wait until the new year. I’m ready; I got this…I don’t have my ID. Left it on the washing machine at home. So…there is the test and the $300 down the drain. Now I have to wait until I can save up again to repay and test. May 2015, test day…FAIL. That’s ok. I will try again.

    November 2015…FAIL. Now I’m pretty bummed and sort of put it off. Then a friend that I graduated with told me about Happy NCLEX. I look into it but don’t have the money. Well about 2 years later. after being in a crappy part time job and then losing it over something that was beyond my control, I think, it’s time. I have got to give this a go again. So I took Joan’s program and it was such an eye opener. She taught me HOW to take the test, not just WHAT to know. It was great. I had support. I had knowledge, and I had people from all over that were where I was. Joan helped me to feel confident about the fact that, despite being out for over 3 years, I could do this. So I did. I retook the test in Jan 2018…FAIL. I lost all hope. I gave up on myself. Got a job for $5/hour at Sonic Drive-In. I quit. I was done. I’m too stupid I’d say. I’m a disappointment to my family; not true. But I felt like there was no hope for me.

    I rode the pity train for several months. Then some things happened; new management came in; husband had surgery and was out of work. I had to do this. I knew I could. I know the material. I know the information. I just suck at tests. So I decided I’d go again. I mean what did I have to lose (other than another $300). So I got uworld for the question banks (something I didn’t do when taking Joans program, but I insist that you do). Placed Joan’s teachings about how to take the test, how to approach each question into mind. And on Sept 20, 2018 I tried yet again.

    Now for those of you who don’t know, the state of Texas has a requirement that you MUST pass within 4 years of graduating. If not, you really only have two options; test in another state or start nursing school over. Well I didn’t have to do that because I PASSED!!! I finally did it.

    The NCLEX is like no other test out there. You can’t just say, this is right and this is wrong. It takes more critical thinking than anything out there. Joan teaches you that. She teaches you how to think critically, not just yes or no which is what we have all been taught our whole lives. When did Columbus discover America..1492. Which patient should you go see first….There is no date or name to just know and remember to tell you that answer. You have to approach it from a different way. And this program helped me to realize that. And I know I didn’t pass the first time after taking this program; because I didn’t do it just right. You can’t just watch her videos. You HAVE to put it to work. So, take the program; learn the how; and most importantly…NEVER GIVE UP. You will do it. I did. Good luck and you got this.

    Crystal Bush, RN

  • Like so many of the others, it was a long road but passed and am officially an RN. I really lost hope after failing twice and battling a rare tumor in my foot. I felt defeated and didn’t know where to begin. I went to an IVY league school, graduated cum laude and I still FAILED. This is not a knowledge exam at all, and I cant stress this enough. For me it was learning how to break each question down, and really understand WHAT the question is really asking. I found Joan through an all nurses forum when her name kept popping up. I was skeptical because nothing else had worked. Hurst was great for content review (if thats what you need, or if you have been out of school for awhile) but it really isn’t necessary. Joan taught me how to play this game, and answer the questions even when I had no idea what the med or disease was. I finished in 90 questions, 3 hours, and 31 SATA. Yes, you heard me.. 31. I didnt panic once because I trusted Joan’s process and was able to answer each SATA with confidence. Follow the program, do each step, take the 12 weeks, and SLOW down and you will pass too. Good luck everyone, breathe, and I know you can do it!!

  • This is a pleasure to take time to post my comment as a licensed RN. I have taken the NCLEX several times and failed, because I was too anxious and I did not have any skills in answering NCLEX questions, but to God be the glory I passed. The computer shut off at 88 questions and I knew that I passed !! because I used my skills with every question. I am here to encourage students who have failed several times, and think it is not possible to pass, please follow HappyNclex the way in which it is set up, Step by Step, take your time to identify the Key words and approach the question as the nurse taking care of the patient. please remember not to focus on the time, on NCLEX clock, your focus is the question on the computer screen who is your patient and needs your help. I can honestly say without HappyNclex, I would not have done it, because none of the other review teaches like Joan, and they were all so very expensive, much more than HappyNclex. This was my last stop, so I will always appreciate Joan for the rest of my life for her help, encouragement, and motivation in reaching my goals. I have paid a lot of money for so many reviews but none was helpful. HappyNclex was the most affordable and best. Joan has lifted my heavy burden and I can now say I am a Registered Nurse (RN). Thanks a million Joan and I wish you long life, and may God continue to bless you.

  • First of all let me say a very big thank you to the almighty God and to Joan.I took my NCLEX last week Wednesday August 22, 2018 and I passed with 83 questions in 2hour 45minutes I guess. I’m here to inspire all the people who have failed several times and to let them know is possible.I graduated 2016, and have failed the exam several times.My school uses Kaplan, after that we did Hurst review. I have used all the resources out there you can think about, Kaplan, Hurst, Saunders, Lippincott, some online review, Mark Klimek, ATI, spend a lot of money on several reviews and anything you can think about just to ensure I pass and I was still not passing. I became depressed, sad because all my classmates were nurses and I was still stuck. A friend finally introduced me to happy NCLEX which I call my savior. Waiting for a year and a half and working as a tech knowing very well I have finished nursing school was my biggest problem, but the headache finally got elevated. Ms. Joan will give you tough love but it will eventually work for your own good. When you do Happy NCLEX thoroughly the way Joan instructs you to do it you will pass easily. Please listen to her and just do what she says! I had totally lost confidence in my self but Joan brought it back.Her program has everything you need in terms of how to manage anxiety and understand questions. This time I was able to sleep the night before my exam, I exercised and ate well like she told us and did something for fun not just studying for hours it doesn’t work. Once again thank you to Joan and her crew for working with me. Another good thing is they will always extend the date for your expiration if you need it, just call them and be honest. After a year and half struggle I thank God I finally passed, I broke out into tears when I found out I passed with 83 questions and i received the congratulations letter and license on Thursday August 23, 2018, 24 hours after I took the exam. Now I can call myself RN, by God’s grace, I’m more than happy and fulfilled. Everyone out there in the same situation,I don’t care how many times you have taken NCLEX, if I can do it, you can do it. I will always refer people to this program and I have already referred 3 people.

  • I passed the NCLEX in 109 questions in about 3 1/2hrs!! This was my second time taking the exam and my experiences from the two are totally different. At my first exam, I took all 265 in 3 1/2 hrs. I went way too fast and my anxiety was through the roof. It was so bad at one point I told myself to push through and just get it over with. It was so bad and I left the testing center bawling the whole way home. I knew I needed to do something different. A friend told me about happynclex and I looked at the website and decided to try it. I followed the program exactly how it is set up! I did a max of studying for 4 hrs each day. I worked my way up to sitting down and doing questions for 3 1/2 hrs before I was scheduled to take my exam. I meditated and did 20 mins of exercise every day! I woke early every morning and was studying at the time I was scheduled to take my exam. The night before I was in bed by 8 o’clock to just relax and wind down as I knew I needed a good nights rest. I woke up at 5 o’clock so I could have time to exercise for 20 minutes and meditate before my exam. I think for myself, this was the biggest key to my success, as it really stabilized my mood and I felt calm and relaxed going into the exam. I got there at 7:15 and I was able to start right away. I did the warm up and got to question 34 and had to go to the bathroom and I was getting nervous. I did what Joan recommended and recognized my anxiety so I could make it go away. I went back to the exam and went to question 80 before I took another break. This break was 15-20mins. I walked the halls in the building while eating a protein bar and drinking a bottle of water. I told myself I was doing really well and was right where I wanted to be. I built myself up because I knew that you have to be your biggest supporter and no one is going to do this besides myself. I went to question 109 and it shut off. I was overwhelmed with joy because I knew I did well. I walked out of the testing center so happy because I knew I passed. My experiences where totally different because when I took the exam the second time I had skills. I didn’t study any content because as Joan says, you learned that all in nursing school and you didn’t need anymore. I imagined myself as the nurse in the blue scrubs with the stethoscope hanging around my neck in every question. I truly believe that because of all of the things Joan gave me, I passed the NCLEX with flying colors. Trust and follow the process. Go your own pace! Everyone is so different and you know how fast or slow you should be going. If you do this, you will have a wonderful outcome like I did. I’m able to finally call myself Madison Butler RN 🙂

    • Margaret (Peggy) Bulanda
      August 20, 2018 12:39 pm

      Hello Future Nurses!!

      I highly recommend taking This course! Joan’s skills were with me though out each and every NCLEX question. Her skills are amazing! This was my first attempt and passed!! 1:50 min with 85 questions. I took my time with each question. I had two pharm questions that I had never heard of. But using these skills I was able to figure out the answer. I was calm thought out the entire test because I was confident with the skills I had learned. This training is well worth the money spent! Joan is amazing!! Best wishes on your future NCLEX testing!!

  • Amelia Samlal
    July 15, 2018 3:03 pm

    I would like to thank Joan Palmeri and the team at happynclex. I did most of the course but after the step one I felt ready, I continued to step 2 and was even more ready! Step 3 was very helpful also. I especially found videos managing anxiety was good and training myself for the NCLEX marathon helped build my stamina.

    The problem solving strategies, using the key words, slowing down and answering questions to the best of my abilities helped immensely!
    Thank you again!!

  • I have been waiting 1 year for this day where I can proudly say I’m a registered nurse in the United States, watch out RN coming through. I’m an international nurse, graduated in 2009 . All thanks to Ms Joan Palmeri and my god almighty.
    Back track- I wrote the NCLEX twice in 2017 and failed at 75 questions. I was so devastated because I knew I was putting in the work. At my second failure I told my husband I was over with nursing. He told me he has never seen anyone so passionate about being a nurse as I am and he never knew me as that kind of person to accept defeat. With that said I went ahead and started looking for the next review class. Every one was teaching content and I knew I needed a different approach. A friend recommended happynclex and I decided to try this programme. I must say it was my best decision ever. Joan equipped me with the tools I need in order to understand and answer questions especially sata. Her strategies on sata questions made me felt so calm when I saw them come on the screen. I wrote my exam June 2018 took my time and passed with 75 questions. Please people listen to her and follow her teaching. Good luck everyone!

  • biancafederiso
    June 10, 2018 3:33 pm

    I want to let you know that I am now an officially RN!!!.
    I just want to share my journey. I’m thankful to Ms. Joan Palmeri for this review. I learned how to answer the nclex question in the right way, because before I’m more in knowledge based, but NCLEX was not that way. It’s more critical thinking and how to be safe nurse, and that’s what I learned on this review. Just follow the steps and practice questions, then trust God. Focus and give your best. The result will be positive. Thank you again Ms. Joan.

  • Eunice Ferrer
    June 8, 2018 3:43 pm

    Hi Future RN’s

    If you feel dejected, thinking that you can’t pass NCLEX because you exhaust all the resources that you’ve tried and yet you can’t pass it, if you feel that no matter what you do, your best wasn’t good enough. Well You found the right place to start your journey to become a registered nurse. This program is a Godsend to all future nurses and the ones who failed a lot of times. Trust her process, if you seem skeptical about her program don’t be! I’ll prove you all wrong. I was skeptical at first too but when I learned about her process/program, it is amazing. It’s based on research and I can attest to that because I am a registered nurse now and it’s all thanks to Joan. She’ll help you every step of the way. Here is my story so that you could be inspired that no matter what happens failure doesn’t define you.

    I still can’t believe that I passed my exam since it was just last night that I found out that I finally passed my NCLEX-RN. I have failed a lot of times. I was even thinking of giving up because every time I checked the quick results I always see the word “FAIL”. I was so devastated that I wanted to give up. But since it was my dream I said to myself that I’ll stand up and move forward. I’ll always give my 110% every exam so yeah I failed again but I also think that I learned a lot of things by failing those exams. It served as a motivation to strive harder and persevere. My friend of mine told me about Joan, so I checked her out but I was really skeptical at first but since my friend passed through her program I signed up to check the program out. So I followed her step by step instructions but I failed again but that didn’t stop me from achieving my dreams. So I emailed her my CPR and she told me that I focused too much with the medical terms instead of focusing on the nursing actions. I signed up again to her program since I really believed in her and that next time I’ll take my NCLEX I’ll nail it . So this time around I focused on my patients and imagined I was really taking care of them. It took me 5 hours to complete the 75 questions. I was kinda relieved when the computer shut down but at the same time I don’t know what to feel. Few hours later I was crying thinking I didn’t make it again. After 2 days I didn’t even want to look at my result but when I decided to check it and just accept what may the result is. I can finally say that IM OFFICIALLY A REGISTERED NURSE. I can’t thank you enough Joan for the things you’ve taught us. Words can’t express how grateful I am to you.
    So Future RN’s I wish you all good luck! I know you can do it! There’s a reason why it is called HappyNclex so that you can pass your exam and be happy about it.
    Eunice G. Ferrer RN

    You will fail at some point in your life. Accept it. You will lose. You will embarrass yourself. You will suck at something. There is no doubt about it. … Never be discouraged. Never hold back. Give everything you’ve got. And when you fall throughout life — and maybe even tonight after a few too many glasses of champagne — fall forward.
    — Denzel Washington

  • Nelson N Balingwe
    June 3, 2018 1:15 pm

    I am officially an RN this day May 31, 2018 after answering 150 questions in 5.5 hours on Tuesday May 29. I focused on the nursing CONCEPTS (i.e is the nurse teaching, assessing, intervening etc Or Nursing action) throughout the exam. I also took several deep breaths during the exam to control my anxiety. I had a mastery of the key words and how they work. I did not have any problem not understanding a key word. All these came through thanks to our able Joan Palmeri. I recited her voice several times during the exam. For example, she will always say “when a question comes on the screen, take a deep breathe, read the base first and identify the key. Spend enough time in the base and know what they are asking then read the question etc”.
    I graduated 2009 BSN and 2013 MSc from Cameroon (Africa).
    There is no use rushing and getting answers wrong. It’s better to slow down, use your critical thinking skills and get answers right because ‘There is no use running while running a wrong road”.
    It was my turn today, Tomorrow will also be your turn.
    God bless you all.
    Nelson Balingwe RN

    • Hey, am also from Cameroon. Can you please let me know your study materials and how long you use this program

      • Joan Palmeri
        July 13, 2018 12:32 pm

        hi Pauline, See the FAQ on the website for the answers to your questions. If you still need help, call the office: 727 967 1891 Eastern time zone

  • First,I want to thank GOD for His goodness and for sending the “Decoder” Joan Palmeri to help put an end to the fear and failure of the so called ‘beast’ NCLEX.’
    I call Joan a ‘Decoder’ because the Nclex does their thing by coding questions but Joan knows how to decode them. Isn’t that superb? You all can do it.
    Joan, I really appreciate you for you make people’s dream come true with just little amount of money with much to offer, you are indeed God sent. God will continue to heel and strengthen you.

    Having graduated as an international student in 1998, never a bookworm, I have never liked textbooks, I was told I have to study for this test. So I bought different types of textbooks that testers on Youtube said were good which I still never opened till date, while still searching for my kind of thing. I was on facebook sometime when I came across HappyNclex and when I saw the statement ‘You can’t study for Nclex’ I was curious and something inside me said why not try this? There must be a clear way to go about the test. I decided to give it a try and right from the beginning, I was not disappointed.
    I was enjoying the program, especially Webinars because I like to listen, it makes me feel like am in class and it helps when at exam as I would be remembering all that learnt. I played around in the first 2 months then I sent an email to Joan that I was done. Guess what? She knows what she’s doing. She caught me there, and when she asked for my assessments, I was like hmmm what assessment? Then she told me what I skipped over and to go back. I wanted to cry because I had precisely 1 month left for the test. I followed instructions, I memorized the keywords and the other problem solving skills, watched the anxiety videos she posted several times because my first attempt with Nclex, I spent 30 minutes and was done, just because of anxiety. I was shaky and just wanted to get out of the center. Having done everything as Joan instructed, my confidence built up and I was ready. I was focused at the exam after taking deep breath each time questions popped up, then suddenly after like an hour and thirty something minutes, the computer shut down. I immediately called for help and was told I was done so I said I only got to 76! I was told the computer had shut down that it was research questions I had left. Something told me I passed because I already dreamt it.
    The board I registered with doesn’t release or allow one to check result in 48 hours so I kept myself busy by watching movies and reading novels for over one month. I had even forgotten I could call for the result,I dreamt again that someone told me to come takeover my shift then I remembered and called that morning and was told I have a License number that I passed and am officially an RN!!!, I screamed and jump for joy,I checked the website to confirm- May 16 and it’s like a dream so I keep checking even last night I checked to be sure because it has not been mailed.
    I want to encourage everyone that is preparing for the test not to be afraid of the Nclex. Anxiety is that beast and you have to get rid of it. Follow Joan’s instructions, know your keywords and skills by heart, because to me, she made the Nclex look like “what’s up buddy” then on the Nclex I discovered English is very important because you have to know how to interpret the questions which Joan exclusively break down and she is always there for you to answer any questions.

  • MarilouAdam
    May 13, 2018 9:02 pm

    I graduated march 2006 from the Philippines. English is my second language. I had 4 attempts taking nclex rn, 2x in 2007 and 2x in 2017. I thought nclex was a scam because i always failed. I reviewed with the “best” review centers and used the “best” qbank but none of them helped me to pass. I cant find a word how thankful i am when i pass using happynclex. I doubt the program when i was starting but in the end it gives me confidence that i can pass this time. Ms Joan Palmeri and her program is the key for passing my NCLEX RN exam. All in this program covers everything. And most of all trust and believe in yourself as you trust this program. To Ms Joan Palmeri and to this program, i cant thank you enough! I already recommend this program to 3 persons and still counting. This program is worth it. If i can do it, you can too!
    Marilou P. Naniong, BSN, PHRN, SGRN, USRN

  • I’m not a big fan of posting online, but if you are reading this message, I just want to let you know that Joan’s methods work! I passed my Nclex-RN on April 21, 2018 with 167 questions and over 5 hours in the test centre. I didn’t worry that I was running out of time. My thought was…the fact that I was still answering questions meant that I was still in the “game” lol. I remained calm. After going through nursing school, please remember that you have the knowledge but sometimes anxiety gets the better of us. This program helps with anxiety and it definitely works. Don’t lose hope….you can do this!!

  • I graduated nursing school in May of 2015 and took Kaplan review that August. In March of 2017 I was scheduled to sit for NCLEX and had such a fear of testing that I didn’t show. I felt so defeated that I waited until June 2017 to schedule my next attempt. After 240 questions, I failed. I received my CPR in the mail and saw that I was near the passing standard in all categories. I tried again in November of 2017 and failed again after about 130 questions. I stumbled upon something that said “The NCLEX Whisperer”, clicked on it, and started researching Joan Palmeri and what she could do to help me pass. I started in January, and really learned test-taking strategies that I needed to pass the NCLEX. NCLEX fear is real though and almost made me panic like the other times I sat for NCLEX, but there was something different about this time. I was calm, I took deep breaths whenever a SATA question popped up and did what Joan taught me to do (I had 54 SATA, btw), and finally passed NCLEX this past Thursday. What Joan is offering is priceless and I would tell anyone who is struggling with passing NCLEX to stop trying to STUDY for NCLEX and allow Joan to help you learn the test-taking strategies that you need to pass. I’m so happy that I found you, Joan! I’m forever grateful!

  • Uzoamaka Akporotu
    April 2, 2018 11:37 am

    I passed on my first try at 76 questions in 2 hours. Am a foreign educated nurse from Nigeria. I left nursing school 19years ago. I Studied for less than 3 months. I was very anxious before I joined the happynclex team. The critical thinking skills and management of the threat response are so invaluable.Any one can pass the NCLEX by following all that is shared here am grateful!!!
    I want to thank Joan for following the inspiration and the motivation to create a program like this. Every question I asked had always been promptly answered.For those who look forward to a day like this, I say, be relentless!! Dont give up or give over to anxiety. If I can do it so can you!

  • If you have found yourself on this website and have reached the end of my post, don’t turn back! Visiting this site is the first step to you passing the nclex! I graduated in December of 2016, wrote my nclex for the first time in May 2017 and failed (145 Q’s in 3 hrs). I felt defeated, unmotivated, and genuinely thought I had exhausted all of my options to help me pass..until, a friend of mine, who was also in the same boat as me passed after using HappyNCLEX.

    With one month left to write my nclex for the second time, I joined happynclex and it was the best decision. This program prepares you in all aspects. Joan’s approach is something like I’ve never seen before, and through her videos she was able to motivate and encourage me to believe and lean on my own strengths and knowledge as a student and as a nurse. After just a couple videos, I had a completely new mindset and felt excited to write my nclex and PASS.

    A month later, on March 12, 2018, I officially achieved something I felt was impossible to achieve just a month prior to. This time, I used Joan’s advice.. I slowed down, read key words, took my time where it was needed and passed after writing 79 Q’s in 5 hrs!
    Thank you Joan!

    • Hi Nuba what program did u use to prepare for the 1st attempt? Besides happy nclex, did u uss anything else for the 2nd attempt and how much did it cost you for the month?

  • My journey started in 2011 Lpn 265 questions passed. Then 2013 graduated RN. I tried the following: ATi 2014-1st attempt failed then I paid for Kaplan (they use the expected/unexpected method)-2014 (did not feel confident and forfeited) Ready to Pass (Content driven course) -2016 failed
    Now: Happy NCLEX and U world—85 questions in 2.5 hours…Joan your program is unique and focuses on managing anxiety and sharpening test taking skills! You are a Genius!!!For everyone out there, Joan is very understanding, please do not hesitate to reach out to her 🙂
    Thank you for everything!

  • I can finally say that I passed my NCLEX RN on March 9th, 75 questions in just under 4 hrs (including 2 breaks). I am a Canadian RN, graduated in 2007 (BScN), worked in Critical Care until 2010 when my son was born and moved to the USA in 2012, and had my daughter in 2013. Last year at this time (after going through a terrible divorce and now as a single mom) I decided I wanted to start the process to getting licensed here in the USA. I had multiple steps to take but finally got my ATT last fall, at which time I time started training with Joan. I set my test date for Dec 23rd 2017. I marched in that test room with the skills that Joan taught me, but what I wasn’t truly prepared for was the stress response that hit me like a brick wall and when I sat down to test it was like I completely forgot to use my skills and just answered questions, desperately looking at the clock and questions count. All I wanted was for the test to shutoff at 75. Well it shut off at 75 but I failed, miserably. I felt defeated, embarrassed, etc., but picked myself up and set to test again on March 9th 2018. This time around was completely different. I went in there armed with my skills, and even though that stress response was there, I was able to shut it down by working through each and every question the way that Joan taught me. I did it even if I knew the answer. I had about 30-35 SATA questions, mind numbing…. Anyways, I took the last break at 3.5 hours in and was only at question number 65. I was concerned that if I had to write all 265 I would run out of time. So I went out, had an apple and a piece of cheese to boost my brain and went back in there. I hit question 75 and the computer shut off. I was relieved and scared at the same time because I wasn’t sure how I did. Anyways, in less than 48 hrs I checked quick results and I passed. I was elated, felt like I had been released from prison and won the lottery all at the same time. What a feeling! I want to encourage anyone doing this that you CAN do it, you just need to focus on the skills Joan is teaching, stop studying content and follow her program exactly as she has it. Do not underestimate that stress response and realize that Joan teaches us to answer questions the way she does to reduce that response. It’s brilliant and it works!! All the best to all of you in your journey. And to Joan, thank you so much for commitment and dedication to helping us get to where we need to be, you are truly one of a kind!!!!

  • It has been more than a year since I passed the NCLEX-RN. <3 Sorry for posting this just now. I just want to thank and acknowledge Joan Palmeri for helping me overcome the dreadful exam.

    I graduated last March 2011 here in the Philippines. Afterwards, I reviewed and took the Philippine Nursing Licensure Examination and passed it last December 2011. I got employed in a Hospital and was only assigned in the Delivery Room for 2 years and 6 months.

    I started processing and reviewing for the NCLEX-RN last October 2016 since I was also working night shifts with my Canadian Boss as a Customer Service Representative. I stopped working in the hospital since March 2015. Hence, I got worried because of the wide array of topics that needs to be reviewed and studied. I reviewed at St. Louis Review Center here in the Philippines, read Saunders 6th Edition and answered all of the questions in the LaCharity: Prioritization, Delegation, & Assignment but I found out that I am still having a hard time answering Select All That Apply Questions. I sometimes omit one answer or answer more than the correct answers for SATA. I got disappointed with myself. Hence, I prayed hard and hoped that a miracle would come since months has passed already and I only have 3 months left to take the Exam because we should take the Exam within a year after our application was approved.

    Indeed, a miracle happened, I was browsing through UWorld and I saw lots of commendations for Joan Palmeri and with no hesitations I felt like this was the miracle I have been praying for. Thank you Lord! <3 I subscribed for the 12-week program together with (1) one-to-one with Joan Palmeri. The program was indeed awesome. We do our 15-30 minutes exercise, meditations and answer questions from UWorld through the steps Joan Palmeri taught us. At first I was kind of disappointed with my scores in UWorld because I only get 50% correct or less than 50% of it but because of Joan Palmeri's steps and processes I was able to increase my score up to 75-80% of Uworld's percentile in just a matter of 1 month.

    The day arrived which was November 25, 2017. I woke up at around 7am ate breakfast, slept for awhile, did my exercise, ate again at 9am and prepared myself. My exam was scheduled at 11am. I needed to be there 30 minutes prior to the scheduled time of the exam. They gave us a small board and pentelpen for us to use for solving or anything. Before starting, I placed at the top right of the small board "USRN" and I answered each questions trying to be calm and remembering the rationales and answering using the strategies Happy NCLEX Joan Palmeri taught me. I answered it not having any second thoughts. I would always choose the first answers that I chose, even on Select All That Apply questions. 2 hours and 30 minutes after I reached number 99, it stopped. When I went out I was a bit confident I passed the NCLEX and then when I started talking to one of the persons who took the exam. I started to get nervous because I felt that I wanted to be fed with more questions. After a week I had my results already and it is a "Pass." I cried so hard I could not believe it. Thank you Lord God for granting it. Mama Mary, St. Jude and Angel Gabriel, Lola Mami Fem, Lolo Apin for interceding and praying for me to pass the NCLEX-RN. Indeed, it was totally worth it. <3 I took both NCLEX-RN and Philippine Board Exam only once and passed it. Thank you so much Joan! <3

  • I graduated college in the Philippines in 2009, then married and moved to the USA in 2011. Like many of the stories I’ve read here, mine has a similar fate. I previously self-studied the material and passed the Board of Nursing exam in the Philippines, but when attempting the NCLEX here in the USA, the results were not as favorable. I thought I knew the material like many others whom have failed before. I tried a different review each time, and I kept going back, time and time again attempting to beat the NCLEX. Much to my demise, the NCELX was the 5 time winner…. THAT IS UNTIL I DISCOVERED JOAN PALMERI…. She gave me the skills and ability to find the confidence the NCLEX had ripped from me. It wasn’t easy, but if you follow her plan of 4 study hours daily, 30 mins exercise, meditation, a balanced diet, and especially PRAYER, you’ll be surprised how well it’ll work for you. I’d almost given up hope, but the remedial review and one on one coaching Joan has perfected, gave me the skills and knowledge to pass the NCLEX. I’ll sing the praises of this course to all upcoming nurses and foreign students I meet allowing them the best possible practices in preparation for the exam. THANK YOU JOAN. You’re God sent Blessing to me. 🙂

    It would not have been possible without Happynclex.
    Before Joining this program:
    – I used to cram a lot.
    – Used to be restless
    -Used to be more active on social media and spending my valuable time talking with toxic and negative peoples.
    – Used to cry
    – Was full of fears
    – No idea about how to tackle the problem rather used to focus on medical terminologies
    – used to search companies like Kaplan, Hurst and Remar review once in a while and used to compare price.
    – Used to doubt whether this happynclex program will be good or not? Whether reviews on this website are true or not?
    After Joining Happynclex:
    – Felt confident
    – was able to concentrate full 4.45 hours on only Qs nothing else
    – motivated & relaxed
    – Was able to control uncertain situation now.
    – Followed each and every suggestions as much as I can. She is 100% true on what she speaks. And what she is doing. Helping the anxious nurses like me to become confident and competent in certain way is incredible, and amazing.
    I spent 225$. I feel like every single cent was worth it. I had no regret even single second on my money that I had invested. This drastic change in my thought pattern and behavior is only possible with Joan Palmeri. I salute her each and every package of strategies. Which made possible to pass NCLEX-RN with flying colors.
    If you are reading this post please don’t think twice to subscribe. Just subscribe this program and pass NCLEX-RN with research based skills.
    I nailed it. I believe you too can.

  • Hello,
    I want to thank Joan and the happy NCLEX family for my NCLEX journey. I passed my LPN exam with 174 questions. This was my second time taking the exam, with the first one being a year ago. I graduated Aug. 2016 and took my exam Dec. 12th 2016. When I received the news that I failed, did the PVT trick an hour afterwards, I was devastated. In school you hear all the horror stories concerning the exam and boy was I one of the students whom felt I needed to know ALL nursing content prior to taking the exam. After I failed, my grandmother, went on hospice so I took time to spend with her until her death. A month after we buried her in March 2017, my cousin was killed by his girlfriend, I did not mention my uncle unexpectedly died in his sleep a week before my graduation. This same cousin that was killed, was the first son of the uncle that had died. Death had not visited my family since 92 so this was a very sad time for my family and I. My anxiety was through the roof and I was grieving , whereas it lead me into a deep depression.

    I purchased HappyNclex the first time I took my exam. But can honestly say , I had so much going on that I was not focused enough and do the things Joan had taught me to do. To be honest with myself , I never made it pass Step one in the program. I still had the mindset that she maybe correct but I need more content! So after I failed, i also purchased two other programs, plus I had some “famous” audios from someone and listened to them as well. I purchased UWorld and NCLEX mastery, all during the first half of 2017.

    Towards the end of the year after reviewing ALL of that material, I was lead to give Joan’s program another chance. And I am here to tell you, after spending hundreds on “content stuff” nothing could have gotten me through than Happy Nclex! The strategies are amazing and no matter what you review for this exam, you will never know what you are going to get. Joan was understanding to some more issues that came up, she paused my program and had to extend it a few times. She never gave up on me and always made me feel secure and very hopeful that I can too pass this exam. I have very bad test anxiety and I can honestly say that I went in this time and it was just like another home practice day.

    Do as she tells you and I promise you will pass. The content is already in you! You don’t need expensive programs to help you go over content. You need to focus on How To Answer the questions, relax, and know that you will never know all the drugs, nor every disease in nursing! I got questions on things I never heard of and I tackled each question one by one and visualized me being in that particular setting , during that particular question. Trust her and you will definitely pass! Thanks again Joan and you will definitely hear from me again!

  • Cheyenne.dillon23
    December 21, 2017 2:43 pm

    Hi there, I am finally a registered nurse and I want to share my story with you guys. I graduated from a community college in May of 2016. When I had taken the predictor, it told me I had a 98% chance of passing! The first time I took my test was in July 2016 and at the time I had an uncle who was very ill and the weekend before my test he took a turn for the worst. This was very traumatic & I couldn’t concentrate at all during my test. I got about 110 questions in about 2 hours…..WAY too fast. So I picked myself up after I failed and began to study again. I had used ATI, Hurst, Kaplan, Exam Cram, NCLEX mastery, Etc. So I tested again in September 2016, I received 265 questions and felt pretty good about it but I failed again. I took some time off but began to study again and I tested again in November 2016, receiving 265 questions again and failing again. At this point I had to take a board certified remedial course with would take 90 days and I would have to go back and do 96 hours of clinical. So after all this my 4th attempt was May 2017 and I received 265 AGAIN and failed AGAIN. At this point I felt completely lost, I wasn’t sure this was even what I wanted to do anymore. I also had a very negative step parent who put me down any chance he got. Well I was on some facebook pages asking for any guidance at all and that when I heard about HAPPY NCLEX! BEST DECISION I EVER MADE! Joan is the best, all you need to defeat this beast is some problem solving skills which is what Joan teaches you. Listen to everything she says. I took the NCLEX for the 5th time December 2017, receiving 141 questions. I felt pretty good about and I was right to because I FINALLY passed! I became an RN December 16th 2017. My only complaint is that I didn’t know about Joan after the first time I tested! Please NEVER EVER give up!

  • I am an international student who was struggling a lot for passing Nclex. I studied a lot of content for about 4 months and attempted my exam for the 1st time but I couldn’t pass. Then one of my friend recommended me happy nclex. I thought of giving a try, then I was able to understand what nclex really is. nclex is not about knowing all content and finally I passed my Nclex with 75 questions. What I feel is, Nclex about knowing a basic knowledge and knowing the test taking skills and You can learn those test taking skills from Happy Nclex. Her startegy really works. My suggestion to future test takers, Don’t stress in content, do how Joan trains you, Practice questions, Take time when answering questions. These are the keys to pass nclex. Best of Luck for future RN.

    • Sandhya neupane congratulations at first 👏👏 ra kei kura sodhna maan lagyo about happy nclex kasto cha katiko faida ramro cha…sabai kura kasto kasto include garcha?

      • Its really a good program for international students like us who are totally unknown about applying critical thinking skills in questions. You should give a try. Its really worth.

  • I am an international nurse who migrated in a country that requires NCLEX to practice as an RN. Although, I studied for another two years for upgrading I still failed taking NCLEX for the third attempt. It was in facebook that I read something about Happy NCLEX that teaches exam strategies and problem-solving skills. After that devastating failure on Juy 19, 2017, though it’s hard to move on, I finally signed up Happy NCLEX on September. At first, I doubted the format of the program because I am so worried about learning contents. Nevertheless, I still followed the program. In just two weeks, I saw results not in my score in practice doing questions in my qbank but in my mood after doing exercise 20 minutes per day and doing medications/prayers.

    I continued with the program and I realized that my score indeed improved. But I did not trust because I was using uworld for months I get familiar with some questions. I tried answering the questions in my own Joan posted in the webinar group practice and my score was too low. I moved my exam twice and Joan and her team were so supportive, extended my subscription with no added cost. Finally, the day comes, I did not got a good sleep prior to the exam but I tried to relax. My exam reached to 150 with 6 hours. In the middle, I was tempted to answer too fast because my mind is telling me that I will be reaching 265 questions or I will be running out of time. But I made a decision that I will take my time answering the questions. Indeed, my time runs out. I left the room at peace. The following day I received an email from my board and congratulated me that I passed. What a release!

    I realized that my previous attempts were failed because mainly of unmanaged anxiety and not-knowing the mechanics of NCLEX. I am glad I enrolled Joan”s program. There is no way I can pass that exam without her training no matter how much content I will be having. Her program really tackles what is exactly needed to pass the exam. She really know what test taker needs. Some are saying that Joan is not an RN and how can she coached someone to become an RN. But I can testify that she knew how to answer NCLEX questions more than anybody knows even those who are in this field for decades.

    Thank yoiu Joan for your unselfish desire to help us got our license and realized our dream.

  • I passed!!!! The best feeling in the world when you see that pass after a couple of fails. I gave up hope before joining happynclex, I felt so defeated. I graduated school with honors and couldn’t pass this exam. I was so hesitant to join the program because I spent so much on other programs that showed me no results.
    The best decision I have made was signing up to happynclex. I realized the first day, how Joan’s approach was different then others. She gave me back the confidence I never thought I would get again. And helped me realize that I had all the content knowledge I needed I just wasn’t applying it correctly.
    Joan I honestly think if it wasn’t for you and your program I would be going on a repeat cycle of testing. I did it this time 75 Questions 2.5 hours. I’m finally an RN. Do step by step what Joan tells you and this will be your last time retesting.

    • Congrats on becoming an RN!! i’ve test multiple times i feel defeated. Does this program teach some content knowledge, because i;ve been out of school for a while. Also what test bank did you use? Thanks!!

  • Hello fellow students and future nurses! I need to start off by saying we all have our stories….what brought us to want to become nurses…or further or education… I was a LPN for 10 years before I finished my degree as a RN. I worked full time and did my bridging program distance education ….trying my best to find my balance… through this journey I got pregnant and was forced to leave my clinical rotation to be on bed rest. I had my beautiful son, and would do it ALL over again! I took my whole year maternity leave off (I’m Canadian) before I redid my clinical leaving my son at 11 months. I went back to work full time after my clinical (again Canada check with your union for education leave so you have job security). I then had my preceptorship left after working for 4 months…. I can’t begin to say once kids were involved what a game changer…. my drive to be better and finish my degree…nclex successfully was taking its toll on me. I was out of school for so long and thought this is it one last clinical and I’m done. When clinical was over I took 1 month to study for the NCLEX, and……wrote for the entire 6 hours and ran out of time…I left feeling like a failure…. I got my results and was “near passing standard” in all areas but one “above passing standard.”
    I took a month to cry and feel sorry for myself…..then told myself you are a mother …you have come this far…… are doing this for your son to show him at any age you can pursue your dreams and succeed….snap out of it, you new it wouldn’t be easy!
    I went back to basics- Joan’s program to get practice and to answer questions and problem solve…..and find my balance and myself again!

    This time I did the prep every second day, and made time for my son and work and my husband who works away over half the month.
    I took about 2 months to review. I wrote the exam for the second time, for over 5 hours. At 130ish questions, 8 days later got the news….one sentence- congrats on passing the NCLEX.(do NOT worry about time…listen to Joan…practice about the same time as you schedule the exam shit the clock OFF, AND FOCUS on the question in front of you.)

    Please stay strong you can do it! It took me over 5 years to get my degree…..find your balance and tutor….but if anything make SURE you have your core content reviewed well before getting Joan and uworld or what ever you choose to use for review then it becomes EASY and WAY less stress before your big exam.
    Good luck and thank you Joan again!!!!!!
    Shannon RN

  • HappyNCLEX is absolutely amazing! I will start off by saying I was skeptical about how this program would help me in the beginning, but I was going to try anything to pass, and I’m thrilled I chose to go on this journey with Joan. It is far different from anything you have done and will ever do to prepare for the NCLEX. You must trust Joan’s methods and recommendations on how to prepare yourself not only knowledge wise, but physically and mentally as well. This program will teach you to believe in yourself and ways to accomplish anything you set your mind to. You will be a nurse before you know it, IF you do every single thing Joan tells you to do. Allow time to prepare, put all your notes and books away, and start this journey!!

  • I’m so happy to say I’m now an LVN! If you want to pass Joan is the way to go listen to her. Follow her exactly. Don’t second guess yourself you will surly pass! I failed NCLEX 4x and with her help I passed the 5th time. Joan is amazing and understanding, she will work with you hand in hand until you pass. I’m not just saying this because I passed but as crazy as it sounds you don’t need content. Do yourself a favor and learn problem solving skills. I promise you if you trust yourself, put your faith in God, and problem solve, you can pass.

  • I experienced this program vicariously through my wife. I watched her use other study aids that simple bombarded her with sample questions. Guess what? It didn’t work and she was unable to pass the NCLEX exam.

    With time running out, she stumbled upon the ‘NCLEX Whisperer’ and everything changed. For the first time she was taught HOW to develop the necessary problem solving skills to determine what the exam questions were really asking. She learned how to apply her body of knowledge to the exam, not memorize answers.

    Joan Palmeri is very ‘hands on’ – this is not a course where you are given a canned program and left on your own. She is patient, firm and quickly zeroed-in on the gaps in my wife’s decision making skills. My wife’s confidence grew and her performance on practice exams improved until she was continuously passing them. As the test date neared Joan coached her on how to prepare for the ‘big day’. She took the exam with a confidence I had never seen before. You can imagine my families joy days later when she received her nursing license number in the mail!

    This program is the Real Deal. If you are hesitant about committing to it I urge you to give it a chance. It works!

  • Chantal Roberts
    October 5, 2017 7:24 am

    I’m so late but I want to thank you so so much, after many many NCLEX reviews not working for me, taking my boards multiple times and on top of all that have a learning Disability (dyslexia) I pass my boards… you are Amazing

  • I took my NCLEX exam in April and I failed in spite of good content knowledge. But this year I passed the NCLEX!! I’m so happy. I would like to say two things about Joan. The first thing is, she helped me learn new skills and improve on my test taking. She is an excellent teacher, and also helps you understand questions better than you think. The second thing is, she guided me step-by-step to understand questions and answer strategies. Thank you so much Joan!! Love u!! ( 👩🏻 💕👱🏻‍♀️)

  • i took the exam 3times already and all i saw was failure. i feel so helpless knowing that i put all my effort in many many months. I enrolled in hurst and answered couple of test questions that is recommended (la charity, uworld, kaplan 2016 2017). Ive joined the uworld forum in fb and found out about happynclex. Ive read awesome reviews, so i wanna gave chance and try. At first step im surprised with the uniqueness of the program. i always told myself if others pass using her strategy why not me. So i pay attention in every word of Joan. I consistently follow all her instructions. And im shock with my scores in uworld or homepractice are skyrocket. Her teachings makes me feel smarter than ever. Nclex is very challenging on me because of the language barrier, working fulltime at nighshift, and i have a kid plus im in my first trimester pregnancy (headache, nausea/vomiting). But Joan showed a great great advice that saves all my issue and passed in 80 questions in a very easy way. I actually dont know how to thank her until now. I should have known her earlier so i wont suffer that long, pouring a lot of money and time in other prep. She showed me how to handle stressful life and Im gonna keep it forever.
    Ellen Alvarez, RN, USRN

  • Happy NCLEX with Joan Palmeri is by far the best program to prepare you for the NCLEX exam. As a repeat test-taker, I had used previous programs that are more well known, but obviously I did not pass with those programs. After using Happy NCLEX, I can finally say that I am now a Registered Nurse!! Trust Joan and her methods and you will not lose! It is true that all you need are the right critical thinking skills. Forget about stressing over content and focus on learning the skills that you need to pass in her program!

    ~Shahzaade Robinson, BSN, RN

  • Let me start out by saying I graduated From my RN course in May of 2016. My college gave us Kaplan and for some dumb reason I just couldn’t learn to hug that stupid tree. It might be a good program but it just didn’t work for me. Now I have worked in the nursing field For total of 24 years starting as a CNA and then an LPN. It was truly a calling from God. So I graduated with a B average And I was very proud of myself and still am. Before I Started this program I had already taken my RN test 5 times. I felt defeated, devastated and distraught. I couldn’t understand for the world of me what I was doing wrong after all I felt I did really good during the whole nursing course while I was in college. I was at my breaking point and ready to just give up and throw in the towel. While accepting that all I would ever be is an LPN. Not that being an LPN is bad I just wanted more. Because of this I had truly lost all my confidence. And felt that my many years of experience were a waste of time. So a lady that I had met on one of the nursing sites who I became good friends with told me about this program with Joan. She was taking this program also and by the way she has passed and received RN because this amazing program. With my friends insistence, I figured, What do I have to lose? When I started this program the first time I didn’t follow it the way I should have at and when it was time to retest again I failed. I was feeling extremely discouraged and crying. I emailed Joan and she suggested I take a one-on-one session with her. She gave me the confidence I need to push forward and continue with the program. So the 2nd time I followed her program to the letter. I listened to everything word she said, stayed positive and followed her instructions on practicing not studying. I continued the program the way it should be done. I put signs all over my house that said I AM THANKFUL THAT I PASSED MY RN BOARDS. THANK YOU JESUS!!!! I continued to work full time 12 hour shifts as an LPN I took a few days off before my test to prepare. On my test day I prayed before during and after my test I walked out feeling very confident I just knew I passed I felt it. I Had 97 questions And finished in 3 and 1/2 hours I took my sweet time like Joan told me to. I read and reread each question followed Joan’s instruction regarding key words, and how to read SATA and along with much perseverance as of September 14th 2017, I am officially a Registered Nurse and obtained a job as a Unit Manager. is not only worth every penny you spend, it is an amazing program and if you follow Joan and her instruction the right way you’ll pass your boards.

    Thank you for everything Joan! I am truly blessed for meeting you and taking your amazing program!!!!!!

    Dawn W.

    • hello, i am very moved by your testimony. i just took my NCLEX-RN for the 5th time on Oct 26, 2017. I did not pass. I have studied ATI, Saunders, Kaplan, LaCharity, and Uworld. My classmates are passing left and right and it seems it’s no problem for them. If they can pass, i can also.
      I will be purchasing the Happy Nclex before i take it again for the 6th time.
      Wish me luck. and next time. I will be writing my own testimony on here.

      • Dawn Lee Wolven
        January 23, 2018 9:22 am

        Thank you I am sorry I didn’t see this before Good luck and never give up. keep the faith. I am here if you want to be encouraged.

  • On Day 1 of using Happy NCLEX I KNEW that I made the right decision! With Joan’s guidance throughout my NCLEX preparation this second time around, I was able to strengthen myself in so many areas to help me not only tackle the boards but to tackle life in general. Her approach covers everything from test-taking skills, organizational skills, content information, stress and anxiety management, along with developing a positive mindset!
    In the beginning of this year, I failed the NCLEX for the first time and used so many overwhelming resources. Thankfully I was referred to Joan by a classmate and the following week, I officially registered for Happy NCLEX. Registering was LITERALLY one of the best decisions I’ve made in my life. When I watched the first introductory videos of my open pass, I felt like Joan was talking directly to me and understood how I felt defeated and drained from not passing the NCLEX. To study, I dedicated each week day for a couple of months. The test bank I used with Happy NCLEX was UWorld and together with Joan’s test-taking strategies and reviews, I became accustomed to how to dissect each question along with its responses. I grew more and more confident as each day passed by.
    Like anything in life, it will take effort on your behalf but when you have the motivation and commit yourself, you will certainly achieve it! I will say that I had to put aside time for simply just me so that I could study. I’m the kind of person that tends to say yes to everything but I realized at this point that I had to start saying no to things and make time for myself. I purposely put myself in a good studying environment away from any distractions. Once I did all this, my mind was focused on passing the NCLEX.
    When it came to the test day, I was SO READY! I knew I was going to pass and under 100 questions. Lo and behold, I did! When I passed I was overjoyed and I had Joan and Happy NCLEX to thank for this remarkable moment in my life!
    Joan is such a motivational and encouraging mentor! Her dedication and commitment to providing the best strategies and advice is so incredible. Through HappyNCLEX she has helped so many reach their goal of becoming a registered nurse! I am seriously SO grateful for Joan and Happy NCLEX!!!!

  • It comes as no surprise that after failing the NCLEX the first time around with 75 questions, I felt defeated! However, I found HappyNclex soon after my first test and that’s when things turned around for me. Joan reminded me to take my time throughout the program, which was a key factor for me during my re-test. Staying calm and taking my time is what I believe was the difference between my first try and this attempt. Joan instills the necessary SKILLS to pass the NCLEX rather than memorizing “content” that may or may not show up on your exam. To pass this exam, one must be equally physically and mentally ready with confidence and controlled anxiety. I strongly believe this course provides the mental and physical steps needed to pass the NCLEX if you follow them! I am so grateful to have found this program and Joan truly is there to HELP! Trust her words and training and you will also succeed! It’s your turn to pass this test!

    Best wishes to all of you,

    Lindsey, BSN, RN!

  • The first time I took NCLEX was 75 questions in 45 minutes and failed. My anxiety, which I thought was controlled, was not. After finding that I failed, I felt incredibly lost but then someone recommended me Joan’s program. Joan provided a structure for me to get back on my feet and to motivate me to never give up. She taught me how to control my anxiety and learn how to take my time when testing. I retested and passed the second time in 75 questions in an hour and a half. Thank you Joan.

  • Hi Joan,
    I just want to say thank you so much for such a wonderful program. You truly work miracles!!! I failed the exam my first time around and it was heartbreaking, disappointing and I felt broken. I came across your name in another Facebook page called NCLEX-UWORLD and I thought, what the hell what can it hurt to just look at it. So I purchased your program about 5 weeks ago with my test date being August 23rd. I did all the steps and I did all the practice questions and home practice tests and exams. I am proud to say that I am now a REGISTERED NURSE and I will be starting my new career as a Labor&Delivery nurse in September!!! I wish I would’ve found you the first go round. Thanks again for all of you help and encouragement. As I took my exam I saw you and heard you in my head. I took deep breaths, I did stretches and I talked through the questions (apparently I was talking out loud because I was tapped on my shoulder and she told me only mouth the words not same them LOL). So I just wanted to say thanks Joan you’re a great instructor and a wonderful inspiration. I will be recommending you to everyone I know that needs to face the BEAST aka NCLEX!
    Thanks ever so much!!!!
    Jamie BSN, RN

  • Nestor Yalong Jr
    August 14, 2017 7:15 pm

    I PASSED!! Nestor Yalong Jr RN! I could not have passed without Joan’s guidance and support. I’ll be honest- in the beginning I was apprehensive about how Joan can help me. But when I was able to let go and trust “The Joan way” I saw my UWORLD scores go up and my confidence grew. If I can give any advice it would be just to let go and trust Joan. Stop studying!! Joan is right this exam is not about studying but practicing your skills. Forget all the pass programs you used and put your books down. Thank You Joan!!

  • But without FAITH it is impossible….for he that cometh must BELIEVE (Heb 11:6). If you are a repeat test taker or taking NCLEX for the first time and just hearing about Joan and HAPPYNCLEX, and wondering if you should try this programme…you must first have FAITH and BELIEVE that this is the programme for you.I am a Caribbean trained nurse so NCLEX material is pretty new for me. Ive been preparing for one whole year from April 2016. My first attempt at NCLEX was February 2017, after 160 questions I failed. Devastated! I didnt feel like continuing until I heard about HAPPYNCLEX. I exercised my FAITH & BELIEVED that this has to be it because I was tired of wasting time with other test prep companies.Theres a saying “IF YOU WANT SOMETHING YOU NEVER HAD, THEN YOU HAVE TO DO SOMETHING YOUVE NEVER DONE.” With that reminder I signed up for HAPPYNCLEX. Joan’s approach is holistic-mental (use of &meditation), physical( requirement of 20mins exercise daily) and spiritual( prayer at the end of readiness videos). It encompasses the whole being. Dont worry about content, what you need is the test taking strategies/skills to do well. Like the game “Simon says”…do exactly what Joan says and you will be successful. On July 24,2017 I stepped in that test centre confident with my nerves calm, this time I did 80 questions. My anxiety came awaiting results. I checked results 4 days later- I PASS!!! Thank you Joan and HAPPYNCLEX for contributing to my success. May God continue to bless you and your programme as you continue to be a blessing to others. For repeat test takers, not because you failed once, twice or even three times means that you are gonna fail again. Have FAITH & BELIEVE in yourself. TRUST GOD.

  • Hands up to Joan!! I graduated from PI in 2011 and came here and was a repeater many times. At first, I was skeptic when a friend of mine referred her website to me and she said she has no qbank. I said a NCLEX review website without a qbank? Are you kidding me? but since I tried everything why not. I checked her youtube posts and just followed my instinct and availed her program within that day. The skills she teaches, technique are all well balanced mind body and soul just like a holistic approach coaching! She is tough but again she IS RIGHT! And she knows what she is doing and just sharing her years of experience and knowledge to all of us. Very approachable on her private coaching that you will never be scared to ask silly questions, she answered all of my questions professionaly.
    Aug 4, 2017 the big day, went to the test center with confidence knowing I do not know everything BUT I have my skills testing with me and that made me felt secure. Status: Pass 🙂

  • Charmaine Rivera
    August 2, 2017 11:44 pm

    To Ms. Joan thank you so much for helping us make our dreams come true!! I am a repeat test taker, graduated 2011 and a foreign graduate. I highly recommend Ms. Joan’s program trust me it’s WORTH it. Follow all her instructions, focus and embrace your FAILURES. Whenever you feel tired and lazy make the videos your podcast it helped me and above all PRAY!

  • Hi Joan!

    Thank you once again! I passed NCLEX with 75 questions only. I answered each questions using your ways. Every time I read the questions, I remembered your advice especially when it comes to SATA. I also conquered my anxiety.

    I really recommend happynclex to everyone. It’s worth it. Trust me.

  • Future Nurses, Don’t give up!!! I graduated from an LPN to RN program. Thought I pretty much had the NCLEX in bag because I passed the LPN-NCLEX first time. I knew what to expect, just thought I had to “brush up” on some material….WRONG! Failed the RN-NCLEX 4 times. I used it all… the books and test prep companies, still could not pass. I happen to stumble upon happyNCLEX on Facebook and decided to look into it. BEST decision I could have made. Joan will breakdown every type of NCLEX question and demonstrate how to critically think your way to an answer. It wasn’t content that was keeping me from passing, it was the fact I didn’t know how to properly use critical thinking. After working with Joan I saw the NCLEX in a new way. Also a benefit to this program is learning how to control your stress/anxiety, one area I really needed help with. The morning I tested on July 28, 2017, my nerves were the calmest they had ever been and I felt more comfortable in my ability to critically think. On Sunday July 30, when I viewed my results, I officially became an RN. Joan is the reason I passed and for that I will be forever grateful! Follow the program exactly how it is set up and things will start making sense and fall into place. You can do it! Stay positive, keeping pushing forward, and remember to take it one day at a time. Thank you Joan!!!!!

  • Sarah Sumibcay
    July 27, 2017 4:31 pm

    Thank you, Joan Palmeri, for you and your wonderful program, you are a true blessing!! I passed my NCLEX-RN exam thanks to your program and guidance. Joan was very kind to me and helped me keep my mind focused, body healthy and be exam ready! She was right on all points, especially about the importance of knowing that you will not know everything but will be able to answer with problem-solving skills (as shown step by step in her program). I am honestly speechless right now, this is the second time that I took the exam and I could not have done it without God and this program. Never give up on your dreams!!!! I wasted my money the first time using HURST program, it did NOT help me pass the first time. I used this program and trusted that I had enough nursing knowledge to pass. I am happy to say that I can call myself an RN.

  • Thank you Joan!!! With your help I was able to pass the NCLEX, I am a repeat tester and I was feeling devastated. I felt as if I was not smart enough to be a nurse. With Joan’s help and her test teaching strategies, learning to talk yourself through each question, and to remain calm, is what helped me through the test. Even when I got a question that I had no earthly idea what it was talking about, I was still able to make an educated guess. I can not thank you enough Joan!!!

  • Charise Gordon
    July 13, 2017 6:39 pm

    I highly recommend this program! Joan is more than just the NCLEX Whisperer, she is A-MA-ZING!!
    I am repeat test taker and had it not been for Joan, I would not be reporting that I passed. This program was hands down a game changer for me. Her live webinar demonstrations and mental model concept she teaches helped me get through all 265 questions. I was able to take a deep breath and picture myself in each question and view it as an actual patient. All other programs tell you that you need critical thinking skills and that you need look for the key word in the question but NONE of them show you exactly how to do that. JOAN DOES! If you are reading this and are skeptical just read all the past testimonies and really ask yourself, do I need content or do I need problem solving skills? You will never have all the content and Joan will teach you how to answer the question even when you don’t know the content. Had I discovered this program long ago, I am sure I would not have had to introduce myself as a repeat tester. Please recommend to any and all recent nursing grads so they can pass the first time and stop this cycle of repeat test takers. Best of luck to you all and I wish you a bright future in nursing. CAG, RN

    July 13, 2017 4:00 pm

    I would like to tell my story in hopes that it will inspire one of you:
    I graduated nursing school in Dec. 2013, sat for my first attempt in March 2014, I failed, I was devastated, how were all my classmates passing and not me, I started to really doubt myself. I sat for a second time in August 2015, I failed again, I continued to study between my first and second attempt, what went wrong, now I am thinking I’m not smart enough to be a nurse. Both attempts the tree method did not help me, I needed something else. I found Joan in Sep. 2016, I still doubted myself, after 2 fails well I started to believe I would fail again. I worked with Joan for some time, I will be honest I rescheduled about 5 times. Joan was there with me every step of the way always guiding me and giving words of encouragement, I love Joan for that, I needed that!!! I sat for my third attempt June 27th, this was my time, there was no rescheduling. I remained calm but after 5 hours and question 125, I thought oh my gosh not again, I wanted to answer the questions faster, I was running out of time. I could hear Joan’s voice stay calm, don’t worry about the time stay focused, so I took a deep breath and carried on. I found out on July 7th that I did pass my NCLEX, I owe that to Joan. Listen to her and reach out to her, she is in your corner. And its true about content some of the questions I would had never known to study that. Thank you sooooo much Joan, you truly are the NCLEX whisper!!!!!

    Melissa, RN

  • Joan is absolutely amazing! Everything she teaches you, is for the best. At first I was a little hesitant to do the exercise and meditation everyday, but just like she said, it truly makes the BIGGEST difference. AND I love that she constantly said it’s not about doing as many questions as possible because in nursing school they always told us the only way to pass is do a million questions. That is most definitely not the case! It’s about knowing how to answer the NCLEX questions and Joan made that possible. I did exactly what she teaches, the day of boards, and I passed the first time with 75 questions. What I can say was the most helpful for me was the videos about anxiety and how to get rid of test anxiety. I have always had the worst test anxiety, and I would always let it get in the way of my testing in nursing school. With Joan my anxiety disappeared!! I can’t thank you enough Joan for helping make this possible for me. HANDS DOWN BEST COURSE!

  • Let me be straight. No way I would’ve passed nclex without Joan’s help. I am three time repeater, three times in a row I got 265 questions. I used all reviews courses. I spend thousands of dollars. I did thousands of questions but nothing helped me. I was just about to give up when one of my friends who also struggled to pass nclex three time pass it and told me about Joan so I bought it, however I was very uncertain about the course. I was telling myself that this is probably another instructor who wants to make money but as soon I started watching her videos I felt this is a piece that was missing in my puzzle. I passed nclex in 122 questions. I had around 50 sata questions and 6 drag and drop that was very hard but with Joan strategies it looked very manageable because she literally taught me how to think. thank very much Joan thank very much

  • LaToya Gilbert
    July 12, 2017 11:40 am

    Hello all,

    I finished my nursing program in December 2016. I sat for the NCLEX for the first time in March and failed. I felt devastated but I knew I had to keep going. My friend told me about happynclex with Joan and although I was hesitant, I gave it a try. The test taking strategies that Joan teaches you is amazing. I did the program for the entire time that was allotted and took my time going through it. I was more confident going into taking my test the second time around and honestly it seemed so much easier after learning the skills and applying them, that is taught in this program. I sat for the NCLEX again on July 10 and I PASSED !!!! If I can do it anyone can. Believe in yourself and have faith that you can do it too! Thanks Joan!

    LaToya Gilbert, RN

  • Marie Grace Jacildo
    July 9, 2017 11:31 am

    I was a repeat test taker. Been out from nursing profession for almost 9 years now and have a daughter who’s still in the hospital right now since birth. I knew my test taking anxiety was a reason also for being a repeat test taker. I failed my first take MAY 2017 used Uworld + Saunders cover to cover.. 265 questions. After 45 days, I took my second try, this time around I used UWORLD again and HAPPY NCLEX. I never regret having this program. I thank Joan Palmeri for answering my emails and questions about my prep. After learning her problem solving skills I noticed my scores were sky rocketing (71% over all) compared to my first take but above all I noticed that my anxiety in taking this test was far different from the first time. I was able to sleep good at least a week before exam. I was more calm, relaxed and didn’t cram when my testing date is getting near. I learned to do meditation which helped me refocus if my mind wanders at the exam. I was like wonderwoman after seeing tons of SATA (59 SATAS) some were one after another and I was like a bad ass test taker that time having my tally sheet (ice breaker :)) ) keep saying come on!!! more SATAs or more higher level difficult questions. There was never a fear or should I say I learned how to handle my anxiety on whatever NCLEX will throw me. The exam looked like a battle field esp i was expecting and confident it will stopped at 75, but not, i went through all the way to 265 MAX! but feels like i have a shield (Joan Palmeri’s problem solving skills) after clicking 75 i got 76,77,122..I didn’t doubt myself compared to my first take. My mind was well rested because she told me not to study and keep away all the reviews a few days before the exam because I noticed I started to burnout from prep.

    I thank Joan, happyNCLEX saved me, after 48 hours after I PASSED!I’m now a US REGISTERED NURSE! thanks JOAN

  • Carilyn Miles
    July 6, 2017 3:30 pm

    I am an international graduate who left nursing school in 2013. I hadn’t worked as a nurse after school because soon thereafter I came the USA. That’s when my NCLEX journey began and oh what a long journey it was. So I’ve used many many resources like NCSBN learning extension, YouTube videos, UWorld, HURST review just to name a few and I attempted the exam 3 times but for some reason I just could not pass. I really couldn’t understand why because it’s not like I didn’t know the content I studied content for months but something was missing. After my last failed attempt I didn’t know what to do because I was paying all this money for all these prep courses and none seemed to work so I just felt like giving up I didn’t know what to do next. So in an effort to figure out my next move I was watching YouTube one day and Joan Palmeri was mentioned. For all the months I researched NCLEX prep courses I’ve never seen or heard of Joan but boy am I thankful the day I found Joan. IF YOU DONT READ ANYTHING ELSE JUST READ THIS, INVEST IN HAPPY NCLEX!!!!!!!!! IT WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE!!!!! It literally changed my life, helped me with test anxiety (which I didn’t realize was so bad), completely changed my thinking, COMPLETELY!!! You will find that answering questions becomes easier and more fun. It will take you out of you comfort zone but make you feel confident at the same time. Don’t hesitate in signing up it’s worth it and it will save you time and money. Joan not only prepares you for the NCLEX but she prepares your mind for the real thing. She’s always available to answers questions, provide guidance and really help you out. She’s incredible. With Joans help I can now say I’m officially a licenced RN!!!! Happy NCLEX works just follow the steps and you’ll kick NCLEX’s butt!!!

  • hey everyone, First I would like to say BIG THANKS TO JOAN who is like as special as GOD for me as I get a wonderful title of RN with my name just with the strengthening help, support and GREAT motivation from JOAN. I am an international graduated nurse, passed my nursing in 2013. After that I was far away from my study. Then i came to USA and I found there are lots of materials for NCLEX test preparation that are loaded with content. After searching on GOOGLE I found JOAN and HAPPY NCLEX. At first I was confused to buy it like with other materials we think which one will be good or helpful. But I can PROUDLY say that it was my best decision to get JOAN’S words for very little expense. On my test day I WAS JUST THINKING OF JOAN’S WORDS IN her voice that need to Stay CALM, POSITIVE…DEEP BREATHING…POSITIVE APPROACH TO EVERY Q. I keep going with JOAN’S WONDERFUL and PRAYER like words. REALLY THANKFUL TO YOU JOAN FOR MY WHOLE LIFE.

  • I was a repeat test taker. I took my NCLEX-PN on 6/26/2017, 85 questions. Two days later I got my result- I passed. Joan, she’s amazing. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND TO HER! Just listen to her and trust the process. She is best. THANK YOU SO MUCH, JOAN. GOOD LUCK & GOD BLESS TO EVERYONE!!!

  • Hello everyone!
    I just wanted to share with you my long story.
    I’m an international nurse/graduated 12 years ago.
    I moved to USA with my family and in two years I first tried to pass the exam, but after 141 questions the computer shut down… I failed.
    Second time, after 9 years, I failed again this March. The computer shut down after 131 questions.
    At that time I was preparing with Hurst and Elevate programs. But it was just the material, not the strategy how to answer questions… also I did U World.
    The third time, I found Joan’s program. I decided to give it a try…. along with the U World.
    After 6 weeks working with Joan Palmeri I did my third attempt on May 19. It was a little easier, if you know how your mind changes with her strategy.
    I thought that I didn’t pass because the computer shut down @ 142-145 questions, I didn’t remember exactly.
    But I didn’t get more than 30 SATA questions! I was sure that it was a bad sign.
    But I know, that I did them correctly.
    I want to tell everyone – PRAY, get some rest, don’t spend money on some BIG company, you know enough content . YOU need Joan Palmeri!
    If I did it with my 2 pairs of twins, graduated in 2005- international, with God and Joan – you can too!
    Work with her, spend just a little money and get your license!
    Thank you Joan! You are the best (like the policy :))

    • Thank you for your wonderful words and encouragement. I been out of school for two years , took the nclex twice and failed . I just hope Joan service will help me pass once it for all

    • Hi congratulations! Your story is very inspiring. Which program did you take with Joan ?

  • I just would like to say that happyNCLEX is the! It literally changed the NCLEX prep game! I am a 4th time test taker and I’m proud to say I am an RN! I felt more clear minded and confident when I went to test this time around. The computer shut off at 150 questions and I knew I had passed! Joan really gave me hope when I was down and almost ready to give up. I graduated in December of 2014 and have been trying different NCLEX prep tools to no avail. Anyone who hasn’t passed NCLEX as yet really should get on board with Joan…It’s worth every penny, I won’t steer you wrong!

  • Kathleen Magdales-Gomez
    May 26, 2017 11:37 am


    My story goes like this:

    I graduated my BSN in the Philippines 2011 and passed our local boards.

    I’m one of those people who weren’t lucky to pass the NCLEX-RN for the 1st time and keep taking it and keep failing after the other. I was working full time literally no have time to study. So I told my self maybe it wasn’t meant to be. Everytime my friends would tell me “Hey I passed the Nclex” and I’d say OMG so happy for you! after that I asked my self “do you want to try again?” and end up failing again? I procastinate alot until I reached to the point that I almost gave up my dream to be a USRN, but my husband kept pushing to give it shot. So what I did was I read Kaplan cover to cover and my scores were not so great. Been answering U-world yet scores were around 42-43% (borderline). I told my self that I have the content already, but why it looks like to be just a cycle for me? what should I do now?

    I joined the u world page and religiously reading comments and feedbacks. I saw somebody posted about I search about it and read reviews and I’d say it was pretty good! I joined Joan Palmeri’s program and followed the program as it was designed. Bought U-world again to do more practice questions.

    I took Nclex May 17 at 11:30am, when I entered the building I told my self this would be the last time I’d be coming over here. The guy who was assisting me recognized me and said ” I remember you! taking Nclex?” I smiled at him and said “Yeah” and secretly told my self “this would be my LAST”

    I consumed almost 5 hours but I’m still at 160+ item. I need to have a game plan! I refused one scheduled break just to catch up. I took a deep breath stretched out and took my time in answering the last few items because I knew it was only the last 60 items that they’ll be checking…When I saw the question 219 and it was about heparin calculation I got nervous! I thought I would never had calculation (not so good at it). I just let the time run out, I don’t want to make a mistake and could be the cause of my failure. My exam was mostly SATA and Prioritization. I only had one delegation. I had questions pertaining to case management,2 Drag and drop and 2 Exhibits. They bombarded me with questions like “Which requires a follow up” I can hear Joan coaching me while I was answering each questions.

    I went home thinking what happened? asked my self again “Did I do good for the last 60 questions?” I actually felt good, I can even recall the questions and the choices given. I don’t want to do PVT because for the last exams that I took I end up being broken hearted. 2 hours passed and I received an email from pearson notifying me that I finished taking the exam etc. etc. I felt stranged for the 1st time I received the email later than usual because everytime I turn on my phone after the exam email pops up right away. So I speculated… Maybe it’s a sign! I have a new theory, hmmm maybe when you fail you’ll receive the email right away, but if you pass it will take time as they’re still validating the results. (not proven tho)

    So I was supposed to check it last friday May 19, but I wasn’t home, I postponed it as I wanted my husband to check it for me as I was really scared. May 20 Saturday I have to attend a vey important event, went home late anxious but pearson vue site was under maintainance. I decided to check it on May 21 Sunday morning before I go to work. Next thing I knew I saw my husband crying with so much joy because I PASSED! I couldn’t be more happier!!! I’m glad I joined the happynclex program!! I just can’t believe I am an RN now. 

    Jeeezz! Joan was right! you don’t need to know “EVERYTHING” you just have to accept the fact that the moment you sit down for your exam there will be questions that will be thrown out to you that you’ve never encountered before. Joan said “All you need is to have skills”. She’s also good in following up my progress. She replies ASAP through e-mail. I highly recommend her especially for the repeaters.

    LESSON: It’s not about how many times you take it, it’s about passing it, in God’s perfect time!

    • hi,
      I also graduated in the philippines and failed the nclex rn several times. Your story was truly inspiring. Which of the programs from happynclex would you suggest I should sign up for? Please advise. Thank you in advance!

      • Joan Palmeri
        July 16, 2017 6:18 pm

        Aco, Please contact me directly for advice:

      • Hi,

        Just read your comment here. If you haven’t contacted Joan please do so…. Don’t lose hope! Cheer up! I know you can make it! Joan will be there for you all the way! You have to trust your self and this program. Bless you!

  • Anisha Sharma
    May 20, 2017 8:47 am

    I had tried it all, everything I could until I ran out of gas.I knew content was not my problem, there was something else not working for me. Hopeless and despair, I turned to Joan. She helped fix me where I was weak, the strategies. She changed the way I look at questions, took the anxiety out of me and here I am, a registered nurse. Never felt happier in my life as I do now. I know most of it goes to my perseverance but things wouldn’t have been same it wasn’t for you, thank you Joan Palmeri.

  • This review course is amazing. I passed my Ncelx RN exam on May 16, 2017. After the upmteenth attempt I found Happy NCLEX with Joan Palmeri. Her strategies in conquering the beast will leave you thinking how could I have possibility failed the first time? Joan teaches you how to think like a nurse and putting yourself in that particular setting that the question is asking you. Home practice is the absolute best, it teaches you to take your time there is no rush the entire goal is to do 75-100 question in 3 1/2 hours. I am proud to say I did 98 question in 3 hours. The exam seemed so easy with the technique Joan is teaching us. If you have purchased this review you have made a great choice to accomplishing your goal. Step by step is the key, do not skip over anything the live sessions will make sure you have the keys to your success. God bless you Joan and all who are in the process of writing the NCLEX.

    • Congratulations!!! I passed on the 17th with Joan!!! Best thing ever!!!! I need to write a review…

  • It’s official I paid for the quick results and it says “PASS”. I have been the NCLEX PN since 2008. I’ve tried everything from Kaplan, Hurst Review, Exam Cram, and finally Joan. I had to realize that I knew the content but not the strategies to answer the questions. Joan is awesome with helping you prepare for the beast. While I was very unsure if I should try her I saw her name in a post saying she help them prepare and pass the test, I did my research and contacted her and the rest was history. Joan if I had a thousand tongues to say THANK YOU that wouldn’t be enough. I can finally say I’m a nurse.

  • It was a long and tough journey but im finally home- OFFICIALLY AN R.N. I can’t thank you enough Joan. The testing skills that you’re teaching are really helpful. Availing your program was worth the time and effort and money. YOU’RE THE BEST AND IM DEFINITELY RECOMMENDING YOUR PROGRAM TO OTHERS.

  • This program changed my LIFE!!! I thought I didn’t know the content.. NOPE, I knew the content, I just didn’t understand how to answer the retarded questions. Spend the money ppl.. Joan is amazing at what she does.. First, next, blah blah blah she will show you how to answer the question based on the keywords… It will take a few hours of practice but if you keep doing this while waiting for your test date you will pass.. Keep an open mind and most of all believe in yourself!!!

  • Life saver!!! Joan is absolutely awesome!! I tried Kaplan. I have the Saunders book and I felt like man I am a repeat test taker I probably didn’t pass previous attempts because I don’t know everything. I was losing sleep and had anxiety. I was getting good grades in school why am I having such a hard time with this exam?!?! Well, I came across Happy Nclex and let me say it’s a complete 360 of everything you need to pass. You learn very early in its not about content. The skills you learn will help you pass. It was worth every penny! I can’t thank Joan enough she gives you proper method to critically think and select the right answer sometimes without even having to read the whole question. After Happynclex I was getting 90% of SATA correct. Investing in her program will save you tons of unneeded stress. Truly, it’s not content that is the problem its knowing how to answer the questions using key terms! Thanks again Joan!!

  • I am an international nurse and passed the NCLEX on my second attempt on the 28th of March. I learnt about the Happy NCLEX on the Uworld facebook page. Joan helped me with step-wise critical thinking process, strategies of answering questions especially SATA, test anxiety management and how to approach the questions with ease and calmness even when uncertain as to the exact answers. Joan is simply amazing!

  • Joan Palmeri is awesome! I am a 4th time repeat test taker and I heard about Joan through a friend. The skills she teaches are amazing! I graduated nursing school in 2014 and never gave up! I tried many different resources, but found Joan Palmeri and UWorld and stuck with it. I prayed and prayed and followed Joan’s concept! I would definitely recommend her training! Just remember DON’T FOCUS ON CONTENT! Joan will teach you the skills you need to pass NCLEX!!! Cheers to HAPPYNCLEX !!!!

    • what would you say is the best u world or happy nclex

      • They are two totally different things: UWorld is a Qbank. happyNCLEX trains you in the problem-solving skills you need to handle the questions.

  • dorreentaylor
    March 23, 2017 5:47 pm

    If you are wondering.. should I??? shouldn’t I???? THE ANSWER IS YES YOU SHOULD!….JOAN IS PHENOMENAL !!!!!! Her approach to NCLEX is matchless.Joan really cares about your success. Her style of teaching involves letting go of PERFECTIONISM and embracing I DON’T HAVE TO KNOW EVERYTHING.This (among other things she taught me) helped me to learn content daily and recall what I was learning, while obtaining test taking skills. Joan is “HANDS ON ” ……Joan and I kept in contact weekly on my progress mind,body and spirit; coaching me accordingly. As a result of her labor and my prayers, I passed my NCLEX-RN 3/18/17. I thank GOD for using Joan to help me with my life dream to become a Registered Nurse. THANK YOU ——JOAN

  • It feels amazing to announce that I am officially a RN and I honestly don’t think I would’ve passed without happyNCLEX! It has been one long and emotional journey.

    I am a repeat test taker, the last time being my third and final attempt. I was sure I knew the basic content but the way I was applying it was all wrong. The strategies, daily preparations, test anxiety management, and especially her style of teaching was definitely the key to passing this time around. Honestly, I studied less this time than I had before which is also very surprising. Do exactly as she says, follow her steps and most importantly communicate with her. I passed with 76 questions in 2 hours and I am extremely thankful that someone from the Uworld Facebook group suggested the program. HappyNCLEX and Joan are literally a dream come true! THANK YOU AGAIN! Now off to use these healing hands to save lives!!!

  • English is my second language.I took my first attempt last year and only used Uworld. One of my coworkers who passed told me about happynclex. I was hesitant to sign up because my funds are limited and I don’t want to spend another resource that is not working. But I did it and it was the best decision ever. I took the NCLEX on March 9. I got a lot of SATAs. It was not easy, but because of Joan I was able to focus. I can even hear her voice while answering the qs lol. NCLEX is all about applying your stock knowledge in a different situations. You know your content/material already and it is how well you are able to apply that knowledge without freaking out and doubting yourself. Joan will help you approach the test easily and smooth without freaking out and without a doubt PASS!!! I am sooo greatful for her help. Its the best decision ever. And of course, dont forget to PRAY harder. He listened!!! Good luck to you all. Its doable……….Ma Fe P. BSN,RN

  • Finally, I passed NCLEX-RN! Joan Palmeri, you are the best! I am very thankful to Joan for her excellent problem solving skills. I followed Joan strategies such as slowing down for the warm up questions and familiarized the format of the questions. When I felt that my anxiety was up again, I did inhale and exhale to calm down myself and reminded myself that I can do it that I have the skills to solve the problems and I did it! I had a bunch of SATA, but with the help of Joan strategies, I was able to answer them. By the way, English is my second language, so if I can do it you can do it too! Good luck! Always, Victoriana

  • It’s official! I passed my Nclex-PN exam on February 25, 2017!!! I am now a LPN thanks to Joan Palmeri!!! With her support, encouragement, and that soothing voice she has, along with the strategies that I was taught to use when answering these nclex questions made me feel relaxed and confident in knowing that I was going to pass the second time around. Please to anyone who is having a difficult time passing the nclex whether RN or PN, give Happy Nclex a shot! You will not regret it!

  • If you have ever…
    A.doubted yourself
    B.wanted to give up
    C Felt left behind because everyone else passed
    D. questioned if nursing was for you
    E.all of the above
    Just Know that Joan is amazing!! and all of that negative thinking stops here…..Please don’t waste your money or time on several different resources when everything you need to pass is what Joan has to offer I walked into the testing center a Cna and walked out an RN you can do it to 🙂 delayed but not denied!!!!! please don’t give up you can do anything you put your mind to. I’d recommend Joan to anyone who is preparing for the boards. MY LIFE CHANGED the day I decided to work with Joan. Every question I had she answered. I emailed her and she’d get back to me quickly. Its official I can now add these initials to my name ~RN~ Thanks HappyNclex I can live now and and start saving lives!!

  • This is probably going to be a long review but I want to share my story with those who are hesitating to join this program. Here it goes.

    I am a repeat test taker and I was honestly at the edge of giving up. I was in need of desperate help. I started searching for programs and that’s when I found happyNCLEX. At first, I was hesitant but, I had nothing else but to just believe in something. I am so happy that I found this program because it has helped me pass NCLEX!! I still can’t believe it but I am officially an RN!!!

    When I first started studying I thought my main problem was content but after joining the program I’ve learned that I no longer need to study content. Why? because I already know my content. I just needed help on test taking strategies and that’s what Joan did. She showed me how to critically think, pinpointing out keywords and what to look for in the questions. It made it easier to understand the question and answer it. What truly helped me was that I didn’t need to know everything. During the exam there were a lot of disease names and pharmacology that I never heard of. If it wasn’t for this program, I would have easily panicked and my anxiety would have shot up and distracted me. But, Joan teaches you to say “I don’t know” that it is okay to not know everything. She helps you come to an answer without knowing. The strategies and daily preparation routine that Joan had me follow definitely allowed me to pass. I trusted and I believed and now I am an RN. Thank you Joan!

  • I joined happyNCLEX in October 2016 and I was very pleased with the contents and the way Joan does her break down on how to answer questions. I am officially an RN now. I sat the exam in December and I had no problem answering the questions. Thanks Joan this program was very helpful I had no idea of answering questions and I keep failing. A friend recommend that I try happyNCLEX after exploring different programs. I am happy to say that it works and would recommend it to anyone who has trouble passing NCLEX. Thank you!

  • Hi,everyone. I passed my NCLEX with 75 questions! I’m an international nurse. All thanks to God and Joan. Her strategies are so amazing and they actually work. At the exam, with her strategies for problem-solving skills I had an outline for each question using that strategy and now am an RN. I will recommend this program for anyone that wants to pass this exam. It is better than any other review class.

    December 3, 2016 9:44 pm

    I was doing uworld questions but I was doing just alright. There is a lot of pressure when taking the NCLEX the first time so needless to say the pressure got to me. It made me anxious and I lost my confidence. HappyNCLEX was a good decision I made. It did benefit because it taught me things I didn’t notice during school. Joan’s program teaches you how to figure the puzzle out.
    When I took my NCLEX before I knew it, I hit question 75 and I was done. I left the exam feeling like I passed. I didn’t have one doubt I didn’t. I went home, did the trick and passed.
    I felt well prepared and I honestly thought this was better than ATI or Hurst.
    Cliff note:
    – Was anxious
    – Took Joan’s coaching
    – Gained confidence
    – Left the building feeling confident that I passed
    – Passed NCLEX on my first try
    – Happy NCLEX is legit worth it

  • You know what they say…third time’s a charm. After two grueling failures with a combined 520 questions between the two i sought out help and was pointed toward Joan and Happy NCLEX. Here i am, the day after i took my boards with my head held high with a little RN next to my name. 90 questions that were a breeze thanks to Joan’s tutoring. Thank you so much for helping me achieve this milestone in my life i couldn’t have done it without you.

  • I passed the boards, the beast. It was such a difficult journey for me. if it wasn’t for Happy NCLEX, Joan and Uworld I don’t believe that I would’ve pass. I tried everything and nothing seemed to help but this. She really focused on test taking strategies that has obviously helped for me. the daily prep and videos allowed me to pass this time.

  • I strongly believe Joan Palmeri has got the anointing from God. I mean what I say. Coz when I was confused to whether to take it or not, I took bible as always and I saw the word “happy” so I joined her program and PASSED NCLEX WITH 75questions, first attempt…Yeah! Be a part of Gods blessings she wants for you. Joan is one of a kind and she really work from the bottom of her heart. I would keep her in my heart and my first teacher in the USA since I came from abroad.

  • Hello, Joan. I took my NCLEX last week and I pass with 75 questions. I participated in coaching, listened to your advice and I followed everything you taught us. I would not be able to be so calm and pass without you. You are great and I am so happy that I found HappyNclex. To all of you, who are still wondering if it’s worth it – yes, it is. Every single penny. You will start feeling different, calm and confident and you will be able to critically think through every single question. Just follow Joan’s advice and you are good to go. Thank you and good luck to all of you future nurses.

  • Words are not enough to express my joy, excitement, and gratitude to Joan and Project NCLEX. It’s hard to believe after three attempts, I can finally say that I am an RN. I listened to Joan and did everything she told me to do such as meditation, build 2-3 hours when doing questions, and I even fixed my shoes the night before my test. I am so happy that my friends told me about Project NCLEX. Don’t hesitate to take Joan as your coach; you will not regret anything. Thank you so much Joan and May God bless you.

  • I am OFFICIALLY an RN after two failed attempts!! Everyone, I have an incredible story to share with you all – especially to the ones who think they will never pass the NCLEX-RN. YOU WILL. I am a living proof that you can! I live in the state of Florida where after three failed attempts, you have to go back to school. I knew this third attempt needed to be my last. I also suffer from heavy ADHD. When I say heavy, I mean I really unable to focus on one thing at a time.

    Two weeks before the exam – I was feeling really great about the exam. There were days when the exam day was drawing closer and closer that I was getting very nervous and anxious, and was getting a lot of questions wrong on UWorld (Some days I would score 25-40%). Joan reassures me that’s okay and actually GOOD to get questions wrong before the exam, so you can understand the rationale and learn it before the exam! I trusted her words. I ended UWorld with a 45% overall and that was leaving around 150 questions unanswered out of the entire test bank. There is no certain percentage average to guarantee a pass. You can have an average as low as my score and still pass the exam. What’s a lot more important than your scores is making sure you READ and UNDERSTAND the rationale. Understand WHY you got it wrong, and how the answer is well, the answer! 🙂

    My NCLEX experience – There was things I came across during the exam that I have NEVER heard about in nursing school, or during my daily home practice. But you know what? I knew it was perfectly OKAY! Joan’s critical thinking strategies HELPS YOU break down the question and focus on what they’re really asking, and you can get it right if you just follow her process. Also please remember you do not have to get every question right! Do not let a few questions hinder your critical process thinking.

    Thank you so so so much Joan! This program was the #1 reason that helped me pass on my third try. I’m so excited to start my RN journey now and it is all thanks to you!

    I did NOT use Kaplan, Saunders, Lippincott, any of those review content courses or any of their NCLEX review textbooks. None. For content, I took what I knew from nursing school already. I did not stress myself over learning new content, AT ALL.

    • Wow. That is so amazing and very encouraging. Congratulations on your success. I’m a repeat test taker and I’m so ready to pass and put this behind me. I graduated last year and I sometimes think I forgot everything learned.

  • It’s official, now I can call myself an RN! I passed my nclex with 75 questions. I want to thank happy nclex for this wonderful review. I failed with 265 before bu’st this time it was so much easier and I knew I pass after leaving the testing center. Joan strategy really helped me and she’s awesome. Every time I am answering question I can hear is her voice. I used the method she taught me for every question. Big thank you again and I will continue to recommend everyone to attend this review.

    Fatou, RN

  • After 3 times, I PASSED & I finally am a RN!
    This was one of the worst periods for me going through studying content after content & still failing until I decided to give Joan at HappyNclex a try. She literally is the Nclex Whisperer! If you are someone who is struggling to pass & feel like you’ve tried everything or if its even your first time taking boards do NOT hesitate to purchase this program because Joan will change your entire outlook of how to approach Nclex questions & you will never go back. You will be a BADASS NURSE! Thats all I kept saying to myself during my exam & Joan’s strategies were right there with me. I suffered from test taking anxiety & purchased all those over advertised content reviews but nothing helped besides this. Trust me, this program is worth every penny! Thank you again Joan for your support, I am forever grateful!

  • I just wanted to thank you sooo much. i passed my nclex on 9/12. it was my “3rd” attempt. the first 2 i failed and the 3rd attempt i just didnt go take the test even though it was scheduled. I invested in your program and it was the best thing. You taught me strategies that other programs didnt have and also you showed me to really critically think. I am so appreciative. I can finally provide for my family and it feels awesome to finally reach my goal to be an official RN. 

    Thank you again.

  • First and foremost, Joan is an amazing instructor! I could not have passed the NCLEX with without her.

    I found Joan through social media and had emailed her after I failed my exam the first time but was skeptical and didn’t go to her right away. Worst decision ever!! After failing two more times I finally came to my senses and joined Joan, best decision ever!!

    I graduated nursing school back in 2014. My nursing program recommended Kaplan which I used the first and second time I failed..

    I was devastated. I continued to study and I decided to try the NCSBN refresher program. I was convinced it was content related, maybe I just need to review a little more content so I can pass! And guess what!!! Failed again … after failing three times I felt maybe I wasn’t meant to be a nurse. I felt helpless and that I was letting everyone down!! I wanted to just quit and throw in the towel. Thank goodness my family and friends did not let that happen.

    I finally reached out to Joan and her program. Joan was welcoming and encouraging and didn’t rub it in that I had contacted her previously and flaked out. She kept a positive attitude and changed my perception of failure. She also helped me let go of my anxiety and previous failures and focus on the here and now and stuff we perceive to have control over.

    Her program was definitely one of a kind. Joan stressed the importance of home practice NOT content. She taught me how to look at questions and pick apart the key words. She taught me how to read the base of the question first and then the entire question, then going through each answer with yes, no and IDK which helped me not throw out answers but really use critical thinking to figure out the answer. She taught me how to control my anxiety around select all that apply questions and how to approach them without fear. She provided numerous tools and webinars which help you use and practice the critical thinking model which she displays and uses in her weekly webinars. These weekly webinars were only 90 mins in length and contained every area the NCLEX tests you on.

    After working with Joan, I finally passed the NCLEX. I couldn’t be more ecstatic!! She had me do self-assessments and send them to her throughout my time working with her which I thought were very helpful I was able to vent my frustrations and concerns. I also emailed her any time I was anxious or had a question and she was always there with the right words.

    I highly recommend Joan and I am so thankful for her help and guidance! I could not have done it without her seriously!!

    Thanks again!!

  • I can’t thank Joan enough! She is heaven sent. Her program really works. While taking my NCLEX exam I used her test taking skills and it made the questions seem easy. She taught me how to relax and break the questions down. She is absolutely right about not needing anymore nursing content. All you need is test taking skills. I passed with 80 questions!

  • I have finally passed the NCLEX and I am so relieved!! I had taken it for the first time July 1st and used Kaplan and tried to do Joan’s program but did not follow it like I should have and I failed. I was devastated and embarrassed. I decided to use Joan’s program again and this time I followed exactly what she said and kept in touch with her. I also purchased Uworld and loved that so much better than Kaplan. I followed the program and strategies that Joan shows us and practiced over and over. My test was August 18th and I passed!!!! I highly recommend Happy NCLEX but make sure you follow what she says even meditating. I thought Joan’s program was awesome in helping me learn test taking skills and I am very happy that I did it again! Thank you so much for everything Joan. I am so happy I can now say I am Shannon Miller, RN.

  • Brittany Sluss, RN
    August 20, 2016 10:16 am

    Let me start off by saying that when Joan says she will help you, she WILL help you. I emailed her constantly and she always emailed me back fast with all the right answers!
    I am so happy that I can now write a review about how successful this program and Joan Palmeri was for me! I am now a RN at Memorial Hospital in the Pediactric Hem/onc, post surgical unit!!! :]
    I graduated from Armstrong State University in Savannah, GA in May. Right before we graduated, we had the HESI live review. Many of our class signed up for HURST LIVE review as well. So the week after HESI, we did HURST live. After I got done with the 3 day hurst review, I got to studying at least 5 hrs a day and sometimes all day. I wrote flashcard of the entire hurst book. I didnt do any practice questions, I only focused on the content and the videos that hurst provided. 2 weeks before my exam, I started taking the qreview exams. I did 3 of them. I did uworld ALL DAY probably the last week. My exam was on a Tuesday. I did uworld sat, sun and monday. My exam was on a tues at 2pm. I got to the testing center at around 1130 and sat in my car STUDYING!!! I was so stressed and so DONEEE! I wanted all this to be OVER! When I sat down to take my exam, I was thinking I can’t wait to get to 75 questions so I can just pass and get this over with. So I failed!
    I cried and was depressed for about 2 weeks. I started the hurst remediation after the first week. One afternoon I started googling a tutor, this is where I came across Joan. I looked into her and her reviews and just knew that this is what I needed. I needed to know how to stay calm and how to approach the question and that is exactly was her program teaches you! I stopped doing everything and put all my faith into Joan and her program.
    After week 2 in Joan’s program, I started the nurse residency program. I had to work M-F 8-5 . I started only studying 2 hrs a day which I never thought would be enough. Meditation WORKS! When I went to sit down the take the NCLEX Monday, I was confident. I knew I needed to take my time, NOT number count and focus on the patient in front of me. I DID IT!!! The nclex was honestly not that bad. She is wonderful. not only does she help you pass the NCLEX but she teaches you how to think like a professional and expect to NOT know everything!! I would recommend anyone to Joan that is preparing for the NCLEX.
    Once again, Thank you so much Joan for putting up with all my emails and helping me! I will forever be grateful. I couldnt have done this with I hope this helps. If anyone has any questions, I would be happy to help out because I have been there!!!

    • Yes, Paul, I’m happy to help you. I’ve designed this program for repeat test takers (and those who do not wish to repeat.) See program details and testimonials from others that were in your situation here on the website. When you’re ready to start, register and you’ll get instructions to Get Started. We’ll be in contact throughout the program. Email me directly:

  • I’m so grateful to say thanks to Joan Palmeri from happyNCLEX. I passed with 76 questions. If I knew about happyNCLEX before, I would not failed the 1st time. The way Joan helped me to think critically made me comfortable and relaxed while I was taking the test. It was like I heard Joan’s voice going over the questions and the answers with me like she does in the webinars. Just listen to her and follow her strategies and you will obtain your RN license. happyNCLEX is the best review and the price is affordable. I did a lot of other reviews before my first attempt and they didn’t help me. Joan, God created you to do happyNCLEX and please continue to do it.

  • Joan is an amazing person and instructor! I could not have passed the Nclex with without her.

    I met Joan through social media sites and through a mutual friend, also using Joan’s program.

    I graduated nursing school back in 2013, from St. Scholastica, in Duluth, MN. My nursing program incorporated ATI into our curriculum and also encouraged us to use Kaplan after graduation to prepare for the Neclex. I did both and failed my first time.

    I was devastated I continued to study and I decided to try the Hurst program I kept telling myself maybe it’s content related maybe I just need to review a little more content so I can pass!

    Failed again … after failing twice with having a BSN in nursing I felt maybe I wasn’t ment to be a nurse. It hurt me to think that way but I felt helpless. I had always wanted to be a nurse since I was a little girl. I took some time off from studying and did some research.

    I found Joan and her program — Joan was welcoming and encouraging she allowed me to share my story with her and was not judgmental at all. She kept a positive attitude and changed my perception of failure. She also helped me battle my anxiety issues with meditation and deep breathing exercises.

    Her program was definitely one of a kind. Joan stressed the importance of home practice NOT content. She taught me how to look at questions and pick apart the key words. She taught me how to read the base of the question first and then the entire question, allowing my brain to function at maximum ability. She taught me how to control my anxiety around select all that apply questions and how to approach them without fear. She provided numerous tools and print outs on her program website that I utilized daily in my home practice.

    Joan also provided us with weekly video modules and webinars in person where is she showed us and modeled the critical thinking process needed to pass the NCLEX. These weekly webinars were only 90 mins in length and contained every area the NCLEX tests you on.

    After working with Joan, I finally passed the NCLEX. I couldnt be happier. She taught so much about myself and about being a bad ass nurse lol. She had me do self-assessments and send them to her throughout my time working with her which I thought were very helpful I was able to vent my frustrations and concerns to her and she responded in a timely manner.

    Joan was with me every step of the way she responded to every email every question every concern I had with in the next day 24 hours a day 7 days a week she was there for me more than any instructor ever was that I had a nursing school.

    I highly recommend Joan and I am so thankful for her help and guidance!

  • I am officially a RN and I could not have done it without the help of Project NCLEX! I was a repeat test taker and my confidence was significantly decreased after failing my first attempt, despite my thought of being well prepared. As a Canadian nurse, there is a 3 strike rule so I knew I needed to do everything in my power to be successful the next time around. When I came across Joan’s facebook group and learned through her that the NCLEX is all about performance, I knew that this would be of great help and was exactly what I needed… no more content reviews… no more trying to learn what was already learned throughout nursing school…just needed to learn how to approach NCLEX questions! Joan took the time to individualize test prep to suit my needs and always gave a timely responses to my self assessment. The test taking skills and strategies is something the every graduate nurse needs in order to understand how to approach the NCLEX. I am so grateful that I came across Happy NCLEX as I know this is the major reason I was efficient in my NCLEX performance the second time around. Kristine, BSN, RN

  • I cannot believe these words are coming out of my mouth but I’m finally an RN! I am so excited to begin my journey as a nurse and I seriously couldn’t have done it without Joan. I failed the NCLEX the first time with 265q. I felt so discouraged. I thought that I was never going to pass the NCLEX. I felt stuck like I had no where to go. But one day it hit me that I couldn’t let this failure get to me. A friend of mine recommended me happynclex and that day literally changed my life. Joan’s test taking strategies are amazing especially the SATA questions! Once you apply these strategies, all of your knowledge will come forward. Knowledge you didn’t even know you had or even remembered! One of the many things i learned from Joan is to be perfectly OK with I don’t know! Using I don’t know on the NCLEX helped me so much and made it easier to eliminate answers! Not only did Joan help with with test taking strategies but she also helped me with a personal issue I had that really effected my studies. She gave me advise and encouraged me to exercise, meditate, and focus on myself. She was truly there for me when I needed her the most! I can not stress how important it is to meditate! Meditation helped me pass the NCLEX. When it came down to taking the NCLEX, I had no anxiety. I passed with 75q. Joan, I can not thank you enough. You truly have changed my life and I am so blessed that I found happynclex! For any of you that are contemplating or thinking about joining this program, just DO IT! It will change your life. I HIGHLY HIGHLY recommend happynclex. Trust me you won’t regret it!

  • So I finally passed. It was my third time and 100 questions. I would like to thank Joan Palmeri for all her help. She is truly amazing. She is there every step of the way. Her videos /webniars put everything in perspective! She was the reason I passed , couldnt have done it without you!

  • Joan is amazing! She stuck with me until the end. Thanks to her and her NCLEX strategies I am now proud to say I am RN! I have always been a horrible test taker so overcoming the fear and test anxiety around the nclex was no easy task. This program gave me so much clarity on how to approach this exam. Joan really knows how to enhance the potential that lies within. If you trust the process everything will make so much sense to you when your test date approaches. This program has everything you need to overcome anything from SATA questions, PDA, test anxiety etc you name it! Couldn’t be more grateful for Joan. Don’t waste your money on high end expensive nclex reviews. This is the best nclex prep course at the most affordable price! You’ll be happy you did when you finally see the letters”RN” behind your name. 🙂

  • After a long journey now officially I can call myself an RN. I passed with 75 questions which I never thought I would be able to do so. I would like to take this opportunity & thank Joan for everything. I’m truly grateful for her advice and strategy. I wish I had known about her program initially when I started to prepare for NCLEX. I wouldn’t have spent so much money and my precious time into other study materials. Nonetheless, all I wanted to say is follow Joan’s strategy and her method of combating test anxiety. Her method really works and helps you to perform well on the exam. I just used her program (Project NCLEX) and Uworld. Once again, from my bottom of my heart, thank you Joan for everything. I highly recommend Project NCLEX to everyone!!!

  • I could not have done this without Joan’s support and skills. I am a repeat test taker (more than three times). I have done Hurst twice and Kaplan twice. Don’t waste your money because they teach you things you don’t need or even help you with on the test. The whole time I took this test I heard Joan’s voice with every question and started to think the questions out the way she teaches you. Don’t waste your money or time with anyone else. I threw away every NCLEX and class note I had and just went with Joan and uworld. If I can do it so can you.Don’t ever give up. Now I am Brittany RN!

  • I graduated from Nursing school in May of 2014. I started working as a GN. I feel that was not a smart move. I spent more time learning the electronic charting system and learning my residents that I didn’t put the time in for NCLEX prep that I should have. After two years and six times at bat trying to tame the Beast, I am happy to announce that when I took the NCLEX on Monday July 18th and 253 questions, I passed and am now a RN. I used all of the major prep companies (Hurst, Kaplan, etc…), I finally decided to join Happy NCLEX. The prep that I got here out does all of the other prep companies that are out there. Joan takes her time and explains how to break down the questions, which I feel that was the biggest thing that I needed to pass. I will and am recommended Joan and Happy NCLEX to any and all future GN’s that I meet from now on.

  • Amanda Mertens
    July 12, 2016 10:45 am

    Its official, I am an RN! I Passed the NCLEX the first time around. Joan Palmeri helped guide my way to think critically on difficult questions. The strategies and daily preparation routine that Joan had me follow definitely allowed me to pass. Trust the process and follow the steps. I have really bad test anxiety. Joan focuses on test anxiety which was what I have always struggled with.

    • Angela Patterson
      July 13, 2016 9:45 am

      It is official for me also!!! After 2 failed attempts I was beginning to lose faith in my abilities. You work so hard to complete nursing school and then watch all of your classmates pass the exam with ease it definitely is huge blow to the ego. Thanks to Joan I went into my exam with a level of calm that I never had in previous attempts. I used all of the critical thinking techniques Joan taught and did not panic when I did not know and answer. I took the exam the exam did not take me. Thank you sooooooo much HAPPY NCLEX!!!!!!!

  • Steven Blais R.N.
    July 4, 2016 4:52 am

    After 3 trys, I got it on my fourth attempt. I’m an RN now! I graduated in June 2012. I almost gave up but I couldn’t because i have 2 little boys. I needed to make my dream happen. That’s when I ran into Joan’s program in late 2015. I had no answers, felt very low and embarrassed because my classmates have been working for years now. So I took a chance and ordered Joan’s program and that was the best investment, I ever made. She gave me the test taking strategies, skills, and changed my way of looking at an nclex question. One thing that Joan said on a youtube video was that ” I don’t need know everything for this exam” and that statement alone gave me hope. That was a powerful statement for me, because after failing 3 times, I’m thinking that I need to learn all the content possible. But I was wrong! Within the first week of her program my Qbank scores went up. I was shocked because I started to feel comfortable with nclex prep questions. Joan’s program is gold and worth it! Joan, thank you for everything! You are truly a blessing and changed my life forever. I hope to meet you in Los Angeles one day, that would be just great. Thanks again and God bless.

    • Dear blessed one!
      Your post brought tears to me! Your story is my own! Thanks so much for sharing your testimony. I am looking forward to purchasing this program then, return to share my testimony as yourself and so many others have done.

  • I graduated 14 yrs ago. I am an international nurse. I didn’t know where to start with NCLEX. I found Joan Palmeri on Facebook and I am so glad I decided to joined her program. I learned a totally new approach from her. Listen to her. She teaches critical thinking which we need for the exam. I can proudly say Joan helped me achieve big things in my life. I had bad test anxiety. After her training I was able to mange anxiety which is also a part of test success. Everything I learned from her helped me to maintain my daily life- not only to pass the NCLEX. Thank you very much Joan Palmeri! Now I am an RN!

  • Carina Arrojo
    June 18, 2016 1:04 pm

    After a long battle, I’m officially RN.First and foremost I would like to thank God for giving me Joan Palmeri as an instrument to fight for this beast. I am a foreign student and graduated 2011 and came in the United States in 2014. At first I didn’t know what to do. I enrolled in one of the review centers in Jersey City for two weeks. It didn’t work for me because it was just like I went back to nursing school where they used power point and read it. It’s a waste of money. Then I reviewed by myself thinking that I can do it with all my knowledge but it didn’t work again. I said to myself this is too much. I read all the testimonial In uworld group and always see post recommending happyNCLEX. I immediately called Elena and inquire what happyNCLEX is. She explained the details very well. She was so approachable. So I never think twice. I paid for 2 months open pass because it says there that it is applicable for all students who are away from school for so many years.
    During my first week in happyNCLEX, I feel lost. I always email Joan Palmeri and asking so many questions that sometimes I feel stupid and can’t understand her instructions. But she never failed to answer my queries until the end of the battle.
    This lady is so amazing. The strategies that she teaches during the webinar is very different. Trust her and follow her instructions and you’ll never regret it. What I have now is because of you Joan Palmeri. More power to you and may God shower you more blessings because you’re a blessing to us. Thank you so much!

  • I took my NCLEX on 17 May and I passed in my first attempt with 265 questions. Thank you so much Joan for helping! I would recommend PROJECT NCLEX to everyone testing. I’m an RN now. GOOD LUCK to all! Thank you, Joan?

  • After studying with different NCLEX resources, I was not very confident in my ability to pass the NCLEX-RN exam until I attended Joan’s Strategy Session. As an Internationally educated nurse I knew I could not have passed the NCLEX-RN at first try with only 75 Questions if I had not learned the strategies. I recommend Joan to every nurse who wants to pass the NCLEX!

  • Not enough “Thank you’s can cover my gratitude towards Joan and her program. I battled really really bad test anxiety. The first time I took NCLEX, I started crying 3 weeks before my exam, all the way up to my test date. I had very bad palpitations before and after the exam. My thoughts were everywhere! Jumbled up into a huge knot! I got all the way to 265 questions in 5 hours. It was exhausting and I knew in my heart that I have failed. My other classmates were passing and I felt very left behind. 2 of my classmates recommended Joan’s program, so I said “Why not? I’ve pretty much tried every review thing out there.” (Hurst, Kaplan, NCSBN, NCLEX Mastery app, LaCharity, even UWorld) I was thinking that I can get more information to pass… But when I started Joan’s program, I realized that I knew my core content very well and it was just my strategy and “perfectionism” that was holding me back. This time around, I finished with less than 80 questions in 2.5 hours. Quality over Quantity.

    The program guides you through what you should and should NOT do til that exam day. Amazing program, so much better than the expensive ones that gives the “guarantee”. =)

    • Hey! Sorry for the SUPER LATE reply but if you still would like to know how I made my schedule, you can email me at But to be honest, I didn’t make it special, I followed EXACTLY what Joan suggested how the schedule would be and made it to where I can comfortably follow it. I don’t mind helping you if you need help with it =) and sharing my experience in more detail is also not a problem to me.

  • I just passed my Nclex on my second attempt yesterday and I used Joan Palmeri’s strategy and uworld as my qbank. If you’re like me, who struggle in choosing between two answers on a question, I suggest you join Project NCLEX to overcome that difficulty of making a decision when test day comes. Joan is a wonderful coach and she will try her very best to help you out, from anxiety to personal problems and most importantly the strategy to successfully pass the nclex. A big thank you to Joan because now l’m an RN and to God who gave me strength to conquer the nclex. Good luck and God bless you all. ???

  • I passed the NCLEX-RN exam with 75 questions (never thought I could do this in my wildest dreams). During my preparation for the NCLEX-RN exam, I stumbled on the Project NCLEX after trying Kaplan which didn’t work for me. I found out that Project NCLEX is totally different as it prepares you for not only NCLEX but for the task ahead as a nurse. I must also include that the program is unique as it entails a whole lot of exam preparation strategies that no other NCLEX-prep company offers; with Project NCLEX you will learn how to overcome test taking anxiety, manage daily challenges that can interfere with your preparation, and above all how to stay positive and believe in yourself. I therefore highly recommend Project NCLEX to everyone looking for an NCLEX review program.

  • Project NCLEX
    March 29, 2016 8:05 am

    I’m so glad! -Joan

  • It’s official. I passed my NCLEX on the third try, with the help of Project NCLEX. This project is awesome. I have taken other prep classes that cost much more and did not help me at all. I would recommend it to anyone who is trying to overcome their fears of the NCLEX. The anxiety control, learning how to meditate, exercise and eating right with Joan strategies- it really does help you prepare for the NCLEX. I can not stress enough how so happy I am that I found this project because it prepared me very well. It feels so good to say I am now an RN. Thanks Joan Palmeri! You are the truth?

  • I can’t say enough about Project NCLEX. If you follow Joan’s advice you can pass the NCLEX and become the nurse you have always dreamed of. I have severe test anxiety and thank you to Joan’s strategies, I was able to take my NCLEX-RN exam in a calm state of mind. If you are a repeat test taker you too can pass the NCLEX if you just follow Joan’s advice. Don’t ever give up!

  • THANK YOU, Joan for your program, Project NCLEX. I took my Exam Friday at 2pm and by Sunday evening my unofficial results said PASS and for that I am very thankful. I completed my exam around 130-150 questions and took my time with each question. I believe that if you breakdown the questions like Joan says you will not go wrong with her program. I did everything she said with each style of question. One more thing Pray and have a purpose to motivate yourself to prep when you feel down.

  • Inna Aleksanyan
    March 14, 2016 4:17 pm

    I used to call NCLEX a “monster “, because my multiple fails made me feel frustrated and angry! I tried all tools of different programs. Nothing worked for me. Fortunately, I enrolled into the Joan’s Nurse Project that turned my life to a successful direction with joy, positive attitude and healthy preparation! I finally PASSED the exam!!!! It feels like I won an Oscar!!!
    Joan and Elena, I would like to thank you for your wonderful program, support and creativity!!! You share your experience and teach students to be able to think critically. Your recommendations are healthy and make life easier!! You are a treasure for NCLEX takers!!
    Thank you from my heart! My appreciation is endless!!!

    March 1, 2016 9:14 pm

    Nurse Project is the truth! I took my exam yesterday and found out today that I passed! I have a license number and its ACTIVE!!!! This was my third time taking the exam and before taking Project NCLEX, Ms. Palmeri’s review course, I didn’t think I would pass. I had a family member tell me about her and decided to give it a shot. I mean why not? I had already done HURST, Kaplan, and NCSBN and failed. It would not hurt me to try a different approach. What I love most about Nurse Project is that it really does make it easy to work, study , and have a life. You can review a few days a week and get it done. I went to sit for my exam feeling confident and I learned through Ms. Palmeri not to second guess myself and check my anxiety at the door! There is no room for that. The test shut off at 75 questions and for every question I found myself listening to Ms. Palmeri in my ear telling me what to look for and how to answer the question. It becomes a habit and one that I would love for all test takers to acquire.

    Ms. Palmeri thank you so much for what you do and who you are. Your positive spirit and energy is exactly what I needed to make it through this exam. I will be glad to recommend you to any student that is having a problem with testing strategies. You are heaven sent and I can not thank you enough!

  • ok here’s my story: I struggle with ADHD and test anxiety. I took the NCLEX twice and failed. I was completely devastated, kept thinking maybe all the harsh things I was told when I was younger were true, that maybe I couldn’t be a nurse and I wasn’t smart enough. After 4 months of being in a slump I finally snapped out of it when I researched NCLEX help and Project NCLEX’s website appeared. I decided to reach out and ask about it and Joan and her team took me under their wings. I took Joan’s sessions twice a day and did practice uworld and other questions everyday for a month and a half. I scheduled my exam the week before my sessions with Joan was ending and on the very day of the exam 6/19/15 I sat at my computer with a clear mind and began to answer the question as if I was in Joan session hearing her voice with me the entire time and working thru each question talking myself thru taking my time and not letting my anxiety get to me. My screen shut me off at 85 questions and the real anxiety set in waiting for the results but I got them and I PASSED !!! I had to pinch myself a few times because I couldn’t believe it (well I could but it felt like a dream come true). I thank Joan and her team from the bottom of my heart for their help and support. They did something for me not many people have ever done: they unlocked my ability to think clearly of what’s being asked, taught me how to remain calm and keep control of my anxiety and most of all they helped me to earn my nursing license and accomplish a dream I have been waiting to achieve. My only regret is I wish I found Project NCLEX sooner!

    • Congrats Jamie-Lee! Your story sounds so much like mine. I am feeling confident that I too will tackle this beast this time around. The third time will be the charm. Thank you so much for sharing your journey with us.


  • Thank you Joan and Project NCLEX. I passed the nclex on my first try. Your test taking strategies especially strategies to control my anxiety helped me. Good luck. God bless

  • Oksana Protsko
    January 26, 2016 4:51 pm

    I must say that Nurse Project course helped me and I would recommend it to everyone. The key is to have basic content and practice answering those questions. I don’t think you can pass without this prep course. It helps you understand how the questions should be answered as all answers may be correct but what is the best answer? Follow Joan’s advice and you will pass.I want to thank Joan. All the encouragement she gave to me and the smart advice are the reasons for my success.

  • Marina Timoshenko
    January 19, 2016 7:01 pm

    I just wanna say THANK YOU JOAN! I finally passed the NCLEX-RN because of PROJECT NCLEX. I did other programs, but nothing worked for me before. I am really grateful because if not for Joan and her strategy, I wouldn’t be able to do it so quickly. THANK YOU JOAN!!!! Good luck everyone! – Marina Timoshenko, RN.

  • I had 3 failed attempts at NCLEX-RN. I sat back and evaluated myself and concluded that I had to do something different..and FAST. I signed up for Project NCLEX open pass in September and attended for a month. I made my fourth attempt at NCLEX in November and PASSED. Special thanks to Joan for the strategies in test taking and dealing with life in general. Don’t think I could have done it without her!!!

  • First, let me start off by saying i was involved in a really bad accident during my 4th semester of nursing school and had to take a year off. Yes, it was devastating and really hard bc it was near my graduation. The injury i endured was TBI so going back to school was a journey in itself. I felt like I forgot everything and had to relearn everything again. Since body systems work together, if you forget one, you ultimately forget all. I graduated and my school offered us Kaplan. I did all the questions and studied but unfortunately i didn’t succeed on my first try. On my second try, I used Hurst for content but unfortunetly ran out of time and didn’t succeed. I was devastated and wanted to give up but I didn’t. Then for my 3rd attenpt I used Project NCLEX and Uworld for questions. It’s really helpful and it really helped me. Joan teaches you exactly how to look at questions and answering them accordingly. She teaches you how to look at questions differentLy in a way I never have looked at before. NCLEX is about knowing your basic content and ultimately knowing what the questions are trying to ask you. Joan will teach you how to disect each question and go from there. UWORLD questions are the best. Let me say, the format and how it looks is exactly like the nclex. It has the best rationales and you can really learn from your mistakes. Project NCLEX and Uworld together will help you pass!!! Dont give up and give Project NCLEX a try!! Trust me you won’t regret it!!

  • Hello future Nurses!!!!
    Imaging waking up Christmas morning finding out you passed your NCLEX RN. That is exactly what happened to me on December 25th 2015. I was so happy no other presents could top that. I joined PROJECT NCLEX for a month, and have become a strong believer of the program. Thanks to Joan I was able to think critically on the test without climbing a tree. I used UWORLD only, these questions make NCLEX questions feel like a baby’s pacifier. I passed with 75 questions two hours later. My key to passing was staying calm. I didn’t act like a physician on the test and I stayed with the question. PROJECT NCLEX was my least expensive review and the one that brought home the license. This program has changed my life and I am forever a big fan! Thank you Joan and Elena from the bottom of my heart. Happy New Year 2016 !!!!!!!

  • Michelle Cureton
    December 22, 2015 2:13 pm

    I cannot begin to thank Joan (The NCLEX Whisperer) for her testing methods strategies and boost of conference. I have to be honest I never thought the day would come that I could say its Official Michelle Cureton Edwards, BSN RN. I failed NCLEX 5 times. When I went to take the exam after her kick in the butt prep talk and advice I was so amped up when I went to take NCLEX I actually wore a white T-Shirt and with a marker I wrote Bad Ass Nurse across the front back and sides of my T shirt. Not only did her methods help with NCLEX but they also translated to a test I had to take for a job offer. In the beginning I felt defeated, most importantly her course helped me remember why I wanted to become a RN in the first place. Once I got to NCLEX it actually felt easier than UWORLD which is also a great tool but I knew I passed. I had doubts in the beginning and I felt like 2 hours isn’t enough there’s so much I need to know. 65% of the things I studied weren’t even on the exam 🙂 but I understood the strategies and able to use critical judgment.
    Thanks again Joan and Elena you ladies have a happy holiday and new year and I can finally close out 2015 with the title RN

  • I want to say THANK YOU JOAN! Thanks to you I was able to pass my NCLEX. I failed my boards 3 times, I spent a lot of money with Kaplan, ATI, and Hurst Review. None of these sources worked for me. I was a little skeptical about your program but I decided to giving a try. Finally on October 23 I became an RN. Once again, thank you Joan ?

  • Hello Future RNs,

    I am so exitced about becoming a registered nurse. Thanks to the patience and skills taught by Joan Palmeri. I graduated May 2014 and I finally passed the NCLEX on the fourth attempt using on Joan and UWorld November 2015. My computer shutoff at 75 questions. I never imagined that happening to me.
    So, how did I get successful on my fourth attempt? Everyone is different and has different life circumstances, but do not let anything detour you from your dreams and life goals. I started off with having to control my anxiety and get a good balance on how to deal with it. This is a spectacular program and so many nursing graduates are benefiting from it. I have learned how to also carry on these strategies in my career and in my life.
    I will definitely be donating and try to follow this program because it is outstanding and everyone who is reading this has what it takes to pass the NCLEX and become a wonderful, amazing, badass nurse and person
    Thank you for everything Joan,
    Ashley Elizabeth Portis, RN
    Never give up on your dreams!!!!

  • Maria Theresa "Sai" Cerutti
    December 15, 2015 1:50 pm

    Are you a nursing foreign graduate?
    Are you a repeat test taker?
    Is English not your first language?
    Do you want to PASS the NCLEX RN exam?
    If you answer YES to any of these questions then your wait is OVER!

    I’m proof of how great Joan Palmeri is. & I’d like to share my story.
    I’m a desperate nursing foreign graduate from Philippines and a repeat test taker,too. It took me awhile to be eligible to take the NCLEX RN exam here in California because of the concurrency issue but that didn’t stop me.
    The first time I took the exam, I failed. I ran out of time. I used :
    NCSBN ( FYI they aren’t the one who makes the NCLEX exam,it’s the Pearson Vue)
    KAPLAN (pls don’t waste your time & money to them) Their “tree” doesn’t make sense at all.
    BUT when I found out about Joan Palmeri & read the reviews about her on Facebook, I didn’t hesitate to sign up in her class. It was one of the best decision I’ve made. She’s the BEST & I’m not sugarcoating this. She knows exactly what she’s doing & she’s like my angel. She’d calm my nerves down whenever I have that panic mode. She’d explain & breakdown the questions word for word & this strategy is great if English is not your first language. I highly recommend her! Just listen to her & trust the process. Don’t forget to pray & trust yourself that you can do this!
    Please remember that you made it through nursing school and God would never bring you this far to let you down. Everything happens in due time and your time will come.
    This is Maria Theresa Cerutti, USRN!
    Good luck & God bless!

  • Hi just wanted to say I am a repeat test taker and if it wasn’t for Joan, GOD and her strategies I wouldn’t be calling myself an LPN. I took nclex on 12/03/2015 and went in with my mind so clear I didn’t even realize I answered 80 questions in less than one hour. When I came to question 85 I prayed and said let this be my last question please don’t make me go through all 205. I read the question, answered it and bam the blue screen came up test over. I was in utter shock shaking left the test center. Two days later I got my results I passed. I owe it to Joan she’s amazing. Thank you for everything. Whenever I needed support Joan was there to calm my nerves. Her thought process helped me through this. Believe in her strategies and most of all believe in yourself.

  • I want to take the time to thank Joan and all those involved with Project NCLEX. I was a second time test taker. I used Kaplan the first time and I was never actually taught to think, that is until this program. I failed the first time with 265 questions and the second time I passed in 75 questions. God has a way of working things out the way they should be and this program not only prepared me for the NCLEX but for my nursing career as a whole! I would highly recommend this program to those preparing to test. This is not just a test prep, it is a career prep.

  • I have to say MUCH THANKS TO JOAN P. I took the beast November 17th and I passed. I have to say if it was not for Joan and her strategies I don’t think I would have passed. Joan gives you excellent strategies on how to answer questions without even knowing what they are asking. I have to say when I started studying I was absolutely lost and one day I was reading nclex, and Uworld reviews and someone mentioned Joan’s name and I google her and went from there. When I initially started studying I was using too many study aids and studying entirely too much. Once I did my assessment and Joan reviewed it she told me I was studying all wrong. So I changed things up and here I am LaVieta Scales RN, BSN.

  • Hello,

    I can finally say I’m RNBSN after several attempts and studied almost all materials, and go through different medical treatments including chemotherapy twice, Joan helped me and on my part I decided to follow the directions and strategies Joan Palmeri had my great success. Thanks Joan you’re the angel that God sent me to destroy the monster. Thanks

  • I can not begin to thank you enough Joan and PROJECT NCLEX!! I finally passed boards after two failed attempts! Your guidance and daily encouragement helped me to not only critically think better but also made me a better person! Your workshops and mediation guidance is what helped me to finally pass!! Thank you for everything you do! PROJECT NCLEX IS THE BEST WAY TO PASS BOARDS!!!!

  • I was a repeat test taker and failed the Nclex after two attempts, I then heard of Project NCLEX. I first read about the program and I read the testimonial reviews from repeat test takers and decided to take this course. I want to say Joan Palmeri shown me exactly what I needed to learn far as test taking strategies. Her methods shows that eating healthy, exercising and meditating is as essential to passing the boards as content. I read content all the time but I wasn’t slowing down and really understanding what the questions were asking. After attending the webinars and following the techniques Joan showed me, I finally passed the NCLEX. I would advised any person that struggles with testing to take this course. Thank you Joan for helping me become the super nurse I was destined to be…Love Nurse Project NCLEX…Deneen

  • I took the NCLEX 6 times, was extremely frustrated, self esteem extremely low. I was very questionable about NCLEX review programs, I had done them all, Kaplan, Hurst, NCLEX exam cram, HURST remediation NCSBN. My point was that I really didn’t have a ton of money to spend. I had already spent alot of money. I wasn’t sure if I wanted to move forward.

    I then called The Nurse Project, and El​ena​ answered the phone. She probably thought that I was a drill sargent. Somehow she talked me into signing up for this program. I did and this was the most positive move I could have made. I had alot of testing anxiety and I wasn’t breaking down the questions or reading them correctly. Joan had helped me how to deal with this

    I went and took the NCLEX for the 7th time passed with flying colors and I have to give a ton of credit to Joan I couldn’t have done it without you. I would recommend The Nurse Project to everyone taking the NCLEX

  • I graduated in June 2015. I purchased Kaplan but it wasn’t much of help because it didn’t fit into how I learned materials. I later found out about PROJECT NCLEX and ​U​World. They were a match​ made​ in heaven. I felt very confident in the material I was learning and the questions I was practicing from uworld, later Joan was the icing on the cake. She helped me open my mind and literary helped things come together for me to see it clearly. Uworld and nclex project was money well spent. Don’t hesitate to take Joan’s classes. I can vouch for her and you won’t regret it.. I passed NCLEX RN in August 2015 on first try with 75Q!! I owe it all the uworld and Joan!. Thanks for everything, ​Joan!

  • I would like to ​t​hank Project Nclex for their strategies and advice how to face the beast NCLEX. Joan, she is amazing​!​ ​T​he strategies she teaches during webinars are very different from other companies. Trust her process​,​ it really works. Being a foreign educated nurse and away from ​s​school for more than 6​ ​years was nerve ​w​racking. But Joan coaches every individual with his/her issues, and that makes her unique from other big fat nclex prep companies. A big thanks to Joan and Elena.

  • It’s official, at last I am an RN!!! After this difficult and challenging journey, I have made it with the help of Joan Palmeri and Project NCLEX. The strategies and daily ‘preparation’ routine that Joan made me follow definitely allowed me to pass this time around. Trust the process and follow all of the steps. She really focuses on test anxiety which was one of my weakness ​and​ I am glad to say that I can call myself a RN 🙂


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