How To Stay Sane

Are your thoughts racing?
Is there a voice in your head telling you all kinds of fearful things? Saying you can’t do it, you’ll never do it?
Who is that crazy person in your head?
It’s not you. 
You can teach yourself to observe that speaker in your head. Simply watch the thought.
These thoughts are simply unchecked thinking. That crazy voice we all have in our heads.
Check in. Look at the thoughts. Aren’t they crazy? Are you going to let someone talk to you like that?
YOU are not your thoughts. YOU are the witness to your thoughts. YOU are the witness to your thoughts, your emotions, and everything you experience.
Pay attention. 
This is why I wholeheartedly agreed with Carrie Fisher when she said, “I’m very sane about how crazy I am.”

What is your mind telling you? What is the truth?