NCLEX Performance Training with Joan Palmeri

Low Stress Training

Develop strong test-taking and critical-judgement skills while managing test anxiety for an outstanding NCLEX performance and continuing education.

Learn the problem-solving skills the National Board says you need. 

This is a blended program of live and recorded demonstrations and guided practice. Training and coaching is accessed on your schedule. 

Concept-Based Skills Training

Open Pass: Training in problem-solving skills for NCLEX-RN & PN and Nursing School exit exams. Register for this option only if you have a test date or have an ATT and can schedule a test date within 12 weeks from registration. If you don’t have authorization to test (ATT), contact [email protected] before you register. 

The Open Pass has your training planned for you and is easy to follow in 3 Steps and includes live Group Coaching webinars with Joan Palmeri, coaching and support through email and a small, private Facebook support group. Problem-solving skills demonstrations, instructions for home practice, and assessments are built in to training. Webinars are recorded in case you’re unable to make it live. $189  End dates are flexible within reason. Time is adjusted so training takes you through your test date within 12 weeks from registration.  Average time needed is 8 weeks. If you have less than 8 weeks before testing, email for a consultation: [email protected] Private coaching is available if needed, once you get started with the Open Pass, by special arrangement. Most Open Pass members don’t require additional private coaching. The Open Pass is designed for repeat testers and new graduates who do not wish to repeat.

Remedial is for testers who are required to participate in a remedial program and for testers who need extra help while waiting for ATT (authorization to test.) Remedial includes full Open Pass access, a personal needs assessment, and a private coaching session with Joan Palmeri before testing. An official Remedial Plan for nursing board is included if required.  $375 12 weeks. End dates are flexible within reason. Minimum time needed for Remedial is 8 weeks. Most Remedial testers need 12-14 weeks. The goal is never to repeat NCLEX again.

GIFT PURCHASES! If you’d like to purchase training for someone else, please email accounts for help: [email protected]

If you are unsure which option is right for you or if you’re waiting for an ATT and not sure when to start, please email Joan for a consultation.