Low-Stress Prep for NCLEX RN & PN / USA & Canada


Develop strong test-taking and clinical-judgment skills while managing test anxiety.

Make the investment in your financial future. Learn the skills you need for NCLEX and every professional exam throughout your nursing career.

If you did not have critical-thinking skills training in your nursing school curriculum, you are at risk to repeat until you learn the required clinical-judgment skills. The happyNCLEX skill set prepares you for NCLEX as well as job interview testing, certification exams, and continuing education. 

Joan Palmeri teaches a hybrid program that includes live Group Coaching webinars, interactive individual practice, and personal coaching throughout training, on your schedule. Training is designed for working adults with busy schedules. LIVE & ON DEMAND 

NCLEX tests the ability to process information to make clinical judgments. Learn to read questions and solve problems using higher-order thinking through demonstration and guided practice. happyNCLEX training follows the NCSBN Clinical Judgment Measurement Model.

TIMING: Average training time needed for new graduates is 8 weeks and 12 weeks is the average time needed for repeat testers. This is average time needed. Everyone is ready in their own time.

Training fee $450

Required to complete REMEDIAL program for ATT? Email for details: joan@happyNCLEX.com

If you have a test date soon and cannot reschedule, contact me for an evaluation: joan@happyNCLEX.com


Register for training if you meet ONE of the following requirements:

  • You have a scheduled test date
  • You have an active ATT
  • You have a Candidate Report if waiting 45 days for ATT
  • Your CGFNS application is completed.
  • Nursing students can register with school email (.edu)

Need help?

Email: support@happyNCLEX.com

call / text: 727 967 1891 or schedule a call here

Nurse Educators contact: Joan@happyNCLEX.com

FAQ Learn more about problem-solving skills for NCLEX 

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