Low-Stress Prep for NCLEX RN & PN

Develop strong test-taking and critical-judgment skills while managing test anxiety.

Concept-Based Skills 

If you did not have critical-thinking skills training in your nursing school curriculum, you are at risk to repeat until you learn the require critical-judgment skills. The happyNCLEX skill set prepares you for NCLEX as well as job interview testing, certification exams, and continuing education. 

Joan Palmeri teaches a hybrid program that includes live Group Coaching webinars, interactive individual practice, and personal coaching throughout training. LIVE & ON DEMAND

NCLEX tests critical judgment. Learn to read questions and solve problems using higher-order thinking through demonstration and guided practice.

TIMING: Average minimum time needed for new graduates is 8 weeks. 12 weeks is the average time needed for repeat testers. If you need more than 12 weeks, that’s fine. End dates are based on test dates. If you have fewer than 4 weeks before your test date, schedule a consultation: [email protected]

Training fee $395. PayPal payment plan available at checkout.  


Register for training if you meet ONE of the following requirements:

  • You have a scheduled test date
  • You have an active ATT
  • You have a Candidate Report if waiting 45 days for ATT
  • Your CGFNS application is completed.
  • Nursing students can register with school email (.edu)

Need help? Call or email:

[email protected]

727 967 1891 / weekdays, eastern time

Nurse Educators contact: [email protected]

FAQ Learn more about problem-solving skills for NCLEX 

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