How to Control Distracting Thoughts

Is your brain a tornado of conflicting thoughts about NCLEX?

Past attempts unsuccessful? Worried how you can make it this time?

Are your thoughts racing? Is there a voice in your head telling you all kinds of fearful things? Saying you can’t do it, you’ll never do it?

Who is that crazy person in your head? It’s not you.

You can teach yourself to observe that speaker in your head. Are you going to let someone talk to you like that? These thoughts are simply unchecked thinking. Check in. Look at the thoughts. Aren’t they crazy?

YOU are not your thoughts. YOU are the witness to your thoughts. YOU are the witness to your thoughts, your emotions, and everything you experience. Pay attention. Miracles are everywhere.

What is your mind telling you? What is the truth?

Thoughts about the past or the future create anxiety. The way to manage this is for our minds to be active or relaxed in the moment. When we’re engaged in solving a problem, we have just the right amount of anxiety to keep us alert. When we let our minds relax, our brains get refreshed to think clearly and creatively once again. 

How do we control the thoughts about the past and future that can torture us and cause all kinds of misery?

If there’s one book I could require you to read it’s this one.  This is the single most helpful guide to using your head. Available in all public libraries and about $10 for the Kindle version if you want to buy it.  The Untethered Soul by Michael Singer. 

You’ll learn that those thoughts are not you. YOU are the witness to your thoughts. Singer teaches us how to manage this in a clear and effective way. You will no longer “get into getting bothered” but instead you’ll learn to “get into getting free.” 

Here are 3 short talks by Michael Singer to help you to control distracting thoughts. Sign up for free access

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