happyNCLEX Training

Problem-Solving Skills

The nursing career ladder requires testing up. All professional nursing exams require the ability to use problem-solving skills to make clinical judgments. NCLEX is not testing what was memorized in nursing school. NCLEX is testing if you have the skills and abilities to do the job.

happyNCLEX training addresses this preparation-to-practice gap. No more cramming, no more flashcards, no more confusion.

Choose a goal test date and we evaluate along the way. Training begins at registration and ends on exam day within 16 weeks. Remedial training requires more time and is determined at registration.

Coaching for Critical-Thinking

Critical-thinking and problem-solving skills are taught by a coach’s demonstration, guided practice, and evaluation, the way you would learn any new skill.

You will learn to process information and make clinical decisions the way you will on the job. This skill set is easy to learn but like any skill, it takes practice to improve. The more your skills improve, the more test anxiety is reduced.

How does happyNCLEX training work?

JOAN: Most repeat testers need 8-12 weeks of practice.  New graduates usually take 6-8 weeks of practice. The goal is to test when you’re ready and never have to repeat. I recommend 3-4 hours of practice daily, ideally, 4-5 days a week over at least 8 weeks. Training begins at registration and ends on your test date, up to 16 weeks. We evaluate along the way so we will both know when you’re ready.

JOAN: You need internet access with the ability to stream video and join live webinars and virtual meetings. One text is required (under $40) and supplemental materials are provided.

We meet virtually, on your schedule. NCLEX training is designed for working adults with busy schedules.

JOAN: If you have applied for an ATT,  you can register with the email confirmation from Pearson or with a candidate performance report from your recent attempt.

JOAN: Yes! Group coaching webinars are held at different times to meet the needs of members, and all are recorded so you don’t miss anything. Training is self-paced. Coaching keeps you motivated. I’m here with you daily. Training is designed for working adults. Those who work full-time days train four evenings a week. Those who work 3/12-hr shifts train on their four days off. We work out your schedule together.

JOAN: When you register on the website you’ll get instructions and a program tour. We create your practice schedule and get you set up for daily practice. I get a notification when you register and we are in touch throughout training.

JOAN: Testers repeat when NCLEX is approached as if it’s an academic exam like in nursing school. NCLEX isn’t testing what was memorized. NCLEX tests the ability to use problem-solving skills to make clinical judgments. You learn to read questions effectively to understand the problem you need to solve. No need for study guides or flashcards or other short-term memory strategies.

JOAN:  Practice consistently on free days and add extra weeks if needed. Training is designed for busy, working adults. Most nurses I work with have full-time jobs and family responsibilities. We”ll wout the best schedule for you at registration.

JOAN: I’m flexible with end dates within reason. The goal is to practice consistently, improve weekly and test strong. Too much time causes procrastination. Most testers don’t need more than 12 weeks of practice.  Training begins at registration and is ends on your test date up to 16 weeks. Remedial training requires more time and is determined up front.

JOAN: You’ll get the basics in a few weeks, but most NCLEX exam testers who start happyNCLEX training with a plan to test in a few weeks soon realize they need more practice to be performance ready. Taking time to practice problem solving is the difference between getting above passing or bouncing at near/below. Set your goal test date and work towards it. You and I both will know when you’re ready.

If your ATT expires and you cannot postpone testing, contact me for a consultation: joan@happynclex.com