Linda LaCharity’s Prioritization, Delegation, and Assignment, is an excellent resource. Many of you have it and have used it.

Using the Case Studies in part 3 of the book, will help you to greatly improve your critical-thinking skills. You have to BE THE NURSE in the case studies. It will push you to be comfortable with the unknown and allow you to make an educated guess based on what you DO know.

If you need to purchase the book, here is the publisher’s link:

CASE STUDIES In the sessions, you will see rationales for the chapter questions on the screen. When you do the case studies that are attached to the chapter recordings, use these rationales: PD&A rationals part1     PD&A rationals part2

I also use materials from Mary Ann Hogan. If you’d like more information about her and her books, visit Hogan’s author page on Amazon.

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