What is NCLEX Content?

Nursing school is CONTENT based. NCLEX is CONCEPT based.

NCLEX is not simply a test of academic knowledge. Your ATT proves you have a knowledge base.

NCLEX tests if you can do the job. NCLEX tests if you can make sound clinical judgments. 

Clearly, it is impossible to know everything in the ever-expanding body of nursing knowledge. You will be faced with something you don’t know when testing. Nursing are faced with the unknown every day.

NCLEX is designed to test if you can process information, if you can control your emotional response and use problem-solving skills to make a clinical decision based on the limited information given in a question. 

NCLEX is a professional exam that tests “entry-level mental competence.”

NCLEX tests skills and abilities. You can’t study the way you did for academic tests when you were a student. Instead, train to manage each question, each situation, and the exam performance overall.