Are You Ready to Test?

Readiness to test. What does it mean to be ready?

In my many years of experience with testers of all ages and from diverse backgrounds, I believe readiness is determined not by a percentage of correct answers on a random set of NCLEX practice questions but by performance and competency in these key areas:

Mental Readiness includes the ability to understand emotions and to control test anxiety; concentrate at a high level during independent practice sessions, the ability to embrace errors in question practice with the understanding that this is the best way to increase content knowledge daily and make learning stick in long-term memory; and to understand and demonstrate higher-order thinking and the critical-thinking process.

Physical Readiness includes the stamina required to physically be able to sustain concentration without fatigue for three full hours for an outstanding exam performance. Daily practice must include good nutrition, 20 minutes of daily exercise, and mind rest or meditation practice for brain health and good night’s sleep. Physical readiness is as important for your exam performance as it is for a productive professional life.

Letting Go of Perfection is a key to readiness. How well do you manage unknown situations and outcomes and deal with questions when confronted with content you feel unsure of? Embracing uncertainty increases your capacity to handle an always-increasing body of knowledge creatively and ethically. How comfortable are you with uncertainty, change, and complex situations- skills essential to nursing practice?




In this talk I answer the questions: “How do I know I’m ready to test? & “What can I do the day before testing?”


Prayer Before Testing

Be with me as I take this exam.

Keep my mind alert and my memory sharp.

Calm my nerves and help me concentrate.

I know that you walk with me,

Guiding my path and inspiring my heart.

I pray that I would feel you with me,

And that your friendship would soften the pressure I feel.

I pray that I would pass this exam and go on to new things with you.

Thank you for your peace and your love in my life.

Thank you for your kindness and care for me.


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  1. Rose
    Rose says:

    Hi Joan,

    I attempted the nclex twice but did not make it. I did everything from studying every resources that are out there. I studied a lot questions from Saunders, ATI, UWorld, to NCLEX-RN Mastery and I still did not make it. I must be not studying right. I plan on going for the 3rd attempt before the year end. I need help figuring out what i am not doing right.

    Thanks in advance

  2. Sscraig
    Sscraig says:

    How long should each Step take a person? I feel like I am spending a lot of time on Step one and haven’t even thought about the next step yet. Thank you

    • Joan Palmeri
      Joan Palmeri says:

      You’re doing the right thing. Take your time in Step One and it makes Step Two easier. Step One takes a few days and then you need time for the Group Coaching demos in Members Home (2 hours each.)

  3. Maria Bento
    Maria Bento says:

    I’m using Uworld for my home practice questions, I do 75 to 100 questions a day for 3.5 hours and I go back to review the rationals special the one i got wrong.

    • happyNCLEX
      happyNCLEX says:

      Take a break after 2 hours. Review instructions for exam mode again in Using Qbanks for Home Practice in Step Two.

  4. Maria Bento
    Maria Bento says:

    Hi Joan,
    I’m taking NCLEX next week. I can go 3 or 4 hours doing questions without a break no problem, my concentration its good, comfortable to make educate guess, few mistakes but I’m learning from these mistakes, i still doing exercise, meditation everyday also I’m having a good night sleep everyday.

  5. Aireena
    Aireena says:

    Hi joan im taking nclex this july 26. I juat want to know the package u have is good for Philippine time. I can do 4 hrs no problem. Hoe can your package help me pass the nclex? Do you have test like that of u world to check my knowledge?

    • happyNCLEX
      happyNCLEX says:

      I assess your ability to apply your knowledge. This program trains you to use the required problem-solving skills needed for NCLEX. Training is available on your time.


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