NCLEX Stories from New Nurses

What’s your NCLEX story?

Joan Palmeri

Everyone has an NCLEX story.

My NCLEX story started in 2006 when I was recruited to join the Program for International Nurses in New York City (PIN). In partnership with the NYC Department of Labor, PIN assisted international nurses and physicians to transition into nursing in the United States.

Women and men who practiced nursing in their home countries struggled to pass the NCLEX. They had the knowledge, but simply could not figure out what NCLEX questions were asking or how to process the information they had for NCLEX questions.

New graduates have similar issues, fresh out of nursing school and full of nursing content, struggling to apply nursing knowledge to the licensing exam.

Here are NCLEX stories from nurses who stopped trying to study for NCLEX and focused instead on learning how to use clinical judgment to solve NCLEX problems.

What’s your NCLEX story?