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SET #1

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SET #2

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SET #6

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Review the instructions here for Step Two to get the big picture.

PAUSE BUTTON: You need to complete STEP ONE before moving to STEP TWO. If you have not yet completed Step One, go back to the top of STEP ONE and make sure to complete it. You need a foundation. Build your house on rock, not on sand! Make sure you didn’t skip the self assessment at the end of Step One here: https://www.happynclex.com/self-assessment/

WARNING! If you decide not to follow Step Two exactly as it is set up, you are not doing the program. You might think it’s okay to do this another way but my research and experience with repeat testers shows if you do not follow this procedure, you are wasting time. Please read instructions carefully.


It’s all in the performance!

You will learn to master problem-solving skills through Demonstration and Deliberate Home Practice.

GOAL: to pass the NCLEX with 75-100 questions in 3-3.5 hours with one break after the first 2 hours.

Each SET in STEP TWO gives you specific demonstrations.

I model the critical-thinking and problem-solving process that the National Board says you need for NCLEX. You will learn how to let go of knowing everything (no one working in medicine ever knows everything!) and you will learn how to solve problems well enough to PASS and continue learning for the rest of your career. Nursing is an never-ending body of knowledge. Don’t stress content. You will get content you don’t know on the exam. Focus on problem solving and learning how to make an educated guess.

Each SET in STEP TWO ends with Home Practice instructions for you to practice on your own with a Qbank.

The plan is to get the demonstration with me and then try it on your own.

You’ll do well with me during demonstrations because I demonstrate. At the end of each SET you’ll try it on your own with the Qbank tutoring you. Training is designed to push you out of your comfort zone so your actual exam will seem easy. Trust me!
You will do well during my demonstrations because I’m doing the thinking for you. The first time you try home practice in tutor mode is the first time you’re thinking through problems on your own. Be aware of that and you will begin to improve.
You have to keep practicing to improve. Just like piano lessons or tennis lessons. There is only so much you can learn only by watching.

Each SET in STEP TWO ends with an assessment.

Do demonstrations any time you can. Each one is 2 hours. Do no more than 2 a day. Limit your total prep to 4 hours a day to avoid burnout.

The only thing that is important to do at a special time, is Your Home Practice. Do Home Practice at about the same time of day you’ll be testing so your mind and your body get used to concentrating for 3 to 3.5 hours.

At the end of each SET, review instructions for Home Practice every time you do it. Trust me on this. Then access the assessment at the end of the SET.


SET #4

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